Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. The weather so shitty here, it's keeping me inside! Anyways, on to the news...


-The following is the Souled Out Card:=4 way dance between Rey Misterio Jr., Psychosis, Juventud Guerrera, and Billy Kidman for the cruiserweight title.=Konnan vs. Lex Lugar=Chris Jericho vs. Perry Saturn in a match if Saturn loses, he must wear a dress for the rest of his wrestling career.=Bam Bam vs. Wrath=Barry Windham and Curt Hennig vs. Ric and David Flair=Scott Hall vs. Bill Goldberg in a ladder match-Reports are that Konnan and Rey Misterio have both signed 3 year extensions with WCW. (Micasa)-Jericho is due for some jobbing unless he resigns with WCW. Expect him to lose the dress match at Souled Out, since he hasn't resigned.


-The Brood are NOT joining the Undertaker. I just thought I would lay the smack down on that rumor.-The word around the WWF is that Jarrett and Owen Hart will be winning the World Tag Titles real soon. Weak rumors have said the might be called the Hart Foundation.-Reports are that Kane might get unmasked soon. Oh no, now everyone will know who he really is!!

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