Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column, or should I say the Royal Rumble edition of the Phat Daily Column. Lots of hype floating around about who will show up, and what surprises the WWF has in store for us. This is a turning point for the WWF's continued success as the Stephanie-Triple H era can't last forever. Well anyway, I have my Royal Rumble predictions in here, along with some other goodies that make up the PDC, so let's jump on it!


-What a week it has been for WCW. As it stands right now, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Shane Douglas, and Perry Saturn ALL have the power to leave WCW and persue any ventures that they would like. The WWF would probably take Saturn, Benoit, and Malenko, but they'd probably have to get used to a smaller contract(but merchandising makes up for it. You know, the big thing in Spaceballs was merchandising! They should approach it like that). I knew I would see it happen, and it did. Ric Flair is now disgruntled after WCW gave the 4 the option for a full release, but yet they give Flair no opportunity. Basically, you can see how much the 4 means to WCW. They CAN go on without them in their opinion, but you see that WCW still wants to use Flair? They might not see eye to eye right now, but they wouldn't be keeping him for nothing. Of course, they could be keeping him because he would be HUGE in the WWF again. The People's champ vs. the Nature Boy. If it only could happen someday.

-Well, no word from Bret Hart, as I imagine his head hurts too much to write a column this week. Poor guy. I really want to know about his opinion on Chris Benoit possibly heading to the WWF. I'm wondering if Bret gave him his blessing, since Chris was not utilized until recently in WCW, or if Bret will end another close relationship, just like he did Davey Boy Smith and Jim 'the Anvil' Neidhart when they entered the WWF. I guess we'll have to wait until next week to see what's on Bret's mind, as I'm hoping that Bret understands Benoit's situation.

WWF Royal Rumble Predictions

The Dudley Boyz vs. the Hardy Boys
Just the Good ol' boys...never meaning no harm. My ass. This match should be one of the showstoppers tonight, as both teams can take some of the hardest bumps in the sport. Lots of bad blood was developed between these two teams in the past few weeks, and you should expect lots of exciting moves since it's a table match. As of right now, it's not for the titles. If it were for the titles, I'd bet in favor of the Dudleys winning. BUT, everyone loves the Hardys, right? The WWF was jobbing them for a while, and this will be a way to get them a title shot for next pay per view. Maybe.
Tito's Pick: The Hardy Boys

Swimsuit competiton between Terri, Ivory, BB, Miss Kitty, Mae Young, Tori, Jackie, and whoever
Well, Eric Loy sent word that rumors are circulationg about some possible nudity in this year's Royal Rumble. This match could easily set the stage for that, as you would expect someone to be really revealing to win this competiton. I say BB will show the most.
Tito's Pick: BB

New Age Outlaws vs. the Acolytes
The New Age Outlaws, I hear, are once again going to persue singles careers. Plus, when the NAO has the titles, they don't fight any of the up and coming tag teams. They only fight who Triple H wants them to fight. Plus, the Acolytes are VERY overdue for the World Titles again.
Tito's Pick: Acolytes

Oh yeah, did you know that the Acolytes star in a movie? That's right, Farooq and Bradshaw star in the newly released film Stranger than Pulp Fiction. The movie is in such demand, that the director put it online for everyone's viewing pleasure. So CLICK HERE to view this classic flick!

Hardcore Holly vs. Chyna vs. Chris Jericho
I think that the WWF knows that they need to advance Chris Jericho out of this fiasco with Chyna. Tonight, they will hopefully drop the strap to Hardcore Holly. Hopefully. I've got my fingers crossed!!!
Tito's Pick: Hardcore Holly

Kurt Angle vs. a Mystery Opponent
Ok, here's who I think that the Mystery opponent could be: Undertaker, Ken Shamrock, possibly the European champ Val Venis, British Bulldog, or Tazz. I'd say the Bulldog or Shamrock would be your best choices, but you never know. I'm tired of evaluating on who it is. Just have the pay per view already. :) No matter what, IN MY OPINION, Kurt Angle will get the win somehow.
Tito's Pick: Kurt Angle

Triple H vs. Cactus Jack
He wouldn't be Cactus Jack in this match if he wasn't destined for Gold. For years, Cactus Jack has endured so much pain and hell, but he was never a world champion. Sure, Mick won titles as Mankind, but he wouldn't be where he was at today if it weren't for his Cactus Jack character. Therefore, I feel that we'll be hearing Mick Foley shout "Bang! Bang!" at the end with his world title in hand.
Tito's Pick: Cactus Jack

Royal Rumble
The WWF really wants you to believe that the Rock is going to win this Royal Rumble. Everyone is picking the Rock to win it. Ah, fuck it, I'll pick the Big Show to win this pay per view. He just officially turned heel, and what better way to put over a heel than by having him win the Royal Rumble? Besides, I have a feeling that the Rock and Big Show are fighting, no matter what, at the next pay per view. Only then, the Rock could take his #1 contender spot away. Call me crazy, just like you did when I bet against Rob Van Dam 2 weeks ago, but it's nice NOT to follow suit sometimes.
Tito's Pick: Big Show

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@That's it for today's column. I'll be back tomorrow with some thoughts on the Rumble and then some Monday Night Hype. Who knows, maybe a new controversy will happen in WCW to talk about. Until the next PDC, why not chill till the next episode?

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