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Mr. Tito (January 20, 1999)
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Welcome back! We have Royal Rumble this Sunday, a real PPV, and it's looking good so far. What will happen is unknown at this point. On to the news.


-WCW fired Terry Taylor. Dumb move. Terry Taylor was the man responsible for signing most of the ECW wrestlers like Saturn and Raven, and he was one of those responsible for getting Hall and Nash, as well as other big name wrestlers in WCW. Taylor was also the top booking, until in mid 98, when they took his booking responsibilities away from him, which was cause for the WCW ratings downfall. WWF will most likely pick him up, and use him to his abilities.

-The word now is that Shane Douglas will NOT be returning to WCW, since the former Cliq members didn't get along with him back in the day at the WWF.

-Bret Hart is scheduled to come back this month, and finally defend that US belt that is way over the 30 day limit, but wait a sec, this is WCW, you are allowed to do that. I guess it takes more than 30 days for all those seniors to recover from their title bouts.

-Buff is on the verge of his in ring return!!! Great news!! Give that man a belt!

-A way to help WCW get some ratings: Get Raven more involved on Nitro with his angle.


-There is a talent fight between WWF and ECW over the independent star Wreckless Youth.

-If Sable vs. Luna goes down on Royal Rumble might not happen. Sable isn't much for taking bumps, as she is more of a model than a wrestler. She will probably wrestle on Sunday, but look for the match to be one sided, cause Sable can't take getting slammed.

-Many speculate that Mankind will lose on Sunday, and say I quit, but that only means Mankind quits. That makes Cactus Jack return. (Bradford Riley). And yes I know that Mankind has the damn belt on the Superbowl commercials, but if you know what those federations do sometimes to throw fans off...


-Many say that the Franchise will wrestle his final match this weekend, but I doubt it, cause Shane would have no where else to go. He hates the WWF, and some Cliq members, especially Hall, are in WCW.

That's all for today, have a nice day, and you can e-mail me with whatever, and I'll try to reply!

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