Hey, welcome to the first Phat Daily Column of 1999! 1998 was a great year for the WWF, but not so great for WCW. Look for WCW to rebound from a shitty year with this Monday's nitro.


-Rey Misterio has re-signed with WCW. Now if WCW can only sign Chris Jericho...hmmm.-Stupid Kamala is in talks for working with WCW. Oh God, any more 80's losers for WCW to bring in?-Many have said that the original Outsiders will re-unite on Monday(Hogan, Hall, and Nash). I hope not.-Lee Marshall is officially gone from WCW now. Now if only Tony Shivone could leave...-Nitro is supposed to be huge this Monday, but the only great thing I have heard is the main event. You gotta have a good all around great card to win the ratings.


-Giant can start with the WWF after February 9th. So look for the big man to finally be used properly for once.-Shawn Michaels will go under the knife after the Royal Rumble. His dumbass should have had the surgery in the first place.-Stone Cold will try to wrestle for the Royal Rumble, but he won't be as active as he usually is in the Monday nights following that.

Mr. Tito's Music Review

That's right, a music review. The first of it's kind. Only one to cover though.

-WWF: The Music Volume 3 This is the best of the three WWF theme cds, and a must buy for every wrestling fan! It has the new Undertaker theme, Edge's theme, X-pac's Phat theme, Dude Love(again!!), Kane, The Rock(fucking awesome), Gangrel, Ken Shamrock(again!!), Oddities, DX, Sable(again!!), New Age Outlaws, Val Venis, and Stone Cold(again!! but without Stone Cold talking this time). This cd is worth every cent you pay for it...and then some. A+

That's all for today. 1998 was just the beginning for Mr. Tito, and 1999 will be the year of the Tito. You can e-mail me with anything about wrestling, and I will try to reply!

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