Welcome to another wonferful edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we discuss the RAW ratings, and we'll discuss the Tuesday Nitro show. RAW's ratings come unopposed this week, and we'll determine if it did good without competition or not. Then, we'll examine the effort of the new Bischoff era, if it's making any leaps whatsoever. On to the PDC.

WWF Ratings Analysis

First Hour: 5.4
Second Hour: 5.8
Composite: 5.6
Composite, last week, WITH Competiton: 5.2

Livewire: 1.2
Superstars: 1.0
Mtv Heat: 2.1

Only a 0.4 rise, with ABSOLUTELY no competition. I wouldn't exactly say that's a GOOD thing if I were the WWF, nor would I brag about it. That's really like catching some extra casual WCW fans, and if that. It could so mean for the channel flippers that they were only watching one program. This is, BY NO MEANS, a sign of improvement on the WWF's part, and if Jim Ross or Linda McMahon brag about it, it shows that they are missing a few screws as of late.

Anyway, the Rock/Jericho vs. Big Show/Benoit was the ratings winner of last night, and the 20 Minute Long interview, along with the odd win by Test over Regal was the ratings winner. Wow, didn't they have a match before the Interview last week, and the ratings for the interview shot up? Instead, they started off with an interview to murder the crowd and viewer's interest to make the ratings even higher.

HOWEVER, the wrestlers seemed to be taking it a little easy last night after a hard fought Rumble. That, I can understand.

The WWF weekend shows are showing better ratings, with Superstars hitting the One mark this week. Mtv Heat is finally getting consistant on ratings in the 2.1 area, which is at least something to look upon. Livewire is doing what it normally did on the USA network in the same position.


Nitro Opening Interview: BORRRRRRRRRRING! By the way, isn't it interesting that the older guys are in all of the top angles? Bischoff is definitely back, but I'll give him a few months before I can officially say he has NOT changed a bit. The midcard guys do need developed better, and that takes time.

The first match of the night was the Independent showdown of Christopher Daniels against Mike Modest. If you remember, Daniels was released from WCW on budget cuts, as he was a developmental wrestler then. Mike Modest was a Sullivan buddy, who saw the axe when Russo came back into power. So here we are... First off all, I wouldn't call Modest a cruiserweight. He's a big larger than the last time he was in WCW. Now the match was pretty decent, with Daniels looking DECENT to me. I know a lot of individuals who claim that he's the next great thing in wrestling, and I want more proof of that.

Daniels botched a top rope move, badly I might add, but he came back to work good the rest of the match. Butterflies maybe? I want to see more to be convinced! The match ended with Scott Steiner running in, as the insiders called last week when the match was announced, and Steiner tried to break their legs. This sparked a real life incident, where Steiner went absolutely crazy during this angle, and actually kicked some EMTs who attended the "injured" Daniels and Modest.

Steiner was then arrested for assault, which is just another incident for this individual. He's crazy, and one of the things that I've said about having him the World Champ was to keep him in line. Steiner has a bad attitude, and whether that's substance related, well, who knows. But the fact remains that he has a history of bad behavior in and out of the wrestling business. If Bischoff does anything for WCW, it's to control his wrestlers this time around. Steiner is your top heel, and you MUST make sure his head stays on straight. As the new leader of WCW, that should be Bischoff's responsibility.

On a good note though, Shiavone and Hudson really put over Daniels and Modest. That's their best announcing job in years!

Lance Storm said that his win over Konnan would end the feud with the Filthy Animals, and by beating Konnan last night, let's hope Mr. Storm is right. Storm could be a monster heel if WCW wants to do that. Along with Mike Awesome, he should shoot to the top of the company. They CANNOT repeat measures taken in 1997-1998, where a thick glass ceiling separated the older guys from the better, younger talent. It will only kill them again.

Lex Luger vs. DDP was a decent match, but I liked the ending. Jeff Jarrett helped Lex Luger get the win, via guitar shot to DDP. I'm assuming we're going to see DDP vs. Jarrett at the evil SUPERBRAWL REVENGE. That can be a good match, as long as David Arquette isn't involved.

Man, I'm just amazed at how Johnny the Bull can forget his group of friends, the Natural Born Thrillers, and fight them with the man he turned on, Big Vito. Just simply amazing. Did the Bull quit the Thrillers while recovering from his broken ankle, and then reconcile with Big Vito too? Answers, please.

God. Could we flush Shane Douglas down the toilet any further? As US Champ, you'd hope to give him some credibility. No, that's too easy. Instead, we're treated to Douglas putting over the Cat, again!!! I can't believe the nonsense involving the Franchise. It took him two freakin' months to win that US title, and just as he begins his reign, he jobs to the Cat, who is a horrible wrestler. My gosh.

YESSS! Misfits in Action are officially broken up. Now, Hugh Morris can start jobbing like he used to, and Lash Laroux can hit the gym again and become a strong contender in the Cruiserweight division. We won't even get into their match last night against Chavo/The Wall. We won't even go there, although Chavo is the man.

Oh boy, nothing like having Kevin Nash as your main event Face. Now I'm all for this, IF AND ONLY IF Nash jobs at Superbrawl Revenge. Steiner's build as a credible champ is something good to do, and by having Nash job to him there, it would be good for the company. Nash is VERY washed up at this point, as the 2 years of not caring are catching up to him when he's trying to care, if that makes sense. His match with Buff was painful on the eyes, but that's not all Nash's fault. Luger was actually cracking me up though, as the special guest referee. Luger is very funny as a heel for some reason or another. I don't know why.

I thought Lex Luger was hilarious during the first Russo run, and then during the time where he was with Ric Flair as "Team Package". I don't know where he gets it from, especially since he's such a boring face. Anyway, Luger was doing the cheap referee routine, until DDP let him feel the "BANG!!" by screwing him out of the referee match. Nash then made Luger count to 3 after the Package was knocked out. My theory is that Flair and Company will say that it wasn't a legit win, and I'd expect Nash vs. Luger or Jarrett to be coming up soon. Maybe both? I'd say Jarrett would have been better for a #1 contenders match, besides Buff.

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 1

LAST WORD: Kind of a slow show if you ask me. It just never sparked interest for me, despite trying to shape Superbrawl. It's like I remember watching Nash and company running the company a few years ago, with no new competitors. It's ok if they are good wrestlers, but Nash and the others are way past their times. I don't know.


for this week's show. I think they might have known that they weren't in competition, so they took it easy, much like the WWF this week. Hopefully, this show gets some spark from competition next week.

By the way, I just want to say that Drew is doing an excellent job, thus far, on his Nitro recaps.

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