Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. The Royal Rumble came and went last night, with lasting impressions for all. The WWF gave us one surprise, and they also brought back a legend for the Rumble. This will all set the stage for tonight's show, as it could be one of the biggest RAWs ever. It should also be interesting to see the line up that Nitro puts up against RAW tonight. Anyway, on to the PDC.


-Gee, I got smoked on my Royal Rumble predictions. Oh darn, I guess I'm only human.

-I knew that the Dudley-Hardy match would be one for the ages, as I wanted to know if Jeff Hardy was alive after he made the leap at the end. The Dudleys dogged the New York crowd hard before the match, talking stuff on how they liked John Rocker. This match shows that the WWF has two teams that can really put on a show.

-Ack! Mae Young!! Why WWF Why??? I don't think that I've ever got so sick at an instant like I did last night when Mae Young showed the world her puppies. All I can say is that the WWF might lose some younger viewers because of that nasty stuff. Yecch!!!

-Tazz finally debuted. Thank God, because I'm tired of hyping and evaluating his debut. Tazz looked true to form last night, but I was really hoping that Tazz would have debuted on RAW. That would have been MUCH better, but oh well. At least he finally debuted, and the insanity about when Tazz would show up will end now. Angle lost his undefeated streak. I say it could get overturned because of that "illegal" choke hold he used to defeat him. Remember from ECW? It's illegal in Judo! Hahaha. Looks like Tazz will end up having the same attitude that he did in ECW, only the WWF officials will try to have him arrested(note: not for real) when he chokes someone out with that illegal hold.

-New Age Outlaws seems to make lightwork of the Acolytes. Damn. I was expecting a much better match between these two teams. Speaking of the Acolytes, I thought that it was rather stupid to have the Mean Street Posse consistantly come out and screw the Acolytes out of the Rumble. Posse is going to get killed for that.

-Jericho is your undisputed Intercontinental Champion. Thank God. I was really getting sick of the whole Chyna-Jericho fiasco, but who knows, it MIGHT be still going on. I hope it ends because Jericho needs to move on and shine brightly for the future of the WWF. Chyna, on the other hand, could also use another opponent, but it would be hard for her without such a heat drawer like Jericho.

-Triple H vs. Cactus Jack really surprised me, as I thought it would be one sided with Triple H putting the hurts on Cactus. Triple H took his fair share of bumps in this match, as you can tell that he's not one to wrestle hardcore matches much. I feel bad for Mick though. Those damn thumbtacks were in his forehead. My God, that wasn't something easy to watch.

-The Royal Rumble itself was a weak one though. Too many jobbers in this Royal Rumble, and many wrestlers were eliminated very quickly. The best moment of the night, however, was when Rikishi Phatu and Too Cool were dancing in the ring. Too Cool thought that they were safe with Rikishi there, so immediately after they were dancing, Rikishi tossed them both!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I was loving it!!! And did you hear the crowd go wild when Rikishi tossed them? They were cheering for HIM without the aid of Too Cool. Maybe it's time for them to part ways, because Rikishi is on his way to main event status, and Too Cool...well, you know where they need to go if you've read this column before. Oh joy, the very repetitive Rock won the Rumble. Gee, the WWF made something new there(sarcasm). HOWEVER, X-Pac was eliminated, and he came back and got Kane eliminated! Well, Stone Cold got busted when he was thrown out and came back in, so how about showing some respect for Kane?

-RAW could be a blockbuster one tonight, as we can look forward to day 2 of Tazz. There will be a great crowd on hand as well, as Philadelphia is one of the best wrestling cities around. I would expect Triple H to defend that title tonight as well, to um, maybe another Mick Foley character? I would love that. Also, you never know who might show up. I have a hunch that that Vince and Shane might show up tonight, seeming that it's the night after a new pay per view, and new storylines will be wrote. I really hope they return! It should be a great show tonight with some possible surprises lined up.


-But don't count WCW out of this one just yet. Last week, I personally felt that they put up a good, decent show without the likes of the disgruntled wrestlers and many injured wrestlers. Plus, the new booking team just wrote Nitro after Souled Out went down. For what they had, it was pretty good. I like WCW better now because they were focusing on WRESTLING MATCHES, something in which the Russo era didn't produce. Just wait till they get their injured wrestlers back...it should be some good stuff then.

-Just when I open my mouth about Bret not having a column this week on Slam! Wrestling, one was put up. Doh! I guess I shouldn't write this column so early in the morning. Anyway, he made absolutely no mention about Chris Benoit or the WCW situation. He made some interesting mention about heroes in his column, which was a good read, but it wasn't what I'm looking for. I know the man has an opinion, as he's stated it many times in that column. Hart hates the WWF. Chris Benoit, a close friend of Bret, is leaning towards the WWF. You know he's got something to say about that. Oh well.

@That's all that I have for you today. I'll be back tomorrow with the usual Monday Night lingerings. Until then, just chill till the next episode. HOW ABOUT THEM TITANS!!!

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Take Care, and Enjoy the Monday Night Shows.

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