Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Well, WCW is in shambles right now over the recent firing of Vince Russo as Head Booker, and many are asking if it's worth it to buy the pay per view. Well, I'll tell you what I think down below. All I can say now is that things just don't look to good for WCW at the moment. It's a damn shame, and I hope that they get back on their feet soon. Anyway, on to the PDC.


-A lot of people told me that I was rather harsh yesterday about Russo getting fired, the story that was first broke by WDB. Well, I only did that because of the many e-mails telling me what an idiot I was for saying that the recycling of the NWO would be a step to firing Vince Russo. Remember the December 21st PDC? That's all that it was for, and it was well deserved. I doubt Russo's ego would accept an assistant booking job under the new booking team, and I doubt that Russo will ever book a wrestling show again. Think again if you think Russo will go back to the WWF. Vince McMahon said so himself during an interview with the Miami Herald that he would NOT hire Russo back due to the way Russo left. Russo left without notice, and Vince McMahon says that he doesn't want to work with anyone who would do that; he said it's bad business. So much for that.

-The real problem will be the new booking team. It seems that Kevin Sullivan is the new leader now, after months upon months of kissing up. Sullivan at that position spells trouble for all of the younger wrestlers, especially Chris Benoit(he's rumored to be one of the 20 that wanted their release). Benoit and Sullivan have had real life heat, which did occur during their many violent matches. Sullivan could care less about Benoit's potential, as he was the main guy holding him back before. Also, the new booking team will allow for Kevin Nash to have more power. He's a horrible booker, and he only tends to his friends. Any up and coming wrestlers can hit the road. Everyone who is buddy-buddy with the Kevins can get whatever they want. That's a complete joke. The WCW power struggle will really hit rock bottom once Hulk Hogan returns. He has already controlled the members of this current booking team before, so what says that he wouldn't do it again? Yes everyone, we are back to the struggling era before Russo came to town.

-Oh yeah, by the way, WCW is putting on a pay per view tonight. Throughout all of this controversy, it seems that this pay per view is the most troubled part of all. Two top heels, Bret Hart and Jeff Jarrett, are both out with injuries. Considering that Jarrett had 3 matches, the injuries have created a void of 4 matches. Of course, they called for the World Title to be void, and it will now be Benoit vs. Sid for the World Title! As I'm looking at the card, I think that WCW can make up for those 3 lost matches by extending each match a little. Without those 3 matches that are missing, they have 9 matches!!!!!!!!! Russo books those damn fast matches, so I think a pay per view can survive on 9 matches. Geesh. Here are my predictions, and I'm warning you, this card will be very confusing with the new bookers around.

Souled Out Predictions

Booker T vs. Stevie Ray
Some are predicting that Midnight has been on Stevie Ray's side this whole time. It's all been a work! Well, I don't think so. Booker T is going to carry this match, and he's going to excell as well. Hopefully, this will make Booker T a full time singles wrestler so that both me and Coolbeans can be happy.
Tito's pick: Booker T

Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko, and a Mystery Partner vs. Billy Kidman, Konnan, and who else?
Something is wrong here. Good old WCW.com states that it's 3 on 2? Did I miss something? The Filthy Animals are short handed no matter what. Another good booking by Russo that will now haunt WCW. Anyway, the mystery partner seems to be Eddy Guererro or however that's spelled, but I'm hoping that it turns out to be Chris Candido. That would be so nice.
Tito's pick: Revolution

Terry Funk vs. Kevin Nash
WCW knows that the WWF is not going forth with some legal action about Terry Funk being under WWF contract just because they want Ric Flair. I think they will end Funk's short rejuvenated career with WCW tonight with a loss to Nash. Plus, when Nash is booker and Hogan isn't around, Nash never loses!
Tito's Pick: Kevin "I'm not as cool as I used to be" Nash

