Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Well, no Thursday Night wars tonight, as Thunder moved to Wednesday last night. That began the 6 days of wrestling per week that we can now all enjoy! If your stuck at home one night, it's rest assured that you can catch some kind of wrestling program in the evening. Oh well, on to the PDC.


-I caught the final hour of Thunder last night, and it once again was mostly Old Age Outlaws(what a lame name) vs. the New World Order. If you fell for the Bret Hart injury, you need to stop watching wrestling. Think..if he did turn face again, who would cheer him? Since he turned heel with the NWO, he's stuck that way for now on. He can't go back. Besides, if you noticed his lovely black eye that he supposively got. No puffiness, plus it comes off with water! At least Funk knew that it was coming, which is a first because many in his position have been fooled like that.

-Also on Chunder, they had an interview with Kimberly. Mean Gene tried to get the "details" on everything, but Kimberly kept a lot of things private. It was horrible. Also, I liked how those stupid cops arrested both Tank Abbott and Jerry Flynn, and they then put them in the same cell!! What the hell are they thinking? I liked how they both stared down the cops, and then immediately started duking it out. Bad cops, no donuts!

-It should be rather interesting to see what WCW does with Ric Flair. Nothing was resolved at all during the meeting, I think last Friday, between Flair and WCW management. The pressure is on not only by Ric to be released, but by the WWF as well. Remember, Terry Funk is still under contract with the WWF, but the WWF isn't taking any legal action. You could say that it's a classy move by the WWF, but it's rumored that they are only doing that to pressure WCW to release Flair. The WWF wants him bad, and can you imagine a program with Ric Flair and the Rock? WCW obviously doesn't want something like that to happen, so they won't release Flair...but the WWF just might have to go foward with some legal action.

-Oh boy, current plans for Hogan, from Calvin's post, is for him to come back as a face, and then turn him heel again. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!! Whatever. Let me guess...they will turn him back just so he can return to the NWO? I can see those ratings drop like never before! One thing that WCW MUST realize is that Hogan does NOT produce ratings in the long run anymore. You need to do something innovative and new with the man. He's outdone Hulkamania and Hollywood, so it's fitting that something new should be done. Just remember, everyone thought he was finished when he was Hulk Hogan and then he turned into Hollywood in 1996 and made a second career for himself. Try making a new character for Hogan...it just might work!


-Many are wondering why the WWF hasn't maxed out the ratings for the unopposed hour of RAW. Sure, 6.8 is just wonderful, but RAW used to get ratings of 7 or 8 when unopposed back in the day. My opinion for this is that the WWF has already hit it's peak. It can't go any higher than it already is. Besides, what is there left to accomplish for the WWF? With their current formula, they've peaked, and they can't get any higher. That's not to say that they still won't destroy everybody in the ratings, I'm just saying that it seems that they can't get any higher than they currently are.

-The WWF just loves to make us speculate on mysteries, as this time they left two spots open for the Royal Rumble. Your guess is as good as mine, as I have 4 wrestlers that I would put money on. I would have to say that it would be either Shane McMahon, Vince McMahon, Tazz, or the Undertaker. I'd say that it's most likely that it is a McMahon and the Undertaker. From what I'm hearing, the Monday after the Rumble would be more fitting for Tazz seeing that it's in Philadelphia, ECW country.

-Congrats to the Rock on his biography, which he didn't write by the way, getting #2 on the New York Times Best Seller list and also getting #2 on the Wallstreet Journal's list as well. The next to write a book out of the WWF's 6 book deal with a company is Stone Cold. Well, he probably won't write his either. Anyway, that one is expected to come out around April for everyone's enjoyment. It's funny how the WWF can dominate the video game world, the toy world, sports video world, and now the book world. Very nice...and you wonder why idiot groups like the PTC get so jealous.

-It looks like Ken will risk getting more of a serious injury when he enters UFC again. He should have stayed in a much safer environment where he can make more money than UFC events. Gee, what would a UFC fighter go after first when fighting Ken Shamrock...hmm, oh yeah, that neck that's been injured on one or more occasions. Hopefully he does well in UFC, as I know I'll be cheering for him. Speaking of Shamrock, I want to know how much he payed THQ to make his wrestler in Wrestlemania 2000 unstoppable. He counters EVERYTHING in that game!


-I've seen some screenshots and short videos on the upcoming Acclaim game ECW Hardcore Revolution, and man does it look great! Acclaim is working hard to bring you true to life arenas and wrestlers. It's a must by for myself, but I'm not a big fan of Acclaim's grapple mode. Oh well, I'll get over it in order to fight somebody in a barbed wire match. What I'm amazed at is how ECW included many of their part time wrestlers on the game as well. Just about everybody you can think of from ECW is on that game. The opening video of the game looks absolutely awesome! If you can look around on the net for it. I do believe that it's at gamefan.com.

-Speaking of ECW's Hardcore Revolution, it appears, according to HardcoreRevolution.com, that many popular gaming magazines refuse to have ECW Hardcore Revolution ads because of the use of "F'N" in their ad. The 3 ads have the phrases "Real F'N Fans", "Real F'N Hard", or "Real F'N Wrestling" which I guess is what the fuss is all about. The ads show how violent the game and the real life ECW truly is, but still. If kids who don't know about ECW find out that there's barbed wire fighting in it and swearing as well, don't you think they will buy it anyway? Of course, that means that the word will now have to get out about ECW Hardcore Revolution, so they can't rely much on advertisements now.

@That's all for today's column. I'll be back with some more of the same pain to unleash upon all of you. I'm kidding, but I'll be back tomorrow as usual, so just chill...till the next episode.

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