Welcome to an all-new edition of the Phat Daily Column. I apologize for the lack of a weekend column, for I was busy throughout the weekend. I just wish that I had loads of free time to keep up like I somewhat used to, but anymore, I'm lucky to get in one hour just to write about wrestling. Oh well.

While cleaning my room, I piled up my wrestling books, including biographies and hardback insider books, and I was impressed with the size of the pile. One of these days, I'll take a nice picture of the stack for all to see. Let's see here... for biographies, I've read Mick Foley: Have a Nice Day, DDP: Positively Page, The Rock: The Rock Says, Chyna: If They Ever Knew, Bret Hart: Best there Is, Was, and Ever Will Be, Bill Goldberg: I'm Next, Mick Foley: Foley is Good, and Kurt Angle's It's True, It's True. Then, with other books, I have Dave Meltzer's Tributes, Scott Keith's Buzz on Pro Wrestling, and a some other independent wrestling books. That's a good bit of reading that, on pro wrestling, that I've done over the past 2 years or 3 years.

Speaking of books, among multimedia, I'm someday going to make PDC archives, including the Multimedia reviews, open for the public again. I've been updating the files since I haven't had them up online, so they can be uploaded at any time. The Multimedia Review section is getting quite big.

And while we're on the subject of WWF multimedia, why doesn't the WWF just buy up wrestler's themes off of the stock music owner's they pay to use. Like Rob Van Dam, Booker T, the Hardys, or the Dudley Boyz's entrance themes. The WWF didn't originate those, but yet they always use those themes. I bet you that the WWF theme CDs would sell much better if those themes were on the CDs. But hey, at least stock music is available, somewhere, online, which makes for a great idea to burn on a CD. In the end, that way, nobody makes money.

Ah well. We've got some apples to eat, so on to the PDC!


-I caught a part of Mtv Heat, and they announced that on RAW, one match has already been signed. Kane will take on Kurt Angle, in probably the 1st hour's main event. Before you say "well, so what", try to remember the one time they fought on Smackdown, where Angle and Kane had a spectacular match for some reason or another. Easily one of Kane's best matches in the WWF. I was just shocked at how well the two worked together, and the psychology of the match was top notch. Could we see a repeat performance? Possibly, because Angle was a heel then, like he is now, and Kane is still a face. You never know, especially with Kurt Angle, who seems to bring out the best in his opponents.

-I have no clue what else will be on RAW, as the WWF creative team will meet sometime in the Monday afternoon to decide what will happen on RAW, cause booking on the fly is fun, right? Fun and convenient for the creative team right now, but not good for the fans. Since this is a week before the Royal Rumble, I do have a suggestion. For the week before Royal Rumble 1999, they held a mini-Royal Rumble between Degeneration X and the Corporation to decide who was the #1 and #30 draw in the 30 man battle royal. If you remember correctly, it was probably Chyna's biggest wrestling moment in her career, as she came down and tossed Vince McMahon to win #30 in the Rumble, I believe. It was very fun to watch, in my opinion, and it provided an extra spark to want to see the Royal Rumble.

I won't bullshit you though. The WWF could have the most ridiculous storylines going, and I'd still want to see and buy the Royal Rumble Pay Per View. It's just something about that event that makes me look forward to it every year. Could it be the marking out for Battle Royals? Possibly. Even, back in the day, when Hulk Hogan would win those damn things, I'd still enjoy the shows.

And speaking of the Royal Rumble, why doesn't the WWF ever release a "Best of Royal Rumble" video, like they did for Survivor Series and Wrestlemania? Now that would be a top-selling video, in my opinion.

-I'm just curious... let's forget the drug bust at the Canadian border for Grandmaster Sex-ay, Brian Christopher Lawler. Ignore that completely, although many of you know my hatred for narcotics. Let me ask you this: what exactly did the Grandmaster bring to the WWF that no other wrestler could do? What made him extra special? In my opinion, nothing, and to bring him back would be somewhat ludicrous. There are plenty of Alliance members, in my opinion, that have loads of more potential than Brian Lawler, and they aren't headcases like he is, either. Also, why bring back Grandmaster Sex-ay, when there are loads of talent in Ohio Valley Wrestling just waiting to get called up.

