Welcome back to the PDC. Sorry I couldn't produce a column yesterday. My computer is being a bitch! I tried to reformat the hard drive, but it's still screwed. Might have to take it to the shop. Damn. Anyways, another Monday Night came and it went. Today, though, I don't have the full detailed results and reviews like what I had last week, that's too much work! But I do have reviews of both shows, as well as Mr. Tito's Famous Monday Night Grades! So enjoy...

Monday Night Impressions!


-Chris Jericho lost to Booker T. Jericho, I guess, hasn't resigned, or is in disagreement with WCW. That situation is a mess.-It's good to see Dickenson get suspended. That fat fucker has messed up so many matches for Saturn.-Bischoff is a loser. Shaved head in all. -New NWO is so chickenshit. They have to attack Rey Misterio Jr. during Lugar's match, and Konnan can scare off the NWO by himself. Simply pathetic.-Now Flair vs. Hogan at Superbrawl is great news! Let's hope WCW doesn't drop the ball on this match, like Sting vs. Hogan at Starrcade last year.-Faces of Fear are back...but nobody cares.-Now Disco beating Wrath was great. Shows Wrath could be on his way out.-Now Steiner hitting on Kimberly sets up a good angle. Good job WCW.-The Goldberg vs. Bam Bam vs. Hall match. Damn NWO run in, but with Flair to the rescue, and chasing Hogan. #--Well, I gotta say, this is a better Nitro that I have seen in a while. Shows they are making progress, even after a shitty Pay Per View. This week's Nitro recieves a B for it's efforts.


-Hardcore matches are great. Road Dog is a great Hardcore Champ!-They make Ken Shamrock too psycho. That's stupid.-Those training sessions are classics!-Dan Severn's wrestling style puts me to sleep.-Poor Sexual Chocolate, making love to a transvestite.-Al Snow and Goldust really know how to kill each other. Good feud there.-Undertaker should retire, no need to go further with that crap he's doing now.-I have mixed reviews about the Chyna match. For one, it was somewhat of a joke. Too much down time in the match, though it was hilarious at some parts. Secondly, why the hell did Sable come out? I love seeing her, but she had absolutely no purpose in that match. Bad booking there. That match could have been slightly better.-Kane vs. the Rock. Damn corperation, they are starting to act like the NWO with their bullshit interference. #--Well, this obviously isn't one of the better Raws I have seen, but it was still a good show. This week's Raw recieves a B for it's efforts.


-Nobody knows for sure why Mongo wasn't at Souled Out last might. -WWF is for sure having Half Time Heat for the Superbowl. That vs. the Death Bowl on Mtv. Now that's a Half Time match up!-Weak rumors suggest that Shane Douglas might be joining the Senior Tour, ahem, I mean WCW. This is just speculation, with the Franchise fed up with ECW now.

Mr. Tito's Music Review!

You know it, the music review is back for today. Today's cd is ECW's CD. -ECW: The Music, or whatever it's called. Well, I'm not much for remakes of stuff. This cd has some high points, and some very low points. Enter Sandman redone by whoever, sucked! Rob Van Dam's music redone was good, as well as Sabu's music. This CD lacks a bunch of star's music. It lacks Taz's KISS War Machine remix, Shane Douglas's Deep Purple Perfect Strangers ring music, as well as many others that should have been on this cd. This cd recieves a D+.

Also, I just want to say that WWF: The Music 3 is selling like Hotcakes! I live buy National Record Mart, I was listening to the employees bitching about how it couldn't stay on the shelf, cause it keeps getting bought out. I have it, and I must say it's great! It is considered HOT by the Billboard charts. It's a must buy for every wrestling fan on the planet!

Well, that's all for today. You can e-mail me with anything about wrestling, and I will try to reply! Have a nice day.

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