Welcome to the Phat Daily Column, as there is no such thing as taking days off for the weekend! What a week it has been for WCW. I've never seen one federation go through so much in one week than they have. Anyway, this is Royal Rumble weekend, with so much hype in the air about who will show up. I'll hype that bigtime tomorrow, but today, I have the usual stuff along with the quality ECW on TNN show round up. On to the PDC!


-Good ol' Smackdown got a 4.5 rating this week, as it's down 0.5. I thought Smackdown was a pretty good show this week, as I'm glad that I finally have UPN to watch it on. I'm wondering though. This is 2 shows that the WWF has put on this week that has dropped their ratings. I think you can attribute that to the dragging Triple H-Stephanie scenario. The WWF needs Vince and Shane to really grab viewers attention. They also need some more star power, which they'll get, once Tazz and Undertaker show up. So basically, the WWF has the power to control their ratings, and now is a good time, especially after the Royal Rumble, to give them a boost.

-The WWF is willing to sign Malenko and Saturn at a lower price, and they are very interested in Chris Benoit. The WWF has to be happy though about the recent WCW shake up. Just look at their firepower after they get Benoit. It's not everyday that you get two top notch "wrestlers" like Tazz and Benoit becoming additions to your roster. They are both young, and tough as hell. One thing about Tazz is that he has an attitude to go with his wrestler, whereas Benoit can only speak with his wrestling ability. I still can't wait for the Chris Benoit vs. Steve Blackman match in a "winner gets charisma" match. That's one I'd pay to see.


-I'm wondering what makes the new booking team tick. What the hell are they doing to Vampiro? Sullivan promised him that he would never make it past lower-level midcarder? Is he out of his mind? Is he blind with potential? Is he deaf not to hear the pop he got on Souled Out and Nitro? The recent rumors is that Vampiro is also slated to get his release as well. I'm hoping that he heads to the WWF, where he can slowly grow into a superstar that he couldn't be in WCW. WCW, that's 5 young superstars that you've disgruntled and had walk out on you. What are you going to do when the likes of Nash, Hall, Goldberg, Sting, Luger, and a few other older guys retire? What are you going to do, have Berlyn as your top superstar? Oh please.

-Oh my, I like some of the e-mail that I get on Billy Kidman. I ripped on him for staying the other day, saying how fighting jabronies like Psychosis and Prince Whatever was a joke if that's the push that WCW intends on giving him. Oh yeah, I also got it for the fact that he gets a US title shot at Superbrawl. Oh yay, fight over the title that Steve "Mongo" McMicheal used to hold. Fight over the title that David Flair used to hold. The US title is meaningless, and he's going to lose that match at Superbrawl because it seems that Jeff Jarrett will get his way with the new booking team as well. Yeah, BIG push there. Oh wait, Torrie Wilson will make a difference, right? Well, you could say that it's equivalent to a push, but she'll be gone again before you know it. You should've stuck with Benoit, Saturn, Malenko, and Douglas. You'll now regret it.


The whole opening segment was very good this week for ECW on TNN. First, they had Cyrus's usual yelling at Joel Gertner, and then, one of my most hated teams in all of wrestling, the Impact Players come down and they say that they have nobody to fight. Then Danny Doring and Roadkill come down to challenge them. Shockingly, Lance Storm gets on the mic and actually says something cool instead of "from Calgary...Alberta Canada", like telling Roadkill and Doring where their positions in ECW was. He then insisted on them fighting the recently demoted to midcarders Tommy Dreamer and Raven. Funny stuff.

Dreamer/Raven vs. Roadkill/Doring was an OK match, but I don't like Raven helping out Francine. In fact, there isn't much that I've liked about Raven since his return. He left ECW the most evil guy around, then he goes to WCW and shows his crybaby side, and now that he's back in ECW, he has some of that WCW stuff in him still. Shake it off!!! At least Roadkill and Doring finally get put over, a little. It's also funny how everyone and their mother ran down afterwards. Corino, Rhino, Jack Victory, Sandman, and Dusty Rhodes all came down for a fight.

I think Super Crazy is the official spokesman for ECW is TNN. He's on EVERYWEEK, and he salutes the TNN sign at the entrance way. Oh, he fought Tajiri for the 50th time(sarcasm) tonight, but this match was different than all the rest. Tajiri was insane, as he was throwing chairs, tables, and then he was taunting Super Crazy. The dude was sick tonight....but I liked it. Good match once again between the two, as there was more attitude in this one.

Rob Van Dam vs. Mike Awesome. Damn, if they have that one on their next pay per view, it's a MUST BUY!!! Rob Van Dam, face it, is the real champion of ECW. Awesome loses to little runts like Spike Dudley, and Van Dam NEVER loses. Besides, the TV title has had better champs. Taz held it forever until Bam Bam beat him for it. Then, Van Dam defeated Bam Bam after a good television run. The television title, sadly, is the true world title in ECW. Oh yeah, interesting stuff with Sabu helping Awesome kick RVD's teeth in.

ECW on TNN Phat Stats

Matches: 2
Clean Wins: 2
Screwjobs: 0
No Contests: 0
Disqualifications: 0

Last Word: Pretty good, all around show for ECW. MUCH better than last week's show, as this week was much more action packed. Not much else I can say about this, as it gets a good


in my book. How about a predicted rate of 1.3 this week?

@That's it for today. I'll be back with some Royal Rumble hype, along with ALL of my predictions for me to mess up on. Joy Joy Joy!! So I'll see you tomorrow then....same Tito place, same Tito time, same Tito channel!!!!!!!!!

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