Welcome to another edition of the Phat Daily Column, the column which rarely takes a day off. And you know what? I write for free too! Anyway, there are no ratings out there to discuss, due to the holiday on Monday. So what am I going to do? Like the Undertaker says, I'm going to kick it Old School! On to the PDC


-You know, it's funny of the new Bischoff era to immediately think of a "run in" finish, instead of something involving Sid on Nitro. It was supposed to be a Six Man match between Sid, Kevin Nash, and DDP against Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, and Animal. Instead, it was booked to be Nash vs. Scott Steiner, with a damn run in. Is this the only thing the creative team, now headed by Eric Bischoff, can think of? Oh man, we're in for a long ride.

-Honestly, I don't know how to look at Mike Awesome without the Mullet. I'm quite frightened actually. Like Animal's trademark is his mohawk, Awesome's is his Mullet. (Mullet means a hair cut with short hair on top, and long in the back. Mike Awesome's haircut before the hair vs. hair match) I still don't know why Awesome dared to fight a baldman in a Hair vs. Hair match.

-With Sid, damn his injury was sick looking. They say that he'll be out for 6 months, but I don't know about that. His break is the kind that ENDS careers, and also limits walking. His leg just snapped! Now yes, I do give the usual ribs to Sid, you know, with the scissors and the softball stuff, but I don't want to see injuries happening to any wrestlers. If Sid does make a comeback, it will be somewhat of a miracle, because he escaped somewhat of a crippling injury.

-The WCW wrestlers are apparently happy with the sale, and many of the wrestlers who burned down bridges with Bischoff, are willing to give him a chance. Well, all I can say, is from what I saw on Nitro, it appears that the older guys will still have the spotlight. Kevin Nash as the top face? Come on.... Of everyone in that interview Monday, Buff Bagwell was the youngest, but he's an outright jerk in terms of attitude, not to mention that his work ethic in the ring isn't exactly great. I just hope that Bischoff just develops the midcard to undertake the older guys, and not to just provide strong opening matches.


-Nice of Vince McMahon to have LOTS of XFL merchandise around him during his interview. Could you just get on your knees and beg the WWF viewers to watch crappy players trying to play football with stupid rules? I feel bad for any punter or kick returner who plays in the XFL, because they are going to get KILLED! Speaking of getting killed, it's very obvious that Vince's head is in the XFL, and he's stalling all the WWF stuff in favor of that. Just remember what got you in the business Vince, and that's wrestling, and NOT football.

-A bunch of people are having some weird problems about Rock's speech on Monday, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.. What do I think? It didn't bother me, and I didn't think nothing of it like many others are. Just thought of it as a typical Rock interview, only that he was praising one of the greats in American History. Many are saying that he used King's name and phrases to "get over" on his interview. Oh please. And you guys say I take things too seriously.

-Speaking of the Rock, as I reported yesterday, he was ranked #9 in syndicated stars on television. That's funny, because I don't recall the last time that Rock wrestled on either Jakked or Metal. Rock should get more credit on this list, since he's the only one there who did it off recaps of past work. Amazing.

-Man, that sucks about Al Snow, who was just injured in a car accident. That man has been delt many curveballs ever since he decided to move back to the WWF, after ECW made him into a star. Ever since then, the WWF has dropped the ball on any potential of which he had, and it's always funny to see Jim Ross promising to get Al more involved in his Ross Report. Hopefully, Al makes a speedy recovery and also, let's hope that the WWF figures something out for his wrestling career too.


-Paul Heyman keeps promising to his wrestlers that "a TV deal will come soon" or that "we'll have financial backers soon". Please. While he's doing that, there are ECW wrestlers who haven't been paid in weeks, and thanks to Heyman, they are stuggling to get by. Could you just imagine having a family when you aren't getting paid for 6 weeks in a row? Well then, you could know what it feels like to be an ECW wrestler.

-I don't think ECW will get a TV deal now. For one, ECW's content on their latest PPV should serve as a nice example for cable companies to NOT pick them up. Plus, you have groups like the Parents Television Council (PTC) slipping advice to the Cable channels to avoid ECW at all costs! If I were Heyman, I'd take whatever TV deal comes along. Even if it sucks on advertising, he could at least build his shows to gain ratings among wrestling viewers. Then when the ratings become impressive, he could re-negotiate his contract to get the share of money he would deserve. That simple.

-It's apparent that Heyman is waiting on either the WWF or WCW to steal up some of his talent. I believe it's what Heyman is waiting for, and I have a feeling that a WCW talent raid isn't too far away. It seems as though that the WWF only wants Jerry Lynn and Rob Van Dam, which they might pull away from getting. You know who would be perfect for WCW? Steve Corino. Corino has made past allusions to WCW/NWA's legacy, and for the old core audience that still watches WCW, it would attract some good attention. Corino would be one hell of a WCW midcarder, especially if he was a heel.

-I'd say that Rob Van Dam, Steve Corino, Jerry Lynn, CW Anderson, Kid Kash, and Rhino are the hottest "wrestling" commodities in ECW's talent pool. The other guys, well, they need lots of developing to maybe become huge in the business. I have lots of respect for Little Guido, but I don't know if either the WWF or WCW would want him, due to his size. That's unfortunate, because he busts his ass in the ring everyweek. The announcing team of Joey Styles and Joel Gertner would be the real deal to get, if ECW is really folding. If I were WCW, I'd go after Styles and Joel to be their NEW announcers, and replace the current dinosaurs who *try* to call WCW shows nowadays.

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@That's all for today. I'll be back, tomorrow, with some Thunder thoughts and other stuff with WCW. Hopefully, I didn't discuss all that was on my mind about WCW, or the 'Opinion' part of WCW day will be hurting! Anyway, have a nice day!

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