Welcome back, once again, to the PDC. We had some quality Monday Night programming on last night, as the WWF and WCW did battle from 9 to 10. My God, WCW has been breaking headlines recently. Every other minute you see something new coming out of WCW. Somebody new has walked out or got fired, and so forth. Crazy stuff. Anyway, lots to cover in this very short time that I have this morning, so on to the PDC.

But First, I want to thank the kind gentleman for having the Lordsofpain.net/Tito Rules sign at RAW last night. If it's the fella that e-mailed me about it yesterday, then thanks once again. If not, thanks to whoever did it, as it's greatly appreciated!!!

Monday Night Impressions


Just about everything that Russo implemented into WCW was thrown out tonight, as everything was centered on what would happen in the ring. They said that they would get back to basics, and they sure as hell did tonight. Overall, I liked most of the matches. The workers worked pretty hard tonight considering that many of the top main eventers were hurt, and let's say a good handful of younger wrestlers pretty much walked out of WCW. The main event was pretty good except for all of the ref screw ups, but what can you expect out of someone who's never reffed before? The Chono/Super J vs. Varsity Club was a long borefest though, but it was nice to see Chono and Jeff Farmer(Super J) back in the states again. Kidman vs. Psychosis was a good one, and 3 Count had some good Hardy-like moves tonight. No garbage angles or backstage happenings...well, not as much of them, so that's a big plus.

Gee, the new booking team thought up this brand new idea, and that's to have EVERY member of WCW in the ring...oh wait, didn't the WWF do that last week? Hmmm. The booking team, however, did make a very smart move at Souled Out by having Sid's foot under the ropes. Now that's some great stuff! Not much from the NWO besides the Nash address. They are all injured!

Big T better hit the gym and work on his wrestling skills. Oh well, I'm personally glad to see him back. I'm glad to see that Vampiro got a win. Did you hear those pops from the crowd? Also, why is the Wall even on television..why does he get so much hype too? Hey, wasn't Wall and Sid friends recently? Finally, the only thrill I ever got out of Tank Abbott was tonight when he beat Maestro with one punch. God I loved that!

Phat Stats

Matches: 9
Clean Wins: 7
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

Last Word: To consider that WCW was working with a lot of controversy and a lot of resources missing, WCW put on a pretty good show tonight. They focused on matches, and not backstage crap. That will help them in the long run, and it really hurts when a good handful of wrestlers get sent home before the show too. WCW worked well with what they had last night, therefore they get a


for this week's show. They will probably get around a 2.9 in the 9-10 hour.


Long intro interviews...can't take anymore....of course, after 15 minutes, some people came down to jump Cactus, and then Rock, followed by Big Show and then the Acolytes come down to stir things up. My God, Test as Hardcore champ? Ok, just let him get his ass kicked some more. I feel bad for D'Lo. Being with the Godfather will take his career no where. I want to know why Bulldog would work for Stephanie. Did he nail her in the face with a can one night? Thank God that somebody covered up Mae Young! Yeech!

Gee, nothing like a good DX match with a run-in. God I hate those. Jeff Hardy got an impressive win over Buh Buh Dudley, but I enjoyed seeing the Dudleys destroy the Hardys after the match. Hard hitting stuff with the Pitbull finisher through the table with another Hardy on it. I loved that! Rikishi vs. Jericho was a good match, as we got a taste of what I'm hoping is the future. Did you notice how quiet the crowd was when Too Cool ran in and fought the Dudleys? They only popped when they were dancing with Rikishi, which yet again proves my point that Too Cool should WRESTLE on the Jakked/Heat circuit, and continue to work with Rikishi on Raw/Smackdown. They are good working with him, but they can't wrestle on their own to get any pops.

Alright, I'm getting sick of this whole Tori crying situation. Just dump her on her head Kane! The main event was funny, as it continued the new feud of Big Show vs. The Rock. The Rock said to hell with the World Tag Titles, and nailed the Show hard with the chair. Things should heat up on Smackdown!

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 5
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 2
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Overall, a good, solid show by the WWF. Somebody must have been watching Nitro because the second Nitro went off the air, the New Age Outlaws ran down to make the save in the X-Pac/Triple H vs. Acolytes match. So sad... Anyway, good show overall that gets a good


in my book. I predict that it will get around a 6.2 in the 9-10 hour.

Overall, a pretty good night of wrestling.

Other Wrestling Stuff

-Right now, many WCW employee's futures could be ending. Benoit and a handful of others were sent home and will meet with WCW Wednesday. Will they leave? Actually, they would be crazy for leaving..unless they crave going back to ECW. If they get released, they can't go to the WWF. They have that half a year clause that they just can't avoid. It's either stay in WCW and make lots of money, or work harder in ECW for less money. I think they are just crazy, but yet again if it's something that gets Kevin Sullivan, a biased booker fired, then I'm all for it.

-It seems from last night that Stone Cold Steve Austin will return to the ring in the near future!!! That's great news for the WWF, and his return will be much anticipated. He needs rehab for what I do believe 10 weeks? Then, he'll have to take it easy for a little bit, and then back into the ring he goes. By then, the WWF will be loaded with talent again, and Austin's return will help put the WWF firmly on top of the mountain again.

-And Finally, Zach Arnold is reporting that the Ultimo Dragon is going to make a return, damaged left arm in all. Is he crazy? Sure, I want to see him back like the next guy, but come on! With a badly hurt arm, he has no chance to work well in the ring, let alone do all of those special moves that he used to do in the WCW ring. I know that I'd love to see him again, but not at the cost of seeing him really injure himself. Please, stay at home and relax...or maybe get a promoting job, but don't try to return to the ring.

@That's all for today. Sorry if it was a bit brief, as my alarm got me up late today. I'm typing this thing as quick as I can so that I can hurry to Calculus class. I'll be back with more tomorrow, so chill!!!!

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