To use the old cliche, THANK GOT ITS FRIDAY! It's been a long week, and I'm glad to coast into the weekend. Hell, I'm already coasting, since I slept in petty good this morning. Well anyway, you know the drill. Today is WWF Day, where I'm going to rant on the WWF, you know, about Smackdown last night and current issues of the WWF. So let's get on it. On to the PDC.



Show started off with a little hype of the Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit ladder match. If the WWF gives these guys at least 20 minutes to develop the match, we are going to see the Match of the Year, this early into 2001. If not, then there is a big Glass Ceiling in the WWF, and that Benoit/Jericho is better off in WCW right now. Speaking of better off in WCW, Perry Saturn came out this week, to talk trash on Jericho. Since Saturn has no idea how to get over, he's now growing the Hulk Hogan mustache. Yeah, he's got that low in his WWF career, that he's starting to imitate the person he used to talk crap on in WCW for ruining his career. Saturn, or shall I say Jupiter, is a HUGE failure in the WWF. Mark my words.

Man, the WWF has a singles star in Buh Buh Ray Dudley, if they so choose to do so. The Dudleys should win some awards for their acting last night, for selling the injuries from Monday. I don't know what to expect from their tag match Sunday, but I wonder how long it will take until the Hardys get involved? By the way, does anybody remember that the Dudleys screwed the Hardys out of the titles, when they dressed as RTC that one time? God, I love disorganized booking!

I just LOVED the Acolytes/Jackie vs. Hardy Boys/Lita match. Very entertaining match from those 6, and it had a very good ending. Wow, I didn't expect the Acolytes to win it either. Remember, the Acolytes used to pound the Hardys, back in the day... Hardys only win against them, back then, was when they won their first World Titles. The WWF should use the Acolytes more than they use RTC. How about that idea?

Oh man, I can see the website plugs now about the whole Stephanie/Trish/Vince segments. Here's probably what the MONKEY will say: ***~~EXCLUSIVE On The Backstage PORNO Where Vince McMahon Ejaculated All Over Trish's CHEST!!!!~~*** Geesh.

Nothing like some fun with a Stephanie interview!!! How many times does she have to be against Trish? Geeee, I really wonder if Trish will turn on Angle or not. Wow, is Vince Russo back, writing swerves for the WWF?

Val and Test put on a decent match. Now that could be a good "Charisma on a Pole" match. Evil William Regal will be limited, this Sunday, when he tries to fight with an injured neck. That sucks. At least is should be a quick match.

Could we plug the XFL anymore???

Can't take Steve Blackman vs. Bob Holly.... anymore!! AHHHHH!! That's another candidate for the "Charisma on a Pole" match. In fact, we could have a whole tournament based on that gimmick. Hmm... Raven interfered, which will probably allow for a clusterfuck of a Hardcore match at Royal Rumble. I bet you it's Road Warrior Hawk who is the mystery driver. I'll laugh if it is.

Time to use your head for the main event... If you want the team of Rock/Austin/Undertaker to win, then who do you let lose on the Kane/Angle/Rikishi team? Let's see here.... With Kane, the WWF wants to push this thing where he's rejoined his brother again. Hey, how many times have we seen that? So Kane just can't job. How about Rikishi? Well, he's #30 in the Rumble, so the WWF must give the appearance that he's going to win it, even though #30 has NEVER won the Rumble, ever. Oh, how about the World Champion Kurt Angle? He's supposed to be the top wrestler in the company, since he has the title, so we'll job him! Hey, didn't we job him on RAW too? Oh baby! The WWF is lucky to have such a great man in Angle, because he won't complain about the Shaft he's getting. Now if you ask Rock, Stone Cold, or Triple H to job cleanly every week, it's not going to happen.

Oddly enough, I enjoyed this week's Smackdown. A nice solid B+ for the show. MUCH better than the crap thrown at the wall last week.


RAW RATINGSFirst Hour: 5.0
Second Hour: 5.4
Composite: 5.2

Superstars: 0.9
Mtv Heat: 2.2

Ok, ok... I'll admit it. I was wrong. You can now serve me up a great plate of apples, because I was completely off on my assumption. I didn't like RAW, at all, and I figured it would get a lower rating. BUT, it actually went up! But how? Maybe it was because there are NO Award shows, football games, or actual new editions of other shows this week? Well, my theory is that the WWF's opening match with Hardys/Lita vs. RTC helped to set the tone, giving the interview afterward a high rating. Having a match first, and then an interview is a MUCH better idea. That way, the "sports entertainment" watchers who are always late on clicking onto the show, can catch their precious interviews. Plus, the hot opening match fires up the crowd, instead of an interview to KILL the crowd.

But again, I'll admit it. I was totally off on my assumption, and I'm not afraid to say that I was wrong on those ratings.

Weekend ratings showed that there is still some demand out there for WWF programming. Livewire went up, again (!?!), to a 1.3 rating. That's like a hot USA Networks Livewire rating. Superstars got what it deserves at 0.9, because that show sucked. Surprisingly, Mtv Heat went up this week too! I felt the show was very weak, compared to last week's, but I guess Trish Stratus equals ratings.


Hey, you know how Michael Cole claimed that got over 1 Million voters? According to Headline News, WWF only grabbed 150,000 voters!!! Wow, that's way off!

Oh boy!! Drew Carey was announced at Smackdown to be at the Royal Rumble, to hype his "Who's Line is it Anyway All Stars" spectacular PPV. I can see the buyrate skyrocketing now.

Hey, it looks like the WWF found another wasteful role for Tazz. He's going to be the trainer for the "WWF: Are You Tough Enough" show. I guess that's the product of being shorter than other WWF wrestlers. If only he was about 3 inches taller!

Oh my! The Big Show will be returning to the WWF, very soon. I suppose he's lost the 50 or so pounds that the WWF asked him to, in under 6 months. Not bad at all. I think the WWF should get him to slim down to his size during the early Giant days in WCW. Damn, he was a monster then. I hope that Big Show has his head screwed on too, because he's an asset that the WWF could use right now.

I like how the WWF is downplaying the D'Lo situation, by having a Lo Down interview on about how they are underappreciated. That's ridiculous. Let's see here, when you throw horrible tights on two wrestlers and give them Tiger Ali Singh, and then proceed to wonder why they can't get over? When they had the wifebeaters and just pants on, people cheered them when they were on Heat. Now, they look goofy, and both wrestlers just don't care anymore.

It was reported that the WWF is really looking upon certain wrestlers to produce. Wrestlers like Lo Down, Albert, and many more are being looked at. WWF usually does their Spring cleaning after Wrestlemania, where they cut at least 5 or so wrestlers per year. Wow, I could think of at least 10 wrestlers that I wouldn't mind getting the axe, in favor of some newer talent, like the many ECW wrestlers out there on the market. However, I don't wish upon anybody to lose their jobs.... how about stacking Memphis or Ohio Valley Wrestling then?

WWF Jackson 5

5. Undertaker: Destroyed the Rock on RAW.

4. Hardy Boyz: Two great matches in one week!

3. Test: Find him a gimmick!

2. Stone Cold Steve Austin: Is that Stunning Steve Austin I see in the ring?

1. Kurt Angle: Very willing to job.

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