Welcome back to Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column, the column that never...eh eh ever takes a day off! A fair share of wrestling programming was on last night, as Smackdown was on as well as Mtv's Time Out which happened to feature Chyna. I'll have my thoughts on both shows and so much more..on to the PDC!

Chyna on Time Out

Chyna started out talking about her early life, like her bad relationship with her parents(especially her father), and what early music she listened to(stupid Mtv). She said that she didn't get along with her parents too well because she was completely different from her mother, and her father had set plans for her future, but Chyna didn't want to do what he wanted. She said that one day she started lifting weights, and it began fascinating her when lifting would make her body change. She joked about how her mom would do the Jane Fonda videos once, and she would do them 5 times. She talked about how everyone was going out in high school on Friday or Saturday nights and that she was at home lifting weights. She feels a certain rush to know that she can lift the same amount of weights that a man can. She said that she did see some good concerts, as I forget the groups, and she said that at one of the concerts, it was the first time she drank.

Chyna said that she excelled in High School, and worked very hard in her studies. She mentioned that if she had a project that was due in two weeks, she would do it on the first night. She said she worked the hardest in Spanish by going the "extra mile" on special projects. Her hard work in Spanish landed her a scholarship by, I think, the United Nations. Later, she was able to travel to Spain to continue her studies there, but a month into it, she was working illegally as a bartender and paying rent on her own apartment. Chyna said that she did that for 6 months, and then came back only to see that her father had some set plans for her future.

Under her dad's wishes, she went to the University of Tampa Bay, but she was only there for a year and a half. She went to some, ah I forget, academy after that, but she dropped that. Her real thirst was for entertainment, as she began looking for ways into that. She continued to lift weights, and she got bigger and bigger. She said that she did many sidejobs, including Belly Dancing in hopes to practice to entertain someone or for someone one day. One day at the gym, another bodybuilder suggested that she enter boxing due to her size and strength. She jumped on that idea, and became a women's boxer to entertain so to speak. Now somewhere along the line, she entered the WWF. They did NOT mention the fact that she entered Killer Kawolski's wrestling camp, where she later met Triple H who got her into the WWF.

Triple H, by the way, was also a part of Time Out, as he would mention a few things about Chyna. He said that he needed a manager, and Chyna wanted into the WWF..so it was a perfect fit. Chyna said that the atmosphere was negative with the males in the WWF, because none of them wanted to wrestle a woman, plus they kinda saw her as a freak of nature, or as a man, because of her muscles. Ok, I'll admit something. When RAW was in Wheeling, WV, I held up a sign that said "Chyna is on Steroids". She saw it and stared me down. That was then and way before her plastic surgery(s). So I apologize for being such an asshole then. Did I say plastic surgeries?

Yes, I very well did. Chyna did NOT mention anything about them. Kinda strange because that completely shaped who she is today. Anyway, she also mentioned how she got the name Chyna. She said that it was in kinda of a stupid way. The WWF provided her with a long list of suggestions, with many horrible names, and Triple H and Shawn Michaels liked the name Chyna the best...so she went with that. Little did she know that it would be the name that many would recognize when she was first in the WWF. She talked about how her character developed, and how taking the bumps isn't easy. Chyna defended wrestling by saying that it's not fake, in a sense that wrestlers' bodies take a lot of beatings. She said that she toughed it out when training to wrestle in the WWF, and that helped her to be what she is today.

She mentioned a few odd things, like she was going to do a fitness video. She bragged about how "tight her butt was", and how this video would not only give you a firm ass so to speak, but rounded breasts as well. She then talked good things about her breasts. She said they give her protection when somebody hits her hard in the torso. She also said that it's easier to pin cause she doesn't have to bend over so much. Hmmm. He showed us many of her moves, like her forearm and her ballshot, and talked about various little things in the WWF. She mentioned that she's an oddity in the wrestling world, because she has the beauty but yet the toughness to wrestle men in wrestling. No other woman can say that they are like her. She also mentioned that she's one of the top, if not THE top, most recognized woman athlete in the world. Very confident of herself, aren't we? Nah, she was just happy with her career.

She said that all she wants to do is to entertain, and not sit at home and have babies. She said that she puts in lots of hours for wrestling, and said that she's traveling with around 50 guys per night(you know mainly Triple H). Other than that, it's pretty much it. She didn't mention much about her social life, if she really has one due to wrestling. Triple H was there adding commentary, but he too didn't mention how really close he was with Chyna. They keep a good lid on that I swear. Oh well. It was a good program in order to know a little more about the 9th Wonder of the World, a title in which she said was very proud of. Hopefully, A&E and herself can get together and make a biography one day!


