Welcome to the very first edition of the Phat Daily Column for 2002. You know what I don't like about changing years? The habit of writing the previous year for EVERYTHING! I'm really bad on doing that, so if you see the dating wrong at the very bottom, at anytime in early 2002, remember that.

And hey, I'm coming to you with a clear head, as well. I don't drink, therefore, I'm not hungover so that I can actually write a column. Imagine what a PDC would be like if I was hungover? If you thought I'm negative on a normal basis, just imagine how grouchy I'd be with a pounding headache, etc.

So what's my New Year's resolution for the PDC? Nothing. I don't feel I have to change a thing, nor should I. I think resolutions are dumb, anyway. I mean, it makes people obsessed in bettering themselves in a short period of time, when some problems take a long time to fix. I guess my so-called negative attitude towards wrestling would take a long time to fix, right? Sure. Of course, am I really negative?

For 2002, I have a challenge to my critics. Just look at the last 3 days of columns. I did a positive Smackdown review, a History of 2001 column, and the Tito Awards for the Best of Pro Wrestling. Instead of mentioning those columns as positive writings about wrestling, my RAW review was only mentioned. So for 2002, how about finally noticing the positive parts towards pro wrestling for a change? How about acknowledging that this column is OPINION BASED, too, instead of accepting what I say as fact?

Oh well. For today's column, I DO NOT have the WWF Best of 2001 review for you. Why? Well, I came back from the great Mrs. Tito's house around 1:00 am, and decided against staying up until 3 am to watch a recap show of 2001. Understand? Besides, I wanted some sleep for work, which I'll be at in a short while.

However, today we'll take a look at the possibilities of 2002, such as how federations may do and where the Free Agents might end up.

On to the PDC.

In the Year 2002......

-Kevin Nash is very likely to sign on with the WWF, as it currently appears to be a lock right now. So what will happen on his return? Well, I doubt he'll be paired with his real life friend Triple H, but he MAY actually feud with the Game from the start. Nash could make attempts to reform the Clique, but Triple H could turn him down. Also, I wouldn't doubt that Nash will come in as a face to fight such slugs as the Undertaker, Kane, or the Big Show. Remember, Nash has some heat with the Big Show, since Big Sexy dropped the Giant on his neck at Souled Out 1998, I think. Vince has a love for the big men, and Nash will add to his lust.

I'm just wondering on how long it will take for Kevin Nash to start his backstage politics. As Head Booker at the end of 1998 and early 1999, Nash held back Chris Jericho, somewhat acting as a stooge for Eric Bischoff, who never liked Jericho at all. It was also said that in late 1999, Kevin Nash would call Triple H, who had some backstage pull, to help hold back Jericho's WWF initial push. But who knows? Nash could be very cooperative. Of course, he could break out the knee pads, again.

-What about Scott Hall? I do believe that he'll come in, as Nash's ability to suck dick will come through to reform the Outsiders. If Scott Hall is completely clean from drugs and/or alcohol binging, then the reformation of the Outsiders could be big. However, it's unlikely, since this IS Scott Hall we are talking about, as he just needs to see a picture of drugs to get started again. But I still see his impending return.

-Could Shawn Michaels return to reform the Clique? Very unlikely. It appears as though the WWF just doesn't want HBK backstage, as seen with Shawn's weird attitude before Wrestlemania 17, where he was sent home. Sure, he was recently on Excess, but what does that truly matter? His question responses were very worked, and his return to WWF television, for Excess, didn't spark the ratings. Of course, Excess just sucks in general, so that's a bad example.

-X-Pac will definitely team with Nash when he returns. No doubt in my mind. Creatively, the WWF writers are burned out on anything concerning X-Pac, although they are probably tired of hearing X-Pac kiss up to them at every moment possible. X-Pac and Nash will be teamed since they are Clique members, and they also have the same matching pair of knee pads. Ok, I'm kidding, for their run as teammates could provide some edge the WWF sorely lacks anymore.

-My theory with Hulk Hogan is that he's currently negotiating with the WWF in a last ditch effort to have Hulk Hogan versus Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania. Now that's just an assumption, so do NOT take that as news. I know some idiot wrestling site, probably run by Monkeys, will have "HUGE NEWS ON HOGAN AND THE WWF" because I'm suggesting that it may be happening. But look at Hogan. He's been avoiding full time work with the XWF, his friend Jimmy Hart's promotion, for a while. Why would he not work with his friends? Something is up or could be up.

-It's totally unlikely that we'll see Sting in a WWF ring. He's a born-again christian, and he has openly said that he doesn't like the raunchiness of pro wrestling. What is the most raunchy promotion right now? The WWF, of course. If he does return to pro wrestling, it will likely be with the WWA, since he can only work 70 days of the year and make a very nice salary. He could show up for the XWF, if they offer nice money for less days.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of federations....

-I DO NOT believe that the XWF will be a success. Their brand of wrestling is outdated, for they have the same old WCW bookers and road agents that helped the downfall of the Time Warner owned WCW. Those writers will, again, cuddle up to the older wrestlers, while holding back the younger talent.

-The WWA will continue to be a success internationally, but as far as them being a success in the states... ummm, no. Like the XWF, it has too much older talent with a strong grip on the top spots. The additions of Sting and/or Scott Steiner could help, but Steiner isn't the same coming off injuries and Sting hasn't seen full time ring activity since before his injuries in 2000. Their Pay Per Views COULD sell, but if they tour in the US, they could be doomed. The WWA may overspend itself if they give out large, guaranteed contracts.

-With the WWF, the possibilities are endless. They could buy up free agents, such as Nash, and create some short term shock value for a while. But their real success SHOULD come from calling up their best talent from Ohio Valley Wrestling, like Brock Lesnar, Shelton Benjamin, and standouts. However, if the usual backstage politics (or worse with Kevin Nash) and the usual group of wrestlers keep performing on the shows, then it could spell doom for the WWF. At least Chris Benoit, Triple H, and Rhyno will eventually return in 2002, three proven workers to help the WWF's "wrestling" part of their cards.

@That's all for today's edition of the PDC. If I get the time, I'll watch the Best of WWF 2001 to review it tomorrow. Also, there should be a Dave Meltzer's Tributes book review very shortly, as well. Until next time... just chill till the next episode.

Take Care, and Enjoy 2002.

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