Welcome to yet another Phat Daily Column. "As the World Championship Wrestling Turns" soap opera continues to baffle us all, as now we must patient. Also, lots of Royal Rumble hype in the air, as it was present all over the internet and on Smackdown last night. Well enough small talk, on to the PDC!


-Oh joy, X-Pac is now the 30th entry in the Rumble, and Test is 1st. X-Pac will get eliminated, as usually #30 doesn't do a good job at all. Test will last for a while, and they'll use that in an excuse to push him. You know, since if it weren't for the McMahon angles, who would care? The McMahons put that boy over, as he wouldn't be able to survive on his very weak charisma. Now I'm not saying that he isn't a talented wrestler, as I feel that he's one tough individual, it's just that he lacks the energy and attitude that someone on their way to the World Title someday would have. Just my opinion.

-I like how some will report that it's GUARANTEED that Tazz is Kurt Angle's opponent or is at the Royal Rumble, but yet Lucas and the boys at WWF.com just strike it down. Either there is just a major cover up in the WWF in attempt to shock everybody by Tazz's entrance, or they are telling the truth. As much as I would want to see a loaded Royal Rumble, I would also love to see an awesome entrance by Tazz on RAW. So if the fellas at WWF.com are denying it, just remember that it could be true just because of the Monday Night show.

-I just want to congratulate THQ and the WWF for Wrestlemania 2000, easily the BEST wrestling game ever, for selling 1 Million units in less than 2 months of retail. Just think about how much it would sell if the had more shipments. Good lord. At least in my area, that game was scarce. I don't know about yours, but I had no chance in hell of buying it here. I had to order that badboy online. I think the feature that is the most eyecatching is the Create-A-Wrester mode. That part has so many features, it's ridiculous! It enables you to make exact replicas of wrestlers from other federations complete with their moves and everything! Hell, I have Rikishi Phatu and Mike Awesome on mine, tearing everybody up. It's VERY addicting, let me tell ya.


-WCW has given Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn, Shane Douglas, and Dean Malenko the papers which enable them for their full releases from WCW. Will they sign them? Chances are, yes! But what if one or so would backdown? What if?? How could they return to the WCW lockerroom knowing that they walked out because of the guy who's in charge of YOUR matches. It would get very ugly fast in the backstage, and it's rest assured that the returning wrestler will be the one jobbing to David Flair.

-I'm hearing that Vampiro is one of these guys? Why?!? I'm calling that bluff thus far due to the decent push by the new booking team. But I am hoping that he would want to leave WCW and make the jump to the WWF. He's not no small guy like the others asking for their releases, and he has a good look to him that I know the WWF would capitalize on. I'll have to look into this one, cause I don't believe it just yet.

-Good old Thunder got a 2.3 this week, which makes for both Nitro and Thunder being lower than last week. Maybe the changes are getting to some WCW fans..making them refuse to watch? I don't know. Without Benoit, and mainly Benoit, the shows seem to not as flow as well as they used to. I enjoyed the Monday Night show, but I admit there was a small void. Thunder wasn't all there Wednesday, as the void really showed. I'm sure, however, that things might get interesting again once a few banged up wrestlers return.

-I'm wondering about Billy Kidman, as to why he's staying. He's promised a big push, eh? Well, they had him win the Triple Threat Theater (which no wrestler in WCW could pronounce), and then they make him fight less-than=midcarders Psychosis and The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Whatever? Come on, is that what you call a push? More like "getting held back even more". But hey, Kidman is getting well paid for wrestling in WCW. Pride or money...hmm, gee, that's a mystery to what I'd take!

-Also, I wonder why Konnan, of all people, is staying in WCW. This guy has always cried and complained to how bad WCW's lockerroom was, and he, along with Kidman, wanted their releases from WCW when Raven walked out. Back then, Konnan backed out, just like he's backing out here. The bookers completely hate Konnan, as they wouldn't push them even if he paid them or kissed their feet...or whatever. Shows what he's in wrestling for, and he has WCW to thank for making him financially secure.

@That's it for this lovely edition of the Phat Daily Column. Make sure you watch, or at least set your VCRs, as I will try to do, for tonight's ECW on TNN show, which starts at 8 pm Eastern time. Well, unlike others, I WILL be back tomorrow with more PDC to pass around. Until then, chill....

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