Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. No ratings today due to the holiday weekend, so I'll make the best of what else is going on in the wrestling world, you know since there is a ton of WCW news floating around. Oh yeah, we have Chunder tonight. I'm actually looking forward to it because WCW is trying to make professional wrestling actual wrestling again. Now ain't that a peach? On to the PDC.


-Today will mark the day where WCW could truly change forever. Bill Busch is meeting with the few disgruntled workers in hopes of either working something out or giving each wrestler their full release. Of those wrestlers who are disgruntled over Sullivan, I'd only try to keep Perry Saturn and Chris Benoit. I'd say to hell with the rest of them because they've cause nothing but trouble or whine too much. Those other ones would never be happy no matter how many good things you give them, so let them go. And if Chris Benoit/Perry Saturn can't come to terms, let them go. Just like the case with Raven. He was unhappy working at WCW, so why let him continue to complain about the current state at WCW? They didn't and they released him on his request.

-To think that WCW will crumble now is another story. They won't fail. As long as they get around a 2.5 in the ratings and still sell tickets at the arenas, they will still be a money making machine. It seems that they will be exactly like the short era before Russo, but only this time we will see everything go down in the ring, and not backstage. Maybe this approach to having most of WCW's angles in the ring won't be so bad, because their Monday Night show was very watchable with the new format, despite the many wrestlers that walked out or were hurt. Hell, even if the booking hog Hulk Hogan comes back, they will still survive. They only way they will truly fail is if the 2.8 rating of fans who watch everyweek stop watching, and if no tickets sell for their pay per views or television shows. They can continue that forever if they'd like.

-But if Benoit and company want their FULL releases, give it to them. Bill Busch has already said that WCW isn't out for ratings, so why not let the disgruntled wrestlers make the jump to the WWF? What can it hurt? Nothing now. Who knows, maybe they will be doing themselves a favor by ridding themselves of all of the crybabies in WCW. They can also start giving opportunity to patient wrestlers like Vampiro, one who has NEVER complained about any of the backstage politics in WCW. Go ahead and let them go, and let them cry their hearts out in the WWF as well. So go ahead and do it WCW.


-I'm truly wondering folks as to why the WWFE stock is only at 14 1/4. The WWF shows continually get great ratings, WWF books are tearing up in sales, their video games can't stay on the shelves, and their cds sell great as well. A 14 1/4 is all the higher it can get? Now I'm not an expert in stocks, but I know enough to know that this number is very low. Also, I just compare it with the opening number of 17, and say "what a difference!" I just don't get it though. The number went down when the PTC was pissing on the WWF, but that's all said and done. What WWF controversy is keeping the number down? They are so successful at everything, and they make so much money everyday and every month! It just doesn't make sense. I guess maybe that I just don't "get it".

-Alright, once again it's time to "evaluate on the WWF surprise". Yes, that's right, and I'm your host, Tito Jackson. Today, we get to evaluate who is Kurt Angle's mystery opponent at the Royal Rumble. Oh won't this be fun? Ok, enough of that. Some say that it will definately be Tazz, since the pay per view will be in New York City, close to Tazz's hometown. But I question this. WWF has big hopes and dreams for Kurt Angle. Why have him put over a newcomer? It just wouldn't make sense. I'm guessing that it will be one of two people. Undertaker or Ken Shamrock. I just have the feeling that with that 30th spot taken by a fucking Mean Street Posse moron, that either one of those two might get booked by Triple H to end Angle's streak. Oh yeah, I know you have your opinion, but why not vote for it at LoP Polls by CLICKING HERE.

-Speaking of the #30 spot, was anybody else pissed when they heard that is was going to be Rodney? I certainly was, as now the only element of surprise is the Kurt Angle match. Throughout the years, the WWF has put on some excellent Royal Rumbles, and the surprise entries are what helped make the show. This year, instead of having any surprises, they decided to fill it with tons of jobbers. It's shaping up to be one of the most predictable Rumbles ever, as it's easily going to be either the Rock or the Big Show. This Royal Rumble also shows how thin the WWF roster is really getting, and that maybe picking up some WCW releases might not be a bad idea afterall.


-Wow, I'm truly impressed with ECW on TNN getting a 1.2 in the ratings this week, as I felt that the last show was one of their worst to date. Just imagine if they had a good show on, what the ratings could be then! It shows that the TNN show is getting some more viewers each week, as that can attribute to the F'N cold weather up here that enables many to stay home and relax for the evening on Fridays. Whatever the case may be, Paul Heyman and now Acclaim, who officially announced their holdings in ECW yesterday in a press release, are probably pretty happy right now over the show's continued success.

@That's all for today. I'm hoping that the Monday Night ratings show up sometime later today. If not, there's always Thunder to rant on. So until tomorrow's column, just chill.

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