Welcome back to the Monday Night RANT edition of the Phat Daily Column. An interesting Monday Night just went by, as both federations tried to set up new storylines for their next pay per views...or did they? Well anyway, the usual Monday Night Impressions and then some for this column, so let's go on to it, shall we?

Monday Night Impressions


I was shocked when Nitro mentioned Bobby Duncum Jr's death. Shocked. He was a good man and a good wrestler. Rest in peace.

I really wonder if WCW pays any attention to the crowd. They had some rather disturbing signs out there, which were badmouthing them or just downright rude, and they were up all night long. I know that the WWF checks signs, because a WWF official busted me for having a sign that read "This Gimmick Sucks" in favor of Double J Jeff Jarrett back when he was with Tennessee Lee. WCW really needs to pay attention to their crowd because they were making a mockery of them all night long.

Sid is the new champ. I didn't care for his matches much tonight, but I will say that he deserves it very much. He's paid his dues, got along with anyone in WCW (even Arn Anderson), and he's become a very respectable man. I just hope that Nash doesn't get a head for that title, and books himself to defeat Sid soon. Oh wait, Nash vs. Sid at Superbrawl! Also on tonight's card, we had Billy Kidman vs. Vampiro in a good match in which Vampiro lost. My only question is What is WCW thinking?!?!? Are they blind or something? Can they not see the potential in Vampiro? Another thought is what are you going to do with Billy Kidman down the road. Sure, he's one of the most talented wrestlers in the world today, but look at his size. He's a very small man, despite the heavy heart that he has when he wrestles. The US title is the best he'll ever be in singles, and to have him put over Vampiro, who can, in my opinion, eventually rise to the very elite. I don't know, maybe that's why I'm not a booker.

Sting returned...for a brief second. I want Blond Sting. Good thing that the Cruiserweight tourney is back! Psychosis looks much smaller without his mask on. I swore that he was a heavyweight with it on. The Wall needs to go to WCW Saturday Night and develop his skills. It's shocking how over Norman Smiley is. Scott Hall returned, and I'm giving him 2 months before he exits again. Gee, Al Green looked a little like Tazz tonight...hmm, that's a mystery. Who books stuff about Fit Finley and Brian Knobbs? It's simply terrible. I will say this: Devon Storm was the BEST WCW announcer that I've heard in a while. Great stuff from him. Wow, the Mafia guys can wrestle! Hmmm...Luger mentioning Hogan...hmmm.

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 10
Clean Wins: 8
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Not a bad Nitro, but definately not a great one either. Still, I have to consider that Nitro is working with a talent roster which is missing many of their top names. Plus, they can no longer rely on Benoit, Saturn, Malenko, or Uncle Eddy to put on GOOD matches. That alone, hurts very much. This week's Nitro gets a


for some good effort this week without a good cast of wrestlers. I predict, though, that they will achieve a rating of 2.8 versus a powerful RAW show coming off a pay per view.


RAW certainly knows how to botch up a match, as they did it twice tonight! Both were considered the main events of the top of the hour too, as X-Pac DQ'd himself versus Kane, and F'N New Age Outlaws attacked Rikishi in what could have been a great match with Rock/Rikishi vs. Big Show/Triple H. Why WWF why? Speaking of "Why WWF Why", you know how much I love those beginning interviews. Well, the boring one last night took 15 minutes, and the only thing that was resolved was just ONE match. Sad, sad, sad.

My God, Tazz looks very small compared to the guys in the WWF. Kurt Angle is a small guy(in height), and he was towering over Tazz. That can't be a good thing at all. I want to know what the WWF is smoking having the continuation of Chyna and Jericho. I hope that it was resolved tonight as they were saving each other, or else I will be very pissed next time I grade. Although they continued the feud, the Dudley Boys added more fire to their feud with the Hardy Boys. Kudos to Buh Buh for being EXTRA safe on that powerbomb.

Get D'Lo away from the Godfather. D'Lo has so much potential, and hanging with the Godfather will take that away. Stevie Richards returned!!! Yipee! That's funny stuff with Al Snow trying to find a gimmick for Steve Blackman. Little does Al Snow know that he too needs a better gimmick, as this psychopath with a fake head just isn't cutting it anymore. Plus, he should know that Blackman needs some charisma before getting any kind of gimmick. Viscera and Crash Holly as a tag team? My God that's messed up. Of course, they had some VERY easy competition last night.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 3
No Contests: 1

Last Word: Well, this wasn't the blockbuster RAW someone should expect after one of the best WWF pay per views in a while, but it was decent. Therefore, a simple grade of a


will do. I'd expect some huge numbers by RAW this week, as a 6.4 should do in head to head competition with Nitro.

Overall, a decent night of wrestling.

Other Wrestling Stuff

-ECW on TNN got a 1.3 this week in the ratings, as I called that one! It was a very good show this week, as the interest is growing for ECW wrestling. It's amazing that they are growing on Monday Nights, as it would be interesting to see what their rating would be if on another night...let's say Tuesday night, which happens to be open *hint**hint*, TNN! Why not consider it if you really want to see ECW shine? So far, ECW is just about to pass WCW Saturday Night, so here we come Chunder!

-Flair is scheduled to return tonight at the Chunder tapings, as that's the man that Terry Funk was telling Nash he would bring. Oh wait, doesn't Flair and Terry Funk have some history? Yes indeed they do, as I can recall Terry Funk attacking Ric Flair after a brutal match with Ricky Steamboat. Terry Funk piledrove Flair on a table, thus injuring Flair for a couple months. When Flair came back, the Nature Boy and Terry Funk literally killed each other in their match. Flair got his revenge by defeating Funk, and Funk left WCW a short time after that. But I guess broken fences can be fixed at one time or another...

-According to Scherer, the meetings with Chris Benoit/Perry Saturn/Uncle Eddy/Dean Malenko and the WWF didn't go to well as planned. The 4 wrestlers, who were making around 400,000 or more, wanted more money from the WWF, and the WWF, thinking that they didn't need these 4 wrestlers to survive, turned them down. Little do they realize that you can make loads of money in the WWF with incentives and, to quote Yogurt from Spaceballs, Merchandising! Do they not see that? Oh well, they can't return to WCW with a smile anymore, and their options to get noticed are VERY limited. It's best to sign with the WWF for less money. You work hard, you will get paid more.

@Oh well, that's "All Tito Wrote" today. I'll be back with some grumblings about the Ratings, and to see what a difference a pay per view does for numbers. Also, be on the look out for some Phat Video Reviews this week, as I have a couple new ones to share. Joy joy joy!! That's it for today, so be here same Tito Place, same Tito Time, and same Tito Channel!!!

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Take Care, and remember Bobby Duncum Jr.

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