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Mr. Tito (January 13, 1999)
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Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. I hope you enjoy it, cause I like doing it everyday. On to the news!


-Shawn Michaels is going under the knife today to fuse his 4th and 5th vertebrae. This takes a long time to heal, as I have had my spine fused. It took me about 5 months to actually attempt to do anything. That's just attempting, not doing. Of course, I had had my whole spinal fused, unlike Shawn who is only getting two vertebrae fuse. Good luck to yo HBK.

-Dr. Death wrestled in a dark match at the Raw tapings last night. What he will do in the WWF is very unknown, because of Bart Gunn kicking his ass! Dr. Death was supposed to win the Brawl for All, and become the biggest bad ass, but that didn't happen.

-Andre the Giant Biography will be on A&E at 8:00 p.m. tonight, so check it out!

-Many questions about Chyna. Reports are that Chyna's face isn't fully healed yet, and a real hard bump could damage her face.


-Nitro lost the ratings, AGAIN, 5.0 to Raw's 5.5. Nitro only got a 5.0 because of it's first hour, which was unopposed. Head to head Nitro lost 4.6 to 5.5. Nitro keeps dropping the ball.

-Look for WCW to finally have a tag division. That's good news.

-Bret Hart can't seem to shake off his injury. He has wrestled many times injured, but this time he's struggling. Poor Quitman.

-Look for WCW to rebound from Gillberg next Nitro.


-Many injuries and bitterness occurred at Guilty as charged. Franchise threatened retirement, Sabu is so pissed off he might never return. Both Tommy Dreamer and Justin Credible are fucked up from their ladder match.

-ECW has big plans for Sid...if he stays.

That's it for today, e-mail me with whatever about wrestling, and I will try to reply!

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