Hey welcome back! The weather is starting to die off, and that's great news! Anyways, on to the news...


-Raw should be good this week, and that's right, I read the spoilers, but I ain't gonna reviel them in the column. Should be a great show, with some tough matches. Austin is involved, as well as the continuation of the Undertaker saga. Check it out!-Many speculate that the New Age Outlaws will now consist of Road Dog and Xpac. It appears that Billy Gunn's finally getting his singles push he's always wanted. Stay tuned for this.-Raw is War that shows on Fridays in England, edited out the Undertaker angle. I wish they would have done that here in the states.-Stone Cold's muscle tear in his back is getting better, but he's still far off from being completely healed. Giving stunners to everyone shows he's getting better.-Shawn Michaels was released from the hospital. Get well HBK.


-Many of the nWo jobbers, who aren't now included in the new Wolfpac, are bitter that they aren't part of the new nWo. Oh well.-Controversy is beginning with Souled Out on the horizon. The word is that David Flair might join the bad horseman. I really hope now, the Flairs have been through enough this year.-WCW's gonna really rip into the taped Raw this week. So be ready for that.-Giant's contract ends on February 8th. He has NO no-compete clause, so he can wrestle when he damn well pleases in the WWF. Good luck to you Giant!


-Sid is on a pay by appearance, so how long he stays is up to him.-Shane Douglas is not officially retired yet, but he's not scheduled for the upcoming ECW Arena show.-Sabu it seems, hasn't quit ECW, but he's furious with them.-Public Enemy probably won't fight at the ECW Arena show, but they will accept the challenge.

That's all for today, have a nice day, and you can e-mail me with whatever about wrestling, and I will try to reply!

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