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Mr. Tito (January 25, 1999)
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Hey, I'm back.. My home personal computer is completely killed now, as it's got a nice long stay in the shop. That sucks. Anyways, I purchased the Royal Rumble last night, and I have a grade for it as well as a review of it, and also some other news! On to the PDC...


Royal Rumble

-The first match would have been way better if Road Dog would have had Hardcore rules, and not a normal match against the Bossman. Overall, not a bad match.

-With Mr. Ass and Shamrock, well this one was easy. Shamrock has way more wrestling abilility than Mr. Ass. Shamrock even won with interference by Val Venis. Look for Val Venis and Shamrock at the next PPV.

-Xpac and Gangrel was a good match, but not a great one.

-Now the Rock deserves the damn belt after killing Mankind, even if it wasn't him saying I quit. When Mankind said "I quit, I quit, I quit" it sounded like the PA system or something, plus Mankind was out cold!! Kinda interesting how that will play out, but the Rock deserves the belt, cause he really kicked Mankind's ass!

-Royal Rumble was good, but disappointing in many ways. One, I am sick and tired of wrestlers coming back from the hospital that same night to return and wrestle. Another, is Kane destroyed everyone, and he eliminated himself! Another thing, is the stupid Undertaker! Instead of opening a can of ass whip on the Royal Rumble, he comes and gets Mabel, who came back last night, and took him away! God, I hate that angle!! But at least Stone Cold didn't win it, AGAIN, to make the Royal Rumble a joke, even though Vince MacMahon is even worse.

*****Well, it was an alright PPV, not the best, but it was entertaining at most parts, and way better than the PPV's that the Senior Tour puts on. The Royal Rumble recieves a B+ for it's efforts.


-The New Age Outlaws aren't finished yet. The Royal Rumble shows that Mr. Ass isn't ready for his singles push yet, even though Road Dog is fairing well with the Hardcore division!

-A scenario might be now that Stone Cold will sometime beat Rock to force a MacMahon vs. Austin Wrestlemania...we'll see.


-Scoops reports that the White and Black Sting returned to a recent house show to lay the smack down on the Hitman. Sting needs to come back, and help give WCW some ratings.

-Tension is really building up backstage on who will win the Hogan/Flair match. Hogan doesn't want to lose no more, and Flair has said that Bischoff has promised Flair in the past to a PPV clean victory. Too much trouble in that Senior Tour.

-Raven also returned to the ring at a house show. Hopefully he and James(formerly known as the Sandman) will get it on and show the rest of that Senior Tour what a real match is.

That's it for today, e-mail me with whatever, and I will try to reply!!!

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