I just don't see any positives in bringing back Grandmaster Sex-ay. Oh, let's team him back up with Scotty 2 Hotty!!! Yeah right. Their hot moment came off the heels of the hot 5 on 5 tag match, which pitted Mick Foley, Rock, Rikishi, and Too Cool against Triple H, X-Pac, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, and Perry Saturn. They had their run as champions, and boom, they weren't much after that. When Scotty 2 Hotty was hurt, Grandmaster Sex-ay didn't fair too well on his own or with other tag team partners. So why even bother? I'm sure it could be as a favor to Jerry Lawler, but the King has said that he understands the WWF's reasoning for firing his son.

-Well, it appears that Kevin Nash is pretty much in the WWF, and rumors are a-swirling that Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall will follow him to start up the New World Order faction in the WWF. I remember suggesting that Hogan held out of participating in the XWF because he might be negotiating with the WWF. If all of this is true, and all 3 former members or the original NWO will be "invading" the WWF, it could be exciting....

... In the short run, as Economists would say about the WWF's business to bring in 3 over 40 wrestlers. All I can say is a few things. First, these guys will command higher salaries than the normal midcarders in the WWF, who have been busting their asses for years, in hopes of one day getting the spotlight that Hall, Nash, and Hogan will take. That will kill morale. Secondly, as if putting up with egos in the WWF is bad enough, with the Undertaker, and the 3 headed monster (Rock, Austin, Triple H) having total control of their characters and decisions about elevating wrestlers, just you wait until Nash and Hogan try on their knee pads for Vince McMahon. Some have said that both Hogan and Nash are much more polite and more respectful towards the business, you've got another thing coming if you believe that. Finally, these guys are old, you know. Their best days are behind them, and they could be more suspect to injuries, etc. Wouldn't it be better to just elevate younger wrestlers and create brand new stars instead?

Unless Hogan, Hall, and Nash will give back to the business by putting over current WWF wrestlers on the roster, this move to sign the former NWO creators could actually hurt the WWF's future. Contracts of younger wrestlers could run out, and they might just say "fuck this, I'll never had a chance with these old guys around", and go join the WWA or some other rising federation. It would be like the WWF is actually creating their own competition, and I'm not talking about splitting up the roster for different television shows.

-You never know, though. If handled properly, the arrival of the NWO might be intriguing, creating dream matches. However, we are talking about the creative team that botched the WCW/ECW Invasion angle, correct? Why yes I am correct. Things would really get out of hand if we had 2 split WWF rosters, and the NWO invading both? Good God, how confusing that would be to the WWF writers. Now I wouldn't blame the insanity there, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to keep things simple for the creative team. Ya know, like not splitting the rosters up. You actually think that the WWF could sell 20 Pay Per Views a year?

But I will say this about all 3 wrestlers, if you will. Hulk Hogan is a legend to the wrestling business, and he still has fans, worldwide. A confrontation with Vince McMahon over who made the WWF would be money in the bank on any occasion. Secondly, Scott Hall, when he's clean and sober, is a very entertaining performer. He's easily the best in-ring wrestler of the 3, and if he's on top of his game, he could be oozing machismo(sp?) once again, or at least for a year. Finally, Kevin Nash... Although his in ring ability is limited, especially from bad knees over the years, he can cut a good promo and his on television personality is up there with the best.

Who knows? What I do know is that the last 2 attempts to bring back the NWO (early 1999 version and the Vince Russo) were miserable failures and they only led the WCW down the path of destruction even further. Always keep that in the back of your head if the WWF tries to bring back the New World Order, although the interest in it will probably be better than those last 2 attempts due to the new environment that it would be tried in.

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