Welcome to the Phat Daily Column. I have LOTS in store for you today! For one, I have the great WCW to talk about, since they had a show last night, which we'll discuss, along with other topics and whatever. Also on the agenda, the video tape "Best of Backyard Wrestling" will get reviewed, and you don't want to miss that! That is, unless, you hate Backyard Wrestling, which many wrestling purists do. Oh well. On to the PDC.



I liked the Cruiserweight match, although some competitors were eliminated quickly. The winner couldn't have been better, as it's about time Rey Mysterio gets his ass back into that division. Given the time and motivation of Mysterio, the Rey-Rey vs. Chavo match at Superbrawl REVENGE just might steal the show. Mark my words there.

Oh wow, I was just laughing so hard when Glacier came back *sarcasm*. Whatever. Corny angles are the thing of the past, and are the basis of Russo's booking. ELIMINATE THEM!

It should be noted that Chunder pulled a lot of WWFs this week, by having senseless segments without wrestling, in between commercials. You can't win if you copy your competitor. You must be unique!

You know, it's sad that Jeff Jarrett can't get the win without cheating his nuts off anymore, especially against suspects like Hugh Morris. I know it's the whole element of drawing heat to be a tough bad guy, but he should be cheating against bigger names, and NOT nobodies like Konnan, Morris, or anyone else on the midcard.


Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Rick Steiner: BORRRRRRRRRRRING!

I actually liked the main event for some reason. Here, you have two wrestlers from two of the most powerful teams against a team of the modern day version of those classic teams. KroniK got a big win, actually, last night over Animal and Scott Steiner. Let's hope that win doesn't get to their heads, like the ego given to them once they won the Tag Titles.

Funny how the beginning and ends of the show were good, but the middle just totally sucked! Yes, I know this is the 2nd rate WCW show, but at least put some better matches on it. Back in the day, we at least were treated to a Dean Malenko or a Chris Benoit match, but now, it's the Harris Boys and Norman Smiley show! On an unopposed night, WCW should at least put up more effort to attract fans. Ehh, I'll give this show a generous C-.


Wow, I didn't quite expect for some critics to totally bash Mike Modest and Christopher Daniels for their performance. Many were claiming that it was amateur night on WCW with those two on the show. Wow. Although I thought it wasn't great, I at least thought it was decent to watch. Yes, they blew spots, but what WCW wrestler doesn't blow spots that's not on TV regularly? Just watch this Thunder show that I just reviewed, and you'll see lots of garbage wrestling that makes the Daniels-Modest match fit right in. Maybe we'll see them better polished off once their "broken legs" heal, and if WCW decides to get them a deal.

I don't care what you say, Hulk Hogan will eventually wiesel his way back into WCW. Whether it be for Goldberg lobbying for him, or if Eric Bischoff is feeling lonely at nights, he'll come back. Once any of their ratings start dipping, Bischoff will make a nice phone call, asking for a boost from Hogan. He'll, of course, oblige by having Bischoff giving him creative power over his character and lots of money. It's only a matter of time, too, when Hogan drops his imaginary lawsuits and decides to come back.

Like I said last week, WCW really needs to grab Joey Styles while he's available! Styles is WAY better than Shiavone can ever dream of, and he could pump new life into the interest in WCW television. While WCW is at it, they should snatch Joel Gertner too. Gertner is TOO FUNNY to be hidden or buried on the independent scene, and he's also improved on his color commentary too. The Styles and Gertner team would be perfect and much needed for the "new" WCW now. Please do it for the fans who watch your shows everyweek, WCW, and suffer by listening to Hudson shout and Shiavone screwing up.

The Jackson 5

5. Kevin Nash: Ugh. Now Nash, go out there and job to Steiner properly.

4. Lance Storm: Hopefully, he ended the Filthy Animals feud Monday.

3. Lex Luger: Odd comic appeal to him, and a good, cheap win over DDP on Nitro.

2. Rey-Rey Mysterio Jr.: Welcome back to the Cruiserweight Division.

1. Chavo Guerrero: By far, the best overally WCW performer right now.

Mr. Tito's Phat Video Review

If you actively watch the Howard Stern show on E!, then I'm sure you saw commercials for this bad boy. The Best of Backyard Wrestling, which is a collection of highlights from Backyard Feds everywhere. However, it's not just the ones who do regular wrestling holds, it's pushing for the EXTREMELY VIOLENT side of it. Let's review it, shall we?

-The Best of Backyard Wrestling (Vol. 1)

The one thing I was really concerned with on this video was the violent aspects of it. Instead of showing fantastic moves or holds, it mainly featured the Highspots or Violence of Backyard Wrestling. As a Backyard Wrestling advocate, I'll tell you that this is a BAD stereotype for the actual Backyard Federations. There are just a select few who do this hardcore stuff non stop in their shows, which this video focuses on. So to say that this is the best of Backyard Wrestling, well, you are leaving a select group of good wrestling out of the picture. I've been to several Backyard Wrestling events, and they weren't violent or crazy like these guys are doing, and guess what: they were just as entertaining!

Yes, it's interesting to see some of the crazy highspots in this video, and it's pretty shocking on some of them. But some of these kids don't have any disregard for their own health or their opponent's heath. In a time of wrestling where the Hardcore or ECW style of wrestling was more popular, these guys are getting the wrong idea about wrestling. Jumping off roofs, hitting each other with glass and other objects, and blading as a kid is just ludicrous to do! And as one of the biggest supporters of Backyard Wrestling on the net (I'll take claim to it), I have to say that it's too dangerous to do.

Now other than that, the moves or spots pulled off in this video are fantastic! These kids are pulling off shit that many wrestlers wouldn't even dream of. Lots of weird flips, leaps, and just violent shots to the head just shock you as you watch this tape. It's definitely an eye opener, which is why the video is a success. And you know what gets to me the most? Back when Mick Foley was jumping off his roof for his videos, he was mainly the ONLY kid doing that. Now, you have MANY kids doing that, which means there is a large talent pool of hardcore wrestlers out there?

This video also features Major Gunnz dancing around, with a closely cut off Backyard Wrestling Shirt, which is a cheap way of selling this video. Not that I didn't mind seeing her almost flash us, but again, we are selling the best of Backyard Wrestling. We'll save her for when WCW gets boring. The leading man behind this video is Rick Mahr, who is pushing this video as "Wildy Outrageous and Sexy". Well, that goes against my argument, which the Outrageous stuff comes from the high spots, and the Sexy is, well, our favorite Team Canada member, Major Gunnz. It's as advertised, so major points to Mahr there.

Point being: It delivers as advertised.

Last Word: As advertised, it's definitely a strong video. If you've got the urge to see some crazy highlights of some really violent matches, then this is the video for you! But if you are in it for the sport or enjoyment of it, and do not like the overly violent stuff, then you might want to back off from this. But overall, I enjoyed the video and didn't take my eye off it for a second. Not boring at all! I'll give it an


It should be noted that they could have pulled a Jerry Springer, meaning they could have saved the better stuff for their Volume 2 video, which they immediately advertised after Volume 1 was over. If you saw the first Springer video, you'll know that it was only a trick to get you to buy the following videos. This one delivered on the first, and I imagine the second one is equally the same, if not a little better. Good video, again, overall, and I suggest you go to BackyardWrestling.com if you are interested in this tape. Also, check out my backyard website, the Backyard BBQ for some great stuff on Backyard Wrestling.

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