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Mr. Tito (January 22, 1999)
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Welcome back to the PDC. There will be no Phat Daily Column on Saturday and Sunday due to the fact that my computer is in the shop at this very minute. Anyways, on to the news...


-Well, I caught the second half of Thunder, and even without any major stars(Besides the Horsemen and Kidman), it was still a decent show. WCW is finally getting on top of things, but they need to try harder to catch up with the WWF, which is the stuff these days.

-Since Rey Misterio Jr. resigned, he's getting a huge push. Expect Rey to go make a title run on Kidman, and possibly beat Kidman. We'll see on that one.

-Early Superbrawl looks something like this:

=Flair vs. Hogan for the World Belt

=Lugar and Nash vs. Konnan and Rey Misterio

=Possibly Saturn vs. Jericho

=Finals of the Tag Team tourney, but what about Nash, isn't he fighting with Lugar? Well from what I hear if the Outsiders are in the finals, then Lugar will fight Rey Misterio in a hair vs. mask bout. (Micasa)

=Sketchy reports say Hitman will defend the belt there, but it's doubtful.

-In other news, there is backstage heat between Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair. Apparently, back in the day when Flair was jobbing to Hogan at PPVs, Flair was promised a clean defeat on Hogan on a PPV as payback for jobbing to Hogan in the first place. Well, Flair and Bischoff are at disagreement about this, and Flair told Bischoff that if he doesn't defeat Hogan for the belt, then there's gonna be some trouble.


-Here's the Royal Rumble line up for the moment:

=Rock vs. Mankind in a I Quit(NOT LOSER LEAVES THE FEDERATION!!!), no DQ, no countout, and no Corperation for the World Title.

=Mr. Ass vs. Shamrock for the IC

=Gangrel vs. Xpac for the Euro Title

=Sable vs. Luna in a strap match for the Women's title

=30 man Royal Rumble with Chyna at #30, Stone Cold at #1, and Vince MacMahon at #2.

-In other news, all of the San Antonio newspapers are reporting that Shawn Michaels is retired from wrestling. But the papers do say he will return to the WWF in a TV role, like he was before as commissioner.

-My predictions of the Royal Rumble...well, I think the Rock will come out as Champ, Mr. Ass will be IC champ, Sable will retain the belt, Stone Cold will win the Royal Rumble, and Xpac will retain his belt as well. If Stone Cold doesn't win the Royal Rumble, my money's on Triple H, Vince MacMahon, or even....the Undertaker! That's right, rumor has it that the Undertaker will have something new for everyone at the Royal Rumble. We will just have to see.

@Well, thats it for today, and this week, as I will be back Monday for sure. I hope everyone enjoys the Royal Rumble! Have a Nice Day! You can e-mail me with whatever about wrestling, and I will try to get back to you...Monday!

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