Finally, the PDC has come back....oh wait, it's here everyday, so why should I say that? Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. "As the World Championship Wrestling Turns" soap opera continues, as they gave the axe to the disgruntled workers. Also today, the ratings are here! JOY! Also, I have a FULL report of Goldberg on Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect for ya, as well as some SHORT Thunder thoughts. So sit back, relax, enjoy your snowday, and let's jump into the PDC.

Bill Goldberg on Politically Incorrect

The show starts out with Bill Maher coming out and doing his usual routine with lame-ass jokes, you know since he hasn't been funny ever since he was in the great movie D.C. Cab. Anyway, he says a few jokes, and then he talks about the gap between the Rich and the Poor widening. He said that the Rich will be saving their money, and the Poor will be watching wrestling. Asshole! Is that something smart to say with a man like Bill Goldberg on your show? Luckily, he's injured for his sake.

Bill Maher announces the guests. First, is former Growing Pains actress Tracy Gold, who got annoying as she would blurt out all kinds of stupid nonsense. Next, is Mtv's Loveline Adam Carolla, who was damn funny all night long. Then, Representative Jack Kingston, who I feel sorry for the state he represents since he's such a mindless idiot. Then, with a big brace on his arm, Bill Goldberg comes out. It's funny because all guests immediately shake his hand. KISS UPS!!

Topic #1 was about how the Government looks over a television network's scripts to find hidden anti-drug messages so that they can take away some requirements about doing Public Service Announcements...which is pretty much a payoff. Bill Goldberg didn't say a thing, or maybe he barely commented on something. Goldberg was mainly laughing at Adam, who was giving some good insight, and at the same cracking jokes. Tracy Gold was just blurting out stuff, saying them a million miles per hour, and Rep. Kingston tried to provide Government knowledge on the subject. Notice I said "tried".

Back from commercial, and asshole Bill Maher gives us topic #2 about prayer at Football games possibly legalized in the state of Texas. Bill Maher and Adam Carolla were making great points about their feelings, while Tracy Gold would shout anything to mind. THEN, Goldberg starts to talk. He mentions how he's Jewish, and how he used to say a prayer on the side while his other teammates were saying their big prayer during high school. He said that it was nothing big really, and it didn't change the way he played in the football game. Good old Kingston trys, notice I said "trys" to add more info to it, but he makes an analogy to where you can "go get a hotdog" when the prayer is going on. Yeah, that's a representative for you. Get a hotdog whenever there is an issue to deal with. Idiot.

Finally, they talk about how "Rock and Roll Part 2", or should I say the HEY song, was banned from the NHL due to the fact that the man who created the song, Gary Glitter, was busted for having kiddie porn. Goldberg was once again quiet on this one, as the others did their usual acts during the show. Adam was funny, Tracy was meaningless, and Kingston was downright stupid. I'm glad that the NHL and other places have banned the "Hey" song, because it's been so overplayed, and I'm sick of hearing it. Gary Glitter is one sick man anyway.

Overall, Bill Goldberg didn't say very much. Why was he even on the show? Well, the topics I bet he would talk on, like animal rights or wrestling, were ignored or untouched. Maher, besides ripping on wrestling as a whole in the beginning, didn't treat Goldberg badly like he did Nash a few months ago. Gee, Maher afraid of a man with a brace? Nothing held him back when he was ripping on Nash. Oh well.

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 3.2
Second Hour: 2.8
Composite: 3.0


First Hour: 5.9
Second Hour: 6.0(What the hell?)
Composite: 5.95


RAW: 5.9
Nitro: 2.8

-Oh where oh where could the wrestling viewers be? The ratings should be higher without football on TV. They's gone away, so the ratings are slightly lower... Anyway, what's up with this? Why isn't RAW maxing out in the second hour? Only a 6.0? Nitro's numbers were also low this week, as the first hour was particularly low this week. Let's look in the TV guide. Oh, American Music Awards could be the case? Oh my, Coming to America was on Cinemax, and that classic is enough to make me forget about wrestling for one night. ESPN had some college games on, and Encore had two classic movies on: Enter the Dragon and Pulp Fiction. Ok, I've made enough excuses. The fact of the matter is that wrestling viewership seems to be dropping a little. I guess this is why the WWFE stock is lower these days. With the fallout of WCW, does this mean we are back to the days where WWF ruled the land and WCW was just there? With all of the controversy and shake ups, it might appear so. But you never know..


