Another Phat Daily Column is upon us! Today, we're going to discuss the wonderful world of WCW, which is ALWAYS noteworthy in terms of news. They had Thunder on last night, which was the first official Chunder of the NEW Bischoff era. The last Thunder was taped before the official sale was announced.. Anyway, let's discuss Dubya Cee Dubya, so on to the PDC.



Yep, Eric Bischoff is back in control.

Nice unoriginal ending for your DDP vs. Jeff Jarrett match there Bischoff. I guess since you thought it would work on Nitro, it would work on Thunder too. He might "claim" that he's not in favor of the older wrestlers, but at least he still thinks the same on creative endings towards matches. Hey, wasn't Johnny Ace brought in for the "great" endings? Looks like he's not holding up his end of the stick, either. GIVE US SOME DAMN CLEAN FINISHES!!!

Oh God, nothing like seeing Rick Steiner pound on a bad gimmick, also known as Kwee Wee. Hey Bischoff, how about destroying the Kwee Wee gimmick, which is a Russo creation? Poor little guy can wrestle too. At least Rick Steiner isn't in the main event, which is always a plus. I was pulling my hair out when WCW had him main eventing for that short while.

Well, now hasn't Bam Bam Bigelow been the jobber lately? I just want to know where Meng has been pulling out these splashes from? Amazing. The addition of the splash makes him look better, for some reason or another. God, I don't know why.

NOOOOOOOOO!! The Harris Boys.... can't take, no more! It's especially bad when they get to wrestle Norman Smiley, who lost his comic appeal about a year ago.

You know, I'm starting to like KroniK, each time I see them wrestle. Why? Because they are paying dues!! You know what I want? I want for WCW to resurrect the team of Well Duff to have a one-night-only match against Totally Buff. Now would that be corny or what? If you didn't watch the WWF in 1995, ignore that Well Dunn comment.

Just when you thought you've seen it all! F'N A-Wall (YOU GET IT?????????) comes down and pulls a swerve on General Rection, to allow for Chavo Guerrero to get the win. Amazing. Now I can die a happy wrestling fan. Misfits in Action are disbanding, and I LOVE it! Oh crap! Could that mean a series of A-Wall against General Rection matches? Oh Lord, please help us! Want a suggestion? Send A-Wall away to the indie federation that WCW just arranged a deal win. He needs some developing.

Ehh, not a bad show. Better than most of the recent Thunders. I'll give it a C+, for punishment about the run in. Otherwise, it's about the same as Nitro with a B-. STOP THOSE RUN INS!!!!


Well, no roster cuts yet from the new regime yet. I'm sure that will occur, as this month moves along. My best bet is that a lot of developmental guys will get the axe, and guys who have been slacking will also. Konnan better keep an eye on his own self, because he was in Bischoff's doghouse for most of the year 1998. I don't know what was up with those two back then, but they NEVER got along then. Isn't it funny that Konnan has been working hard lately?

Like I've said for a while, the announcing team must go! They are beyond repair!!! Since ECW is currently weak right now, like I said yesterday, I suggest that WCW go after Joey Styles and Joel Gertner to be their NEW Nitro color commentating team. Any change on the announcing team, especially with Tony Suckavone, will be great, and by getting the BEST duo in the business, it will generate lots of interest. Hardcore ECW marks will start watching WCW more just to hear their familiar duo, and just for the fact that Gertner is one of the funniest guys in wrestling, well, that should be enough. If you don't get them, I suggest that Bischoff, himself, get his ass into the booth!

Again, if I was Eric Bischoff, I'd RAID the ECW talent right now. Get them all if you can, because WCW could use the extra wrestlers to fill 4 hours of wrestling time. Hey, how about bringing back the Television Title too? If you are looking for talent, an extra title would be good. My theory is that WCW really needs that title, since the US and World Title seem to have strong title holders lately. Fighting for a title is always a good thing for the storylines.

I knew, by writing about WCW yesterday, it would kill some ideas for writing today. Oh well.

By the way, sorry for mixing up the Jindrak and O'Haire names on Monday. Argh!

WCW Jackson 5

5. Shane Douglas: New US champ (finally!)

4. Scott Steiner: World Champion. What else can I say, or who else should I put before him?

3. Jung Dragons and Noble/Karagias: Rarely do I put a whole tag team hear, let alone two teams, but damn, these two teams put on one hell of a match Sunday! Hey, where were they on Nitro or Thunder????

2. Meng: How the hell can a splash suddenly make you look a little better? Congrats on his first singles title, ever.

1. Chavo Guerrero: Now I'm probably going to get about 20 emails, yelling at me for this, but Chavo really worked hard this week. He went 3-0 in his matches, and carried each opponent to decent matches. Well, not Rection, but I don't blame him.

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