Happy New Years! Welcome to the first Phat Daily Column of 2001. Argh, now I have to add a new section to my Archives section. Anyway, tonight we have RAW is WAR ringing in the new year, while WCW is still trying to reorganize themselves. Yes folks, NO Nitro tonight. That REALLY sucks. RAW has the confort of NO Monday Night Football either, although today is a holiday. Well, let's get on with the first PDC of 2001.

Tito's New Years Resolution: For the year 2001, I'll *try* not to be so angered by backstage politics or to stop being sooooo negative, as many think I am. In my opinion, the year 2000 was a downhill year in wrestling, and I have ratings, attendance figures, and merchandise sales to prove that. But that doesn't matter now that we have a clean slate known as 2001. So I'll *try* to be a better person, and to not go off at will like I usually enjoy doing.

However, I have a resolution to present to many of you who bash me on columns, message boards, and other public forums. How about growing some gonads in 2001 to actually e-mail me if you have a problem with me? If you see something wrong, just e-mail me in a professional matter, instead of finding bashing me in a public forum. Can you find the guts to do that?

RAW is WAR Hype

From what I'm told, Stephanie McMahon is in a good 5 segments tonight. Now if you watched Smackdown, this past Thursday, you will know that she was all over that show too. Now hear me out here... do we really need that much Stephanie McMahon on one show? Sure, she's OK here and there, but 5 times on one show is a bit too much. I'm sorry, but it is!

As for the matches... if I sound sort of odd here, that's because I haven't read the spoilers. Ok?

The WWF is putting some intrigue for their Royal Rumble World Title match, starting here at RAW. They are having a mini-tournament for the #1 contender spot. That's pretty good booking, as it's worked before in WCW. The Rock faces Kane, and the Undertaker faces Rikishi. Remember here, I haven't read the spoilers yet. With the Rock vs. Kane, I predict that the Rock will win his first match. Why? Well, I predict him to win the whole tourney, and then defeat Kurt Angle for the World Title at the Royal Rumble. Then what? That sets up Rock vs. Austin, Wrestlemania 2001. As for Undertaker vs. Rikishi... Rikishi got the last win, so I predict a possible Undertaker win here. However, the Rock and Undertaker just fought, so it makes more sense to have Rock vs. Rikishi.

Oh baby! Chris Benoit will be fighting Test. I've always said that the WWF should break up T&A and use Test as a strong midcarder. Well tonight, it's either make or break on Test. I'm sure good old Albert will interfere. Hopefully, the match gets some time to develop until then.

There will be a Table Match between Chris Jericho/Dudley Boyz vs. Kurt Angle/Edge/Christian. Didn't they do this match recently? I can't remember... Jericho seems to be pals with the Dudleys on a regular basis now, although the real story is probably setting up the Edge/Christian vs. Dudley match at the Royal Rumble. What is there to do with Jericho though? I thought the Radicalz were attacking him?

Raven takes on Tazz in a hardcore match tonight. Wow, we'll have to see if Tazz can knock off the rust that doing Mtv Heat gives him. The WWF should watch when doing these type of matches, since the last Raven vs. Tazz got NO heat from the crowd. Just imagine if the WWF did this match in the New York or Philadelphia area.

Hardy Boyz vs. Kaientai tonight. Interesting match up there. Is TAKA officially back?

Also tonight, we have the Acolytes teaming up with Billy Gunn against the Right To Censor. I'm not breaking my resolution here, but just remember the past performances of Billy Gunn and the negative heat from the Right To Censor to know that this won't be fun to watch. Hopefully, Farooq and Bradshaw deliver some STIFF moves tonight.

In the Year 2001.......

As a former Conan O'Brien junky(I don't watch anymore without Andy there), I used to love a segment called "In the Year 2000". There, Andy and Conan would give some crazy predictions for the year 2001. I'll try to duplicate that fun!

In the Year 2001..... Extreme Championship Wrestling will go through a massive downsizing. Many guys will jump for the money elsewhere, or at least an opportunity to be paid. ECW will continue to claw through the wrestling world, and continue to survive through the year 2002. I don't see a TV deal coming their way, though, sadly enough.

In the Year 2001..... WCW will get officially bought by Erich Bischoff's team, and they will attempt to bring back what worked in 1996. However, without a good cruiserweight division and former ECW stars, guys like Hulk Hogan won't look so good on their shows.

In the Year 2001..... Perry Saturn will finally find some success as a wrestler in the WWF. Whether it be wearing a dress again or finding the intensity he once had in WCW, he'll find a way. Maybe Terri Runnels will find what made her popular too.

In the Year 2001..... Vampiro will finally make up his mind on what he wants to do with his life. Too many clowns or looney people keep pulling his chain, while he isn't able to make his own decisions. For 2001, Vampiro will become his own man and show everyone that he once had potential in the ring.

In the Year 2001..... Sting will return to WCW, with a promised NEW look. However, it will just be the Crow look, again. He'll come in to put on some good matches here or there, and then disappear again like he always does. I miss the old Sting.

In the Year 2001..... Vince McMahon will become totally burnt out from worrying too much about the XFL's early success and the pain with having the WWF on the cable channel, TNN. He will then be placed in a Mental Hospital for having the phrase "We've Got Pop" stuck in his head.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I'll be moving back to Ohio University early tomorrow, and it could take me all day to get situated in my dorm. Therefore, there is a great chance of NO Phat Daily Column tomorrow.

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@That's all for today's edition of the Phat Daily Column, the very first of 2001. Hopefully, I'll be back tomorrow with RAW thoughts. If not, I'll see you Wednesday. Just chill till the next episode.

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Take Care, and Enjoy 2001.

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