Welcome to the weekend edition of the PDC, the column that attempts to cover two days (Saturday and Sunday). Today, the agenda is simple.... PREDICT THE ROYAL RUMBLE!!!

I have some great multimedia news, if you will... While at my local Walden's bookstore, I took a stroll on back to the Sports section to see if there were any new wrestling books to check out. It must have been my lucky day! When I walked back there, I saw a paperback version of Pure Dynamite, the autobiography of the Dynamite Kid. I couldn't believe it. I guess it was re-issued by Wrestling Observer, and it probably followed "Tributes" into my Walden's. Either way, I'm currently reading it, and I actually got through more than half of the book the same day I bought it. I couldn't put it down. Expect a review of that on Wednesday, I believe.

Secondly... I've downloaded all of the WWF games and the one WCW game for the NES on an emulator. I've played them extensively, too, as it was quite fun. Once I figure out when the independent wrestling games, like Pro Wrestling, Tag Team Wrestling, Tecmo Wrestling, and others came out, I should start the reviews sometime soon.

Anyway, we're short on time this weekend, so let's get right into Predictions.

Mr. Tito's ROYAL RUMBLE Predictions

WWF Women's Title: Trish Stratus versus Jazz
This is the proverbial bathroom break of the Royal Rumble, for the fans at home and at the arena in Atlanta. Trish can't wrestle, and Jazz thinks she can. Well, Paul Heyman thinks she can. Jazz's reaction from the crowds during various RAWs or Smackdowns, other than the stupid wet t-shirt contest in front of the hot New York crowd, has been very weak enough to win her a title belt. What can you exactly do with Jazz if she wins? Oh yeah, Lita will be coming back soon. D'oh, I should have known better.
Tito's Pick: Jazz

WWF Intercontinental Title: Edge versus William Regal
The WWF is playing it up as if William Regal is going to lose. It sure seems that way, but if it weren't for injuries, I believe that Regal would be IC champion right now. Therefore, Edge will go down. My guess is that the WWF hasn't been happy with Edge's title reign, although the contender's fed to Edge could only wrestle him for one minute (example: Lance Storm). Besides, why not start to depush Edge now to save time later, once Hall, Hogan, and Nash arrive.
Tito's Pick: William Regal

World Tag Titles: Dudley Boyz versus Tazz/Spike Dudley
I'm afraid, folks, that Tazz and Spike are indeed serving as pawns for Billy and Chuck to take the titles away from. Sure, Tazz and Spike winning would bury the Dudleys since they aren't a regular team, but once Billy Gunn gets on his knees and pleases Vince McMahon, anything is possible. I'm predicting that Tazz and Spike will somehow escape losing their titles here, and on the RAW or Smackdown following this, Billy and Chuck will become the new World Tag Team champions. Fingers of Shame will appear everywhere for that.
Tito's Pick: Tazz and Spike Dudley

WWF World Title: The Rock versus Chris Jericho
The WWF has been setting us up for a swerve. On Smackdown, the Rock met with a lot of wrestlers, saying how he'll see them at Wrestlemania. Then, he fought in a war of words with Chris Jericho, with the Rock coming out on top. It appears that Jericho just might pull of the cheap victory, like Kurt Angle did last year against Triple H. Why?

Take a look at next month. We have No Way Out 2002, which is pretty much a lameduck Pay Per View, although the show has been oddly entertaining the past 2 years. What would be the main event? How about a rematch, one for the ages, between Jericho and the Rock? They are good enough to the point where their feud could still draw interest and headline a Pay Per View. That way, it gives Jericho a needed boost to say he was the Unified champ for a while, and it will give the Rock some momentum into Wrestlemania. Call me crazy for betting against the Rock on a Pay Per View, but...
Tito's Pick: Chris Jericho

Owner vs. Owner: Vince McMahon vs. Ric Flair
Hey, it's not to create split rosters, now is it? This should be a funny bout to watch. I am glad that Ric Flair is heading back into the ring, and my hopes are that he'll do so against today's big names, like Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Triple H, the Rock, or Steve Austin. Talk about spiking the ratings! Anyway, Vince's random attacks of Flair means that Flair will get the best of him Sunday Night.
Tito's Pick: Ric Flair

Royal Rumble Match: Al Snow, Albert, Big Show, Billy Gunn, Booker T, Boss Man, Bradshaw, Christian, Chuck Palumbo, Diamond Dallas Page, Faarooq, Godfather, Goldust, Jeff Hardy, Kane, Kurt Angle, Lance Storm, Matt Hardy, Maven, Mr. Perfect, Perry Saturn, Rikishi, Rob Van Dam, Scotty 2 Hotty, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Test, The Hurricane, Triple H, Undertaker, and Val Venis
Alright, so who will win? Two names stick out, big time. The focus of both RAW and Smackdown were on these two, as well. If I was a betting man, I'd suggest that either Stone Cold Steve Austin or Triple H will win it all. Taking a look at both, would it make any sense to have Steve Austin as a 4-time Royal Rumble winner? That's too boring, although Austin is very over right now. What better way to continue the momentum of the Game's return than to make him win the Rumble? However, I wouldn't doubt that we could see a fluke win of the Rumble, like say by Kurt Angle. Hopefully, the Undertaker won't win it this year.
Tito's Pick: Triple H

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@That's all for today. I hope to be back on Monday with my Royal Rumble thoughts and RAW hype. Until then, why not chill?

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