Welcome folks to the returning edition of the Phat Daily Column. Gasp, I wasn't here for 2 whole days. Well, I have a good excuse. On Wednesday morning and afternoon, I planned on writing the PDC along with getting through the massive pile of homework due for Thursday before I had to work Wednesday evening and night. However, thanks to certain co-employees enjoying the drink the night before they had to work, I was called into work, thus doing a double shift and killing my plans for Wednesday.

Wednesday's column was supposed to have the book review of "Pure Dynamite", the biography of the Dynamite Kid, too. I couldn't produce a column Thursday because I was in a rush to finish my schoolwork that was due that game. So my apologies for not showing up Wednesday and Thursday. I will have the Dynamite Kid book review sometime next week, I promise, unless I get called in again or something else comes up.

However, I did watch Smackdown and I'm ready to dish out my opinions on this wonderful show. On to the PDC.


Tonight's Smackdown hyped two #1 contender's matches, in which the winners would face on RAW to decide who fights Chris Jericho at No Way Out. This is fine and dandy, and I liked both matches, but this is a big product of booking-on-the-fly. When aiming towards a Pay Per View, at least do SOME planning ahead to decide who fights Jericho at No Way Out. Oh well, at least the finals will give some added interest to RAW, although the WWF missed a potential ratings grabber, which I'll discuss later.

Our first match of the night was Rob Van Dam versus William Regal in a non-title match. It's always nice of the WWF to not really mention that a match is non title. When RVD got the quick win over Regal, I was like damn, a NEW IC champion was just crowned. Instead, I just groaned when Edge came down and attacked Regal. God, this match was awfully short and it just bury's Regal's credibility as champion, if there was any to begin with. OR, it could be a good sign, because if RVD can beat the current IC champion so quickly and easily, then he's above the Intercontinental title, right? Is he on his way to the World title? Yeah, that's wishful thinking, but I guess it's a window of hope for those ECW marks who just won't let go of the dream.

Next, it was a bout between two wrestlers who have been in the business for a long time. Rikishi beat Bossman in a match that would make any Heat match look great. Whatever, but at least Rikishi had a positive in this match: he used the Bonzai splash as his finisher. He should use that as his official finisher at all times, and the WWF, if they are going to keep pushing Rikishi, should push it as a legit and dangerous move. Like they did for Yokozuna, who ironically, is related to Rikishi.

Oh, and by the way... It's funny to see how the WWF is using Jackie as a referee now, and even doing men's matches now. I'm sure they'll make it a point that they are making groundbreaking decisions for having a woman as a referee for all matches. Yeah, in such a tasteless fashion, as Jackie's uniform helps her showcase those massive implants instead of her recently acquired referee skills. Groundbreaking my ass.

Good Triple H and Stephanie segments, but I moan and groan at where they'll lead. Somehow, Stephanie is again proud that she's related to father Vince McMahon, a person who kicked her out of the WWF and tried to keep her out, and the same person who she tried to run out of business with the Alliance. Makes sense, no? And again, you know that in the end, Triple H and Stephanie will swerve us all and remain together.

Nice tag match between Tazz/Spike Dudley versus Scotty 2 Hotty/Albert. I especially like Scotty 2 Hotty's work in this one, as he seemed to step it up a tad to make the tag match really work. I really like the spinning move that Albert has now adopted. If he'd only fall down, like he was passing out, as done on N64's Wrestlemania 2000, it would make the move look a lot better and entertaining. But damn, he was spinning Spike like a merry-go-round. Excellent tag match, with another hot finisher in a match involving Tazz.

Strong promo by the Rock tonight, aside from the goofiness with the Coach. Aside from his Right Hand debacle at the Royal Rumble, the Rock has been at the top of his game lately.

The first #1 Contender's bout was Booker T versus Steve Austin. I'd argue that it was the best Austin vs. Booker T match yet, although they've fought very little. Booker T, however, has no real chance of winning, though, and everyone and their mother knows that. Austin by giving Booker the Stunner after Booker T tried the move on Stone Cold. Booker T really needs his own trademark finisher.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Not Kane vs. Big Slow, version 9389478874.9399348. The ending result of Kane/Big Show losing to the Dudleys in a table match will give us the big ratings stealing match. I remember when Table matches were cool.....

Having Goldust back in the WWF really scares me. What's even worse was the following scene from Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo when Gunn eventually slapped his butt-buddy Chuck in the ass after their high fives. My wish is that the PTC will pressure one advertiser to leave the WWF after seeing what Chuck and Billy are doing.

Wow! What an improvement between the Jazz vs. Trish match of last night, as compared to the Jazz vs. Trish match from Royal Rumble. Much, much better! Jazz, for some reason or another, looked like a very short version of Chyna tonight. Let's hope she doesn't act like Chyna, too. Lord knows we need another woman wrestler trying to give guilt trips to everyone about her life growing up and what happened between her and another wrestler (like Chyna does with Triple H). They better control her now! But anyway, a much improved match by the ladies tonight.

The final match was Rock vs. Kurt Angle. Good match here, and the WWF is keeping the Rock/Jericho rivalry alive by their various attacks on each other. I really hope that the WWF explains why the Undertaker attacked the Rock to screw him out of his slot in the finals on RAW. Maybe explain why Maven was eliminated from the Rumble, if you could, as well?

With the finals for the #1 Contendership, I would have hotshotted with Rock vs. Austin instead of Kurt Angle vs. Austin. Austin and Angle have fought so much lately, and Rock and Austin aren't going to draw the numbers on their own, against each other, now, like they used to. That's just my opinion though.

But the big news of the night was during the Vince McMahon segments. He was either talking to himself or a new "associate" throughout the show, and each segment got more strange as the night went on. But then, the odd behavior was completely explained when Vince turned his chair around. On Vince's chair, the NWO logo was crudely spray painted on the back. VERY interesting to see that, as it's guaranteed to get many people talking.

So Hogan, Hall, and Nash will be NWO when they come back? One of my unwritten rules is that I'll flunk any wrestling show that the NWO reunites on or reforms since the angle was so beaten to death, back in the day. HOWEVER, if it's something that relatively improves the overall product of the WWF, then fine. Do whatever, because some of the recent WWF stuff has been ridiculous and whatever. But if backstage politics starts, and they find a way to hog television time to talk nonsense, then you'll see more Fingers of Shame than you ever could think of.

LAST WORD: Solid show, overall, with a few valleys in the show, like Rikishi vs. Bossman. Other than that, I liked the show and I'll give it an


(A Minus) for its efforts. Good wrestling presented on the show for a change. Too much "sports entertainment" has been going on lately.

@That's all for today. I'll try to do something this weekend, although no guarantees. Sorry for having no columns on Wednesday or Thursday, but please understand, mmmmk? Until the next PDC, just chill...

Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

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