Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column! Andre the Giant's Biography was on, and I have my review as well as the grade down below. Enjoy!


-Shawn Michael's surgery was a success yesterday, and they say he will be able to go home this weekend. I remember when I had my back surgery, it took me 7 days to go home. Of course, I had my whole spine fused, unlike Shawn, who only had two fused. Good luck to you Shawn!-WWF is starting to stress about WCW's NBC special. It appears that WCW's NBC special will air against Wrestlemania!!! The wrestling wars are really firing up.-Edge and Christian have signed extensions to their contracts. WWF sees great possibilities with these two.-Regal apparently has never been released from the WWF. Regal has some personal problems, and he might possibly be in rehab.


-Bret Hart is just about ready to wrestle again, but they might hold him back for when Sting returns. If he feuds or sides with the Stinger is still unknown.-Look for Perry Saturn to defeat Jericho at Souled out(Since Jericho has yet to resign) and then Saturn will probably get involved with Raven again.-Chris Benoit's TV title push will be a bit delayed. They want Benoit for the fake Horseman vs. 4 Horseman angle. Plus, they want Big Poppa Pump to get some recognition with the TV belt.

Mr. Tito's Biography Review!

That's right ladies and gentlemen, a Biography review! The first of it's kind!

Andre the Giant Biography This was a great biography! I enjoyed it all the way through! It was sad to see how unhappy he was since he was so big. I was impressed that he could put down 72 shots of vodka! Andre was the real icon in wrestling, who unlike the wrestlers nowadays, did the J.O.B. to Hogan. Wrestlers nowadays refuse to do the J.O.B. to anyone. Giant did it out of respect for the sport of wrestling. Giant was a great man. This biography easily gets an A+.

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