Welcome back! Souled Out is tonight, and lets hope WCW ups the quality of their pay per views, even with Fit Finley and Norman Smiley being on 2 consecutive PPV cards.


-The following is the current Souled Out Card, and with my predictions:=Chris Benoit vs. Mike EnosWinner: Duh, Benoit easily=Chavo vs. Norman SmileyWinner: Chavo will get revenge on Smiley for killing Peppy.=Fit Finley vs. MongoWinner: *yawns* Mongo in a nice boring match.=Rey Misterio vs. Psychosis vs. Kidman vs. JuvyWinner: Kidman, he's da man, best thing going in WCW=Wrath vs. Bam BamWinner: Bam Bam...Wrath's contract is up soon, and plus when they brought Bam Bam in, they pushed him to be huge.=Lugar vs. KonnanWinner: Lugar via screwjob finish=David and Ric Flair vs. Hennig and WindhamWinner: I have a bad feeling on this one, I say Hennig and Windham win with Mongo turning on Ric, and David turning too, thus forming the rogue Horseman. That sucks.=Saturn vs. Jericho in a dress matchWinner: Saturn, since Jericho's contract is up=Hall vs. Goldberg in Ladder and Taser matchWinner: Goldberg via disqualification---Hall vs. Goldberg is probably the main event. How shitty has WCW gotten? Hogan should defend the title at Souled Out, not go past the 30 day defend the belt limit and fight at Superbrawl. This is one of the weakest PPV cards I have seen ever! Come on WCW, wake up and smell the coffee!


-The following is the current Royal Rumble Card:=The Royal Rumble itself with 30 wrestlers, with Chyna being #30, Stone Cold being #1, and Vince MacMahon being #2.=Sable vs. Luna for the woman's belt.=Shamrock vs. Mr. Ass for the Intercontinental belt=Rock vs. Mankind in a no corperation at ringside, an I quit match, a no DQ match, no count out match for the WWF Title-Many speculate that HHH might be the man to win the Rumble. My money's on Stone Cold, but you never know!


-Well, last night at the ECW Arena, Public Enemy came back, Sid wrestled, and Shane Douglas showed up. ECW's is in pretty good shape now.

Well, that's all for today. Sorry for the lack of news, it's a slow day with everything evolving around Souled Out and Monday Night. E-mail me with whatever, and I will try to reply!

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