Welcome to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we get the hype out since it's Monday! RAW vs. Nitro baby! Nitro is in their second official week behind Eric Bischoff, so they hope to continue progress. The WWF on the other hand is coming off a red hot Pay Per View, which is sure to gain ratings.... if the WWF does it right. Should be an interesting night, and one to look foward to. On to the PDC.


By the way, I heard that many wrestlers in WCW might be able to get out of their contracts, once the sale of WCW is officially final. Guys like Kevin Nash, DDP, and Bill Goldberg might be able to get out of their contracts. All 3 of those guys have wanted to get into the WWF for quite sometime now. I would LOVE to see both Goldberg and DDP in the WWF, but not Kevin Nash. Nash would only be a good companion for X-Pac, OR he'd only be good if he's willing to job without any rewards. But damn, could you just imagine the matches with WWF stars involving Goldberg or DDP? I hope it happens!

-NITRO Hype-

Tonight, Ric Flair will announce Scott Steiner's opponent. From all of the rumors that I've read this past weekend, it's being said that Kevin Nash no less will be announced as the opponent. God, how lame. I can't believe that WCW actually thinks that Kevin Nash would be a good opponent for Steiner, let alone a Pay Per View draw. DDP would be a much more logical choice, but oh wait, we can't do that. Too bad DDP and Steiner don't get along.

WCW is going to do a "video package" in honor of Bill Goldberg. Oh come on. He's your company's biggest star, and they are holding him back in this time of need? It better be a grand return, or I'll be disappointed in the whole deal. Well.... at least the streak is over, but there is no denying that Goldberg is currently the biggest draw in WCW. BRING HIM BACK!

We've got some matches.............

Chavo Guerrero and The Wall (no more A-Wall??) against Corporal Cajun and General Rection: I sense a "swerve" hear on the muscle toneless Cajun or Laroux on good old Rection, thus flushing the whole Misfits in Action disaster down the drain. Thank the Lord. However, couldn't we have saved this match for Thunder instead?

Mike Modest vs. Chris Daniels: Wow, the independent stars collide! I wonder if Daniels will use his "Last Rites" finisher, which is basically what Reno stole for his move, the "Roll the Dice". Otherwise, I'm expecting a good match from these two, given the hype from all of the indy junkies over the weekend. I heard this was just a match for Scott Steiner to run into though, or something? Modest had a great early run with WCW, as he destroyed The Artist in a match. However, Vince Russo was brought back, and since Modest was a Sullivan finding, Modest disappeared from WCW.

Mamalukes vs. Stasiak and Jindrak: Amazing how Johnny the Bull can break his ankle while being in the Thrillers, and then return as Vito's friend again. I, myself, don't like the mixed pairing of the Thrillers, as I thought Palumbo was a better teammate with Stasiak, and Jindrak was a better teammate for O'Haire. Out of the 4, Jindrak and O'Haire are the best 2, and NOT Palumbo in for Jindrak. I just don't see what WCW sees in Palumbo, although he is improving. I believe it's for the fact that Jindrak kind of wrestles without expression, and Palumbo does. Plus, it seems like Palumbo sells more moves. Could we see a swerve tonight with Johnny the Bull? I got my money on it.

Lex Luger against a Mystery Opponent: I'd love it if it were Sting. LOVE IT! Not happening though, since Sting is on the shelf. Poor guy. I'm guessing it will be Kevin Nash, to somewhat build Nash's credibility for his title shot at Superbrawl. That's an honest guess.


Royal Rumble

The general feelings about last night's show are mostly positive. Everyone enjoyed the show, expect, for of course, the Chyna fake injury. Other than that, it's being cheered as the WWF's wake up call. Hey, the WWF started off 2000 with a hot Royal Rumble, and the ratings/attendance slowly went down after that. You be the judge! I went 3-2 last night on my picks, which keeps my winning percentage over 50% on WWF shows. Now the other federations, well, that's different.

