Welcome to an all new edition of the Phat Daily Column, a wonderful trip into the somewhat insane mind of Mr. Tito. Today, yadda yadda yadda, we'll take a look at last night's Smackdown, because that's what the PDC does on Friday. Get it?!? If not, allow me to educate you. Ever since I was able to view Smackdown, as I've had UPN off and on, I've done it on Friday since Smackdown airs on Thursday. That simple.

Oh, and why was I missing in action yesterday? For Tuesdays and Thursdays now, I have the unfortunate task of writing the PDC in between classes. I sat down at one of the universities, and I was all ready to go when my mind just couldn't churn out anything about wrestling. I couldn't even laugh at the Smackdown preview, either. I'm taking this really hard Math course that's needed for the Math minor I'm trying to obtain, and it's a frustrating class ("Foundations of Math", if you've ever heard of it). Point being that my mind was jell-o when I tried to write the column, hence I took the day off.

But hey, I've had a decent attendance record in 2002, as compared to my disappearing acts I pulled in December. Cut me some slack!

On the NES front, with my latest paycheck, I went out to buy a control pad for my new computer, once I start downloading the emulators and the roms for those old-school wrestling games. Oh, and by the well, a special PDC thanks to Steve Bell, who not only sent in excellent Smackdown spoilers, but the chronological order of the WWF and WCW games for the NES. That's a major help in this fun feature.

And no, I still won't give into the new systems. I'm smart with my money. I'll save it for needed things like this nice new computer that I'm on, or I'll just chuck it into the bank for my enjoyment when I'm older. I've been there, and I've done that in terms of buying new systems and games back in the day. Like I've said before, I spent out my ass back when the SNES was costly, and I've learned my lesson ever since. Everyone who spent a lot on an N64, Saturn, and/or Playstation One should realize that. Well, not the Playstation ones, as the Playstation 2 has the great backwards technology, allowing PSX One games to be played on it.

Anyway, before we keep ranting on video game technology, on to the PDC.


Hey, the Rock finally decided to show up. Although having Rocky in a movie is good publicity for the WWF, they should much rather push his Royal Rumble appearance to make nice money now. Good backstage scenes to make up for the void of the Rock on RAW.

Our first match of the night was Rob Van Dam versus William Regal. Rather odd clash of styles in this match up. Not bad though, as Regal won via the brass knucks. I guess by beating Rob Van Dam, it makes William Regal a legit title threat to Edge? Hmm, I don't know... It hurts Rob Van Dam more than anything, who will get buried once Hall, Nash, Hogan, and the now returned Triple H get jealous of him.

If you dislike cursing, please scroll down to the next paragraph. I FUCKING HATE BILLY GUNN!!! WHY DOES THE WWF CONTIUALLY PUSH A DOUCHEBAG OF NO POTENTIAL DRAWING POWER, TIME AFTER TIME, AND HAS PROVEN TO FAIL ON EVERY ANGLE HE'S PLACED IN. Seriously, and the WWF fires guys like Mideon, who can't get over no matter how many gimmicks they try. Why they even have Billy Gunn on Smackdown is one thing. Why he's able to win a match, against a guy with far more potential than him, Tajiri, is out of this world. If the Dudleys don't win at Royal Rumble 2002, look for Vince McMahon to unfortunately crown Billy and Chuck the new Tag Champions. Hopefully, the Outsiders, Hall and Nash, will decide to be a tag team instead. I could go with Nash and Hall ruining the tag titles before Billy Gunn has a reason to stay on RAW/Smackdown.

Oh boy, tonight's angle with Trish and Jazz really makes my mouth water for their Women's title match this Sunday. Happy happy, joy joy.

Holy cow!!! Someone in the creative department FINALLY realized that Diamond Dallas Page was a household name, therefore, they let him defeat the Big Bossman to get a spot with the WWF. Now he'll enter the Royal Rumble, to which it's quite stacked with champions from both feds. Match was the usual wrestler versus Bossman, although it had a nice finish. Now, WWF, don't blow DDP's career which he volunteered to accept. Kevin Nash didn't accept a Time Warner/AOL buyout like DDP did to join the WWF. Can anybody else see this?

Awesome war of words between the Rock and Chris Jericho in the arena. However, like I said above, it would have been better suited for RAW instead of giving Rocky the day off to shoot EXTRA scenes for the "Scorpion King".

Wow, yet another goofy wrestling match with Rikishi, on a Smackdown no less. I take it that Rikishi can't fit his fat ass into my time machine to go back to the year 2000, yet. Hey, guess what? Lance Storm and Christian got buried again. So much potential....

Decent match between Test and Edge, as they've fought their fair share of matches now. I believe that nearly everyone has fought Edge many times. Lame DQ finish was done to hype the Pay Per View IC Title showdown, but the real reason was to protect Shane's Boy, who has no real feud right now, other than being a Royal Rumble participant. How much do you want to bet that Test draws an early number and lasts nearly an hour at the Royal Rumble?

Solid main event tag match between Triple H/Stone Cold versus Booker T/Kurt Angle. However, get Booker T and Triple H wrestling each other on the Houseshow circuit, because they were quite ackward together. Hot ending to the match, as Booker T took a Stunner and a Pedigree to lose the match to Austin/Triple H. The Undertaker would come out afterward, reminding us of who MAY headline No Way Out 2002 against either Austin or Triple H. UGH!

LAST WORD: I won't say anything else that's nasty towards this show, as it served its purpose to be a hype show. But why place Billy Gunn versus Tajiri there, especially when Billy/Chuck vs. Hurricane/Tajiri won't be on the Royal Rumble card. Also, the goofy handicap match with Rikishi being handicapped was ridiculous, too.


for this week's show. While they hyped the Pay Per View, they kept in a lot of worthless crap, too.

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@That's it for today. I HOPE to have a Weekend column up, hyping Royal Rumble 2002 and giving my predictions for it, as well. Until then, just chill.....

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