-Well, it seems as though Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn, Eddie Guerrero, Shane Douglas, and Dean Malenko have been all given their releases. Are they full releases where they don't have to wait 6 months or a year to wrestle in the WWF? No word on that yet. Some are saying that a few got the full release, and a few would have to surf around the independents for a while. Let's evaluate each wrestler, shall we?

Chris Benoit- It's probably true that the WWF wants him, but what kind of gimmick could they give him? He lacks the charisma and mic skills that is essential for WWF wrestling. What could the WWF do, maybe have him fight Steve Blackman in a winner gets charisma match? Nah, I'm kidding. The WWF would think of something, as they thought of things for guys like Vinnie Vegas/Oz and the Diamond Stud, as they would later turn those two into Diesel and Razor Ramon. The WWF can get Benoit over, but it's a matter of time if the WWF can get him now or not. If Benoit can't get into the WWF now, expect him to go to Japan where he gets a lot of respect. However, it makes me wonder if good old Bret Hart is whispering in Benoit's ear, you know since Bret hates the WWF's guts! Would Bret disrespect Benoit for going there? That's what I'm wondering.

Perry Saturn- This man's work ethic in the ring has always been unnoticed, and maybe the WWF can give it to him. Nah, I don't see him making it big in the WWF. A return to ECW, in my opinion would be best for him. I only wish that somebody would find John Kronus and reform the Eliminators! Ahem, sorry, I marked out there. I think he'll go to the WWF, and maybe be an ally of Tazz, just like he used to help him at times in ECW.

Eddie Guerrero- The WWF likes Eddie for some reason. It's either that, or they would love to market the "My Favorite Wrestler is Eddie Guerrero" shirts. I know I'd buy one. Anyway, it seems that the WWF is in this man's future. Again, like the rest of them, it's unknown if he can go there right away. If not, I'd expect him to help out in a Mexico federation for a little bit.

Shane Douglas- To tell you the truth, I have no clue where Shane Douglas would go. Just to kill some rumors, Shane Douglas has NOT received any offers from the WWF yet. Anyway, where could Shane go? Maybe go back to ECW? Well, he was barely doing anything during his last run. He's not too liked in the WWF from his kind words throughout the years about HBK and the rest of the wrestlers there. Independent traveling for him? It somewhat looks like it. Poor guy.

Dean Malenko- The only man with a lot of talent that has less charisma than Chris Benoit. It's doubtful that the WWF would take him, cause quite frankly, what could they do with him? ECW, I doubt would pay him the money. My best bet is a return to Japan for this man, as people like him are loved down there.

-Basically, all of these men walking out of WCW has instilled some thoughts into the minds of other WCW wrestlers. They are beginning to get frustrated as well, and if it weren't for providing for their families, you'd probably see many more wrestlers walking out. Maybe this was a good thing for WCW though. WCW is firmly behind Kevin Sullivan, and now they've got rid of their "bad weeds", and they too can move on. The ones who can put up with Sullivan's biased booking are there and are willing to work with him. Maybe this whole situation was good to get everyone on the same page at WCW. I think it was, but the fans might miss the 5 just released stars.


-Good ol' Dave Scherer is reporting that Tazz will indeed be the mystery opponent for Kurt Angle this Sunday at the Royal Rumble. Hmmm, as I wonder if this is true or not. People will buy the pay per view, and as you can see by the WWF's numbers today, they are slightly down. Why not save him for Monday, and let everybody mark-out at his awesome entrance? They need something of a ratings boost, as they mishandled WCW, but they only got a 6.0 unopposed in the second hour. Yikes. Tito's money is on Ken Shamrock. Oh yeah, it's not too late to vote about Angle's opponent at LoP Polls!!!

-Still no word on Randy Savage, as you can also see that Lucas mentioned that there is no interest in him in Brander's report. Some of you are calling that Savage the mystery opponent, but I tend to disagree. Why would Savage jump to the WWF when WCW could take advantage of his woman's contract, which is running out in June. Just so you know, do NOT believe those rumors about Savage and Gorgeous George splitting, as they are still happy as a couple. Besides, Savage has a high asking price anyway, and the WWF doesn't give payoffs like they do in WCW.

@Phew, that's all for today. Just so you know, I'm getting pounded with e-mails these days. Sorry if I don't answer you, as it's hard to divide time with work, school, Mrs. Tito, and anything else that pops up. Thanks for reading, and I'll be back with more tomorrow as the PDC approaches 300 consecutive columns tomorrow!

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