Dudley Boyz won cleanly, thus eliminating the scary theory of Edge/Christian becoming the NEXT New Age Outlaws (not the actual team, but a long title reign with a rich tag division). Dudleys were LONG overdue, and I'm sure they'll fight RTC to defend those titles. JOY! JOY! JOY!! Hopefully, the Hardy Boyz come after the Dudleys, since you know, the Dudleys screwed the Hardys out of the titles when they dressed up as RTC. Remember that? Obviously, the sloppy WWF booking of late doesn't.

Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho probably stole the show, but what will come of it? Will either Jericho or Benoit get a push to the top to NOT just job to the main eventers? Or will they keep fighting each other because the WWF won't let them break the glass ceiling? Now you watch, Jericho will have to face the returning X-Pac, and Benoit will have to feud with Bob Holly, again. Hey, X-Pac and Bob Holly were a team back in the day... (not saying they should reform)

Man, if I was a part of Lo Down, I'd get the hell out of the WWF as soon as I could after the Drew Carey substitution. Vince McMahon just put the writing on the wall for them.

And now the Chyna incident. Nothing bothers me more than FAKE injuries. I hate them, and I always have hated them. This is no exception, because the WWF is playing this injury up as if it was actually serious and life threatening. It's sickening to me when a federation has to lower themselves to such cheap tactics like this one. FINGER OF SHAME for this garbage.

It amazes me about the ending of the Kurt Angle and Triple H match. Instead of Steve Austin just attacking Triple H and ruining the match, Austin screwed the game by giving him the Stunner and allowing for Angle to get the win. Now why wasn't Austin able to do that himself? Oh wait, he has COMPLETE booking power over his character. And you guys yell at me when I start bitching about booking power on wrestlers, as this is a prime example! Austin is the NEW Hulk Hogan Egomaniac!

Royal Rumble had some odd stuff going on. For one, Meng..... oh crap, I mean Haku returned to the WWF last night. Thanks to the Pay-Per-Night deal that Meng had, the WWF was able to snatch him up from WCW. It's a nice slap in the face to WCW to lose a singles champion, even though they were going to oust the Hardcore division anyway. But the point is that Jim Ross was claiming that he'd be a fine veteran addition to the roster. I thought the roster was packed? I don't really see any good Meng will do to this fed in the long run. I'd much rather see the WWF buy up some of the much younger and more talented ECW Free Agents than this older hasbeen. Speaking of hasbeens, the Honky Tonk Man returned to the WWF for a one night only appearance in the Rumble. He's only good every once in a while, which is why this one night deal was enjoyed.

Stone Cold Steve Austin won the rumble, which will hype.................

-RAW Hype-

As you all know, Austin won the Royal Rumble. However, he screwed Triple H out of his title shot last night, so it's very likely that we'll see Triple H vs. Austin at No Way Out, the next WWF Pay Per View. In fact, I'll guarantee that.

But rumors are going around that the Rock will receive the next shot at Kurt Angle for No Way Out. Rock was the man who Angle beat, in two tries, for the World Title. How the Rock gets the shot... well, the WWF will attempt to tell a story about that one.

My real point is: Does anybody actually want to see these matches for the main events of a Pay Per View Card? Marks, put your hands down. Seriously. Those two feuds are so overdone, and the matches have happened several times before. Even worse, the outcomes are ridiculously predictable. Rock will easily beat Angle for the Title. Austin will defeat Triple H OR the match will render a NO DECISION.

We're going to have Rock, the world champ, against Austin, with the possibility of a 3 Way Dance with Triple H. Hey, have we seen that before? Rock vs. Austin would be great if done correctly. I'd rather see Austin with the World Title heading into Wrestlemania, and then for the Rock to defeat him. However, Austin's booking power will probably give us a repeat of Wrestlemania 15.

Crazy WWF, I swear.

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@That's all for me today. I'll be back tomorrow, with the usual Monday Night Impressions. It's going to be interesting on which show comes out on top.

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