Madusa vs. Ed Ferarra...err, Oklahoma
Why is a match like this booked? Oh yeah, Russo was in control. Anyway, I don't see Oklahoma getting the win, especially now that the new booking team is around. This match should be very quick, and I don't see Ferarra coming back on television again after this match.
Tito's Pick: Madusa

David Flair vs. Vampiro
Vampiro will NEVER get any respect. Bischoff was the only one who respected him, thus maybe the only good thing Bischoff did before he was demoted. It's sad that a wrestler with so much potential like Vampiro would have to put over a psychopathic runt like Flair. Not to knock the psycho gimmick of Flair's, but he still can't wrestle to the ability of Vampiro.
Tito's Pick: David Flair

Tank Abbott vs. Jerry Flynn
My God, another leftover of Russo's era. Ummm, I guess Tank Abbott will win this. If Russo wasn't fired, we would have to recognize the No-Selling Tank Abbott as World Champ. Yecch! I can't imagine that torture!
Winner: Tank Abbott

Norman Smiley vs. Meng vs. Brian Knobbs vs. Fit Finley
Duh... *Tito puts names into a hat, and then pulls out a name* Norman Smiley will win it back!
Winner: Norman Smiley

Buff Bagwell vs. DDP
I think this match will turn out to be a good one. DDP, who doesn't mind putting over guys these days, will help elevate Buff in this match. Maybe a Kimberly turn? Who knows, but I think that it's time for Buff to shine.
Winner: Buff Bagwell

Sid Vicious vs. Chris Benoit
Little does everybody know that Sid has a guaranteed World Title in his contract. It seems that WCW is swerving everybody by suggesting that Benoit would get the world, but they give it to Sid as a shocker. Plus, they are quite please with Sid in WCW. He's done what he's been told, jobbed to who he was told, and many say that his bad attitude has diminished. Plus, Benoit could walk out of WCW at anytime, so why risk the World Title for him? Of course, WCW could give him the World so that he would stay. Hmm.
Tito's Pick: Sid Vicious

So is this Pay Per View a MUST BUY? Well, the card is a little weak, but I've seen worse. I'm not going to suggest that you not buy this one, but I will say that LoP will be providing Match-By-Match results of the pay per view tonight. :)


-Alright, I've never been nailed with so many opinions in my life about one subject...ever! Everybody has an opinion to what the 13 means for Tazz, which only means that it's striking up interest of Tazz's debut!!! The WWF couldn't be happier. Ok, please stop e-mailing me your opinions on 13, cause I've heard them all. BUT, how about going to the NEW LoP Polls page and voting on it? So CLICK HERE to vote on what you think the Tazz 13 means.

-It's still uncertain to when the Undertaker will return. I get lots of e-mails asking to when will the Undertaker return, and I always struggle answering it. I thought that the Royal Rumble would be his return day, BUT good ol' Jim Ross struck down that rumor. Whether he's helping to throw everybody off or not, it's a wonder how the Undertaker is feeling right now. I mean that I heard that his groin was just a little tight a month ago, and it's uncertain if he's 100% just yet. I'm led to believe that with the Big Show attacking the Rock, that the Undertaker will return to help out the Big Show once again. Big Show could use the help as well, as I thought that his time with the Undertaker was his most interesting point in his short WWF career. Hopefully, the Undertaker returns soon, cause I'm sick of evaluating his return.

-It seems that this whole UFC thing could also be a swerve to have Ken Shamrock return to the Royal Rumble as the 30th man. I don't mind him doing what he wants to do, but I would think that returning to the WWF would be a much smarter move than to return to the UFC. UFC fighters will be aiming for Shamrock's neck, plus he gets paid much more with the WWF. Hmm, safer and more money...gee, I think I would decide on that one quickly. Oh well, whatever Shamrock does, I'll back him because he's a great athlete. He still kicks my ass at Wrestlemania 2000 though.

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with some Monday Night hype, so just chill till the next episode. Oh yeah, expect some surprises on the Phat Farm tomorrow...like maybe a new design and some new columns..hmm. Thanks for reading.

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