Welcome to PDC is Tito! Tonight is indeed a special night. We have the Monday Night Wars going on, once again, to determine who is the daddy of Monday Nights. WCW will be coming off a pay per view, and WWF will be heavily hyping for a pay per view. It should be a very interesting night, especially for WCW coming off a pay per view and a power change. On to the Phat Daily Column.


-Congradulations to Chris Benoit, as he won his first World Title. It's been a long time coming for him, and he's worked hard for it. However, I agree with Ryan Boyd that he's NOT over at all to be a world champ. It's sorta like giving the title to Big Show, only Benoit is a much better performer. I bet that Benoit will make the best of it, and that's if they let him be champ for a while. I have this feeling that he's going to lose it to someone tonight, and I don't know why. Plus, you never know when he'll walk out.....

-My God, who else from the woodworks can top federations pull out? Ahmed Johnson made his long awaited return to a top federation(credit reader Thomas Dunn for calling it), and he is now a part of the new Harlem Heat with Stevie Ray. You can call Ahmed Big T now, which I think is a rather weak name. One thing that I'm wondering about is the fact that Ahmed, once in the WWF, would give his fellow wrestlers very stiff slams; especially his spinebusters. Also before he's returned to WCW, he's had a few troubles with the law. I hope that he's overcome all of that, and I hope that he can pick up the pieces of his success that he found in the WWF. I know I'll be watching for his segments, cause I'm definately interested to see how his new career at WCW unfolds.

-Oh joy, Kevin Nash is the commissioner now. I would say that he got this cause of his ego booking, but this plan was part of the Russo era. Does this matter? Well, I guess Nash will now use his power to make the NWO rule over everything, just like Eric Bischoff did back in the day. Oh joy. This could be the last of Terry Funk's reign in WCW due to the WWF's string that they have attached to Terry Funk. If this is his last day, I wouldn't be surprised if he showed up on WWF television.

-Wow, Oklahoma won. I wonder what the new booking team is cooking.

-Nitro tonight should be a very interesting one, as you will see many angles just disappear due to the new booking changes. I think this might be the first of many laid back Nitros due to the fact that they aren't going after ratings now, and that it will be a wholesome wrestling show. Look for the NWO to rule the most of the show, but it's unknown if Bret or Jarrett will be there. They were recovering from their concussions, and they couldn't fly..that's why they couldn't do the pay per view last night. Look for more on the Big T/Stevie Ray duo, as I'm hoping that they go after the World Titles soon. :) Also, could Hogan return tonight? Some are saying that he's coming in tonight to be the savior, but others aren't. We'll see won't we?

-Ok, let's get a few things straight. Russo's firing as head booker is NOT a work. Russo is NOT a spy for the WWF. Along with the Tazz 13, this is all I get in the mail. As for Russo being a spy for the WWF, the same damn thing was said about Hall and Nash, and also Bret Hart. Hall and Nash revolutionized WCW, and Bret Hart's words against the WWF about Owen's death pretty much proves that he's not a spy. If you don't believe that Russo's firing as head booker is legit, just look at how many WCW wrestlers want out now that Sullivan is in control.

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-Tonight, we get to see some more hype about the Royal Rumble, as I'm hoping for a mini-Rumble tonight. Remember last year? On RAW a few weeks before the Royal Rumble last year, the WWF held a mini-Royal Rumble which pitted I think DX vs. the Corporation. It had an exciting ending which had Chyna tossing out Vince McMahon at the very end. It was one of the must fun to watch RAWs ever, and the WWF should consider doing it tonight. It's unlike the WWF to only hype a pay per view in two weeks, like they have for this year's Royal Rumble by the way.

-The WWF isn't motivated yet to really debut Tazz or have the return of the Undertaker due to the lack of competition on their current shows. The current formula, with Stephanie and Triple H in charge, is still dominating ratings, so why use two secret weapons when you don't need them? Well, you can't keep talent on the shelf forever. I would say that Tazz will debut next Monday Night, and the Undertaker would debut a few weeks after that. Those two just give me a headache when talking about them so much!

-I've seen many screenshots of WWF Smackdown, and man does it look great. Playstation users are getting a real treat, as you can say that it's somewhat like WM 2000 with some features of WCW Mayhem added. Darn video games might make me now buy another system. They had a pretty good article in this month's incite about WWF Smackdown, which wouldn't be a bad buy for those thirsting for more information on Smackdown. The whole magazine is a good read anyway. :)

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