-Alrighty, I caught the final hour of Smackdown(as I caught the last hour of Thunder yesterday...how lazy of me), and from what I saw, it wasn't a bad show..but not a great one either. If there is one team that truly, and I mean truly deserves to be on the Heat/Jakked circuit, it's the headbangers. They came out to absolutely NO pop at all from the crowd, and they haven't won a match in ages. D'Lo and Godfather made easy work of them, as those two aren't a regular team, and the Headbangers were former champs! The Headbangers have went from decent, to the toilet with wearing women's clothing and so forth. Why use them on RAW or Smackdown? Waste of a good segment!

-I'm glad to see that Kane didn't actually have to put someone over last night, as he beat Chris Jericho. The second it was booked, I was like "oh no" because I had a feeling that Kane would once again have to put another up and coming superstar over. Kane destroyed Jericho, which makes me continue to wonder why the WWF doesn't elevate the hardworker known as Kane. Also on the show, the Bossman and Prince Albert fought it out after a match. God, first you make nobody care when they were a team, and now make them feud? Save it for Heat please. I did, however, enjoy the Big Show tonight. He wasn't going to take the Rock's crap Monday, as he took offense to the Rock calling him a jabronie. Why didn't anybody else take offense as well?

-Big Show pulled a Sid Justice (at Saturday Night's main event when he didn't tag Hulk Hogan vs. Flair and Undertaker), and it allowed the Rock to get pinned in their tag match with Triple H and X-pac(who was missing for most of the day..hmm). Not only did Rock do the JOB last night, but his ass got chokeslammed hard by the Big Show. Great work there by the WWF, as the fans were jacked because of that. Gee, that's some good heel heat...something they should rub off on.

-A couple other things on Smackdown. The WWF continues to rub off on the fact that Edge is marrying Val's sister in real life. Tonight, Blackman and Angle took on Edge/Christian, and Val stole the Kendo stick from Blackman, bragged about it on the Ovaltron, and that distraction enabled for Edge/Christian to get the win. I smell something fowl with the WWF, as maybe Val might turn on Edge eventually. Shame on them if they do it, just as long as they don't have Val sleep with Edge's future wife, who happens to be Val's sister(Yecch!). They also had Test vs. Gangrel, from what I saw, and it was a DQ on Gangrel due to interference by Luna. However, Test pumphandle-slammed Luna afterwards. That was so funny.

-So what the hell does the 13 mean you ask on the Tazz promos? Well, I have no clue. It could signify 13 Royal Rumbles, HOWEVER, according to my PWI almanac, the first Royal Rumble was held in 1989, and if you do the math, this will NOT be the 13th Royal Rumble. Ok, could it mean 13 more days till the Rumble? NO! Do the math once again. So what the hell could it mean then? From Brander's post, it said that it would signify the unlucky number 13, and that it's already on T-shirts and so forth. Rather odd thing to add to a gimmick, but I guess the WWF hopes that it sticks just like 3:16 stuck with Austin and made him famous.


-Our favorite show Chunder, ahem, I mean Thunder, did a good, solid rating of 2.6 which I expect was mainly from confusion to what day Thunder was on. I'm sure with more awareness next week, the show should nail a 3 or more in the ratings. I have this feeling that the Thunder rating will eventually exceed Nitro's rating, which I also feel that is why Russo and Ferarra are booking their best stuff on both shows. Besides, Wednesday night presents a rather week line up of shows, besides what is on the WB network. They realized that RAW was too tough of a competitor for both Mondays and Thursdays, so why not own Wednesdays?

-Damn it, it's been over a week, and I keep forgetting to mention this! Starrcade, which by the way is like WCW's Wrestlemania in their case, only recieved a buyrate of 0.3. Yikes!! I've been told that it's one of the lowest buyrates in the history of wrestling pay per views, which leads me to believe that there's going to be trouble if Russo and Ferarra don't start gaining some ratings fast. I'm sure the fellas at Time Warner, or should I say AOL Time Warner are like "what the hell". I'm sure there have been a few memos to Bill Busch from the mothership to get things together. Many are already predicting that the February 14th Nitro, which is unopposed, is the last time for Russo and company to shine.

@My god, that's enough for today. I'll attempt to be back tomorrow with an ECW on TNN review. I'll actually try to tape it tonight. Sorry about not having the reviews due to not taping it for a few weeks straight. Anyway, I'll also be back tomorrow with the weekly awards for wrestler and tag team of the week. See you tomorrow...same Tito time, same Tito place!

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