Welcome to the wonderful world of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll discuss the inner workings of the WWF, since it is, you know, WWF Day. Everything from Smackdown to the current issues dealing with the WWF, I'll discuss it. Plus, a very special section today on Molly Holly, which will prove how stupid a certain Wrestling orgainzation truly is. Anyway, on to the Phat Daily Column.

Oh, by the way, don't you think it's rather funny that Hulk Hogan is willing to come back to WCW again? Once Eric Bischoff gets in control, Hogan comes crawling back. Why? POWER. He talked about jumping to the WWF for some special matches, once his official WCW contract ran out, but now he's going to join WCW, for millions of dollars and to have his full creative control back. It's like he never left the company. See, instead of making what he thought would be high profile matches with maybe the Rock, Austin, or even Vince McMahon, Hogan *thinks* he can turn around WCW by returning. Now that's an ego.



FINGER OF SHAME for Vince McMahon giving us two LONG interviews for a 90 minute show. Also, FINGER OF SHAME to UPN for pulling a TNT on us, by attempting to force us to watch "Gary and Mike". (Note: A TNT comes from the time when WCW had Hogan vs. the Giant during the "New Adventures of Robin Hood", meaning that a station forces you to watch something else at wrestling's expense)

The Smartest Man in Wrestling, as many sites have put it, is at it again. Triple H will now fight Kurt Angle for the world title. Yes, for ruining a sanctioned WWF match and for drilling Austin with a steel pipe, 3 times, he gets awarded for a shot. It's nice when you have booking power that you can overshadow the ridiculous.

Wasn't it just sick to see the Hardy Boyz bumping around for the RTC? Does the WWF care about how talented those two truly are?

Wow, it was good to see the WWF having Test dismantle the unpolished K-Kwik in their match. What is Test's finishing move anymore? I like how the WWF just threw William Regal at Test during RAW, and now they have a match at Royal Rumble. I just LOVE booking on the fly. I guess a match with Albert was out of the question....

Yet another FINGER OF SHAME to the WWF for having Austin ruin the 6 man match between the Dudleys/Jericho vs. Edge/Christian/Benoit match. Yeah, it's funny to attack losers from 1998, but here Austin is attacking guys who have potential to take his precious spot.

Nice of the WWF to just let the PTC attack their sponsors some more after the spanking segment with Vince McMahon and Trish Stratus. Not that it wasn't funny, but it's the kind of fuel the lights a very large fire.

I bet Vince Russo is just laughing at how the WWF has resorted to using his voice-over angle with Kaientai. Hey, I hear he might need a job these days......

Oh boy, Rikishi is #30 in the Royal Rumble. Big deal. Since when has #30 actually won the Royal Rumble anyway?

This was a horrible horrible WWF show, and easily their worst Smackdown ever. They get an F for this garbage of a show. Go ahead and say that I'm negative, because I'll stand behind what I say. It's especially sad when Thunder is better than you this week.


Let's just hope that the threat of Eric Bischoff gives the WWF a spark that they need. I don't think Bischoff can make lightning strike twice, but I'd like to see it because the WWF is much better with stronger competiton.

Oh baby!!! Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho in a ladder match!! WHOOO! Now watch, they will be given a short amount of time for their match, while a fucking Cage match between Venis and Gunn will have more time. I hope that Benoit and Jericho steal the show!

Oh boy. Chyna seems to be everywhere, again, but this time she's plugging her book. Before, her Playboy was what she plugged, and she went on every show to explain her past life. You know, the SAME stories we've already heard before. Those same stories are currently discouraging me from buying the book. Anyway, she'll probably be on the Leno show, Regis, and many others. Oh look, those hosts will be amazed at how STRONG she is, like they always do. Then, she'll come back to the WWF with a monster push, which will lead to more interviews, and actual good wrestlers getting held down in favor of her.

You want to know what would really generate interest with Chyna? Put her in the Women's Division. I'd watch with great appeal to see someone try to take down the Giant of the division. Who wouldn't pay to see Lita attempt to defeat Chyna? It would be good, especially since Chyna isn't well received in the Men's division. She says "don't treat me like a woman, don't treat me like a man". So how about she becomes the FIRST person to hold titles in both genders? That would be interesting. The crossovers could keep happening, since ladies like Lita fights in the Men's division during certain nights. It's worth a shot.

Wow, when doing a Triple H theme, the last guy I'd go after would be the one who did a terrible job remaking "Enter Sandman" for the ECW cd. Hey, what's wrong with keeping old, good themes these days? I will say that Austin's theme has grown on me, although I'll still admit that his first one was better.

There isn't much WWF news out there, actually. WCW is filling up the headlines recently.

WWF Jackson 5

5. Tazz: Looked awesome on Heat. Can you push him?

4. Test: You put him on his own, he'll shine a little bit. Hopefully, this thrown together feud with Regal will help him gain an attitude, or at least some charisma.

3. Chris Benoit: About this time last year, he was getting his World Title push in WCW after finally getting past WCW's protected stars. Year later, he's putting over WWF's protected stars.

2. Steve Austin: Good match with Angle, but couldn't you have just let Angle get a screwjob victory with you? Hulk Hogan 2 here. Indeed!

1. Kurt Angle: Angle carried Austin to an awesome match! This was Angle's shining moment, and had Triple H and Steve Austin not had any booking power, he would have got a big win over Austin. Damn shame.

What Molly Holly did before the WWF

I told you I'd do something special. Since I'm at home, I was able to go to a scanner today to get some AMAZING pictures. The pics are from an issue of WCW Mazazine a couple of months ago. In it, they had a feature on WCW's women. You know, at the time, Ms. Hancock, Torrie Wilson, Tygress, Leia Meow(get it?), Midajah, and the other untalented ladies in WCW. They showed them training in the WCW Power Plant, since WCW has this strange idea that they could magically transform their valets into wrestlers.

WELL, at the Power Plant had two ladies teaching them how to wrestle. One was the tough Madusa, and the other.... Well, let's let the pictures teach us!

Hey, look at that lady. She looks familiar... hmmmm. Could that be a WCW missed opportunity? It sure was. That lady was Mona in WCW, and she's now Molly Holly in the WWF. Yes, that same lady who is the BEST woman performer in the ring.

It sickens me to see her teaching Torrie Wilson up there. Torrie has the looks, but she can't wrestle for shit. Molly looks pretty good and has great wrestling ability. So WCW passed over these valets for someone who can perform? Please.

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