Welcome to another eventful Phat Daily Column. Today, we discuss the troublesome world of World Championship Wrestling. You know, the one that just stole my Time Machine and travelled to the year 1994, where Hulk Hogan reigned surpreme. Today, we'll discuss news in WCW and the good old Thunder, in which I strapped myself to a chair to watch that badboy. On to the PDC.

Funny how nobody who cursed or threatened me about the Tajiri moves, didn't have the nerve to e-mail me after I showed them the way. Amazing.



I swear, anybody who had to sit through Thunder should have been paid, instead of Eric Bischoff, who just bought the company.

Thunder was a complete bust, and the icing on the cake for the poorly run organization. Now, it will even get worse with Bischoff at the helm. With Time Warner, the nail in the coffin would come much sooner. But now, we are subject to a lovely return to power of Hulk Hogan, who will indeed trash any hard work that guys like Jeff Jarrett, Booker T, Crowbar, or some of the Natural Born Thrillers have accomplished in making WCW's future.

Isn't it a shame that nobody with balls stepped in to control WCW for the past 10 years? Sure they were lucky in 1996, but that's with great talent and a good storyline (for once). Poor leadership drained that great success to be the norm of what WCW has been since 1990. Wait, am I discussing Thunder?

Sid vs. Scott Steiner was another painful experience, especially when you have Jeff Jarrett playing the role of the Black Mystery Scorpion Man. Just like it was in 1990, the real Black Scorpion showed up with Ric Flair at the end of the show. I'd shit my pants if Flair ends up being the actual Mystery Man at Sin. What a way to get a great laugh, here to start the year 2001.

Totally Buff vs. KroniK was probably the best you'd get out of both teams, but the 4 wrestlers combined talent doesn't equal that of any midcarder... well, let's say the decent midcarders in WCW. I call this match the "Ego Bowl", since each wrestler has been in trouble with WCW officials backstage for either being a total asshole about booking assignments or have been too stiff on their opponents. Funny how KroniK has both of those.

WCW broke about 50 rules when they put in both Harris Boys to fend off Meng. Tony Shiavone put me in tears, tonight, when he was admiring Meng for beating up Heavy D. Worse than any other put over by a commentator, ever.

I guess the 6 man match was OK, just because I respect DDP and the Thrillers and Franchise did a decent job of carrying the match. General Rection got the pin on the Franchise in this match, which wets my appetite when knowing that Shane has a strong chance of winning the title now. Thank God, although the effort is probably too late once Bischoff rules the company again.

I guess the Team Canada vs. Filthy Animals match was solid too, although Billy Kidman certainly looks like he's not into it anymore. Hmmm.. The Hacksaw commentating was just hideous for this match.

It's a shame that the guy behind Kwee Wee was shafted with such a lame gimmick. He would have made a fine Cruiserweight, had somebody used their head. Anything involving him, I just shudder!

Last Word: This show lacked real spark that it should have before a Pay Per View. Of course, the crowd is tired from suffering through the painful Nitro, which hurts the wrestlers. Still, not many WCW wrestlers who wrestled on Thunder, wrestled on Nitro, so the effort should have been better. I do, however, sympathize that many wrestlers are worried about their careers, and don't really give into the system. For that, we'll give this show a generous grade of a C+, just to keep it in par with Nitro, especially since the horrid Nitro is partially to blame.


Nice of WCW to completely release Ms. Hancock, when they had a storyline which would be SOO SHOCKING with its swerves and so forth. Well, nobody will know for sure on who's baby it was inside her. She was getting paid a Nitro girl salary, to which she wanted more since she was part of the angles now and actually training to be a wrestler. For that, she should have been paid more, but she was asking for money at the wrong time. It's hard to get that raise when your company is going under. If I were the WWF, I'd pick her up quickly, because she's the woman of every wrestling fan's fantasy. More than others in WCW, and more than some in the WWF. Plus, she could get on the mic during a WWF show and say "I'm NOT Pregnant", or furthermore, she could announce that a WWF wrestler actually knocked her up. That'll be the day...

But the real story is the announced sale of WCW to probably Eric Bischoff, and the group of morons who decided to buy the unprofitable company. You know, Bischoff is extremely good at convincing the rich to throw money at something. What a salesman! It's very funny that Time Warner is selling to the man who came back to WCW, claiming that he'd turn it around, to which he was only there to buy it. However, Bischoff's group was the only buyer.

So you might as well welcome back Hulk Hogan, who was reportedly offered 3 to 4 Million Dollars, to be a booker for the company and to wrestle too. Yep, you might as well get used to Hogan's buddies again. We'll probably see the returns of Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake, Honky Tonk Man, and many other washed up WWF stars, along with constant pushes of Jim Duggan, Rick Steiner, DDP, The Cat, and a few others who are either chums with Hogan or Bischoff.

Guys like Booker T, the Natural Born Thrillers, Sting, Jeff Jarrett(Russo's friend), and many more better WCW wrestlers will get the shaft. Hopefully, this new WCW move creates conflict within some WCW contracts, and that some of the stars make the trip to the WWF to spark them up.

Bischoff's plan was to have lots of tapings in Las Vegas, which is the same as the Disney tapings. Hey, it's like 1993 only with Hulk Hogan.

WCW's new financial backers will waste money on WCW for a while until they realize how stupid they truly were. Especially by trusting a money spending jackass, like Eric Bischoff, to "turn around" the company, again. Lightning doesn't strike twice, and there are no good wrestlers out there to buy out. Plus, HULK HOGAN DOESN'T DRAW ANYMORE!!!!!!!!

WCW Jackson 5

I'm delighted that the actual Jackson 5 is returning! Read about that at News Orgy if you want.

5. Sid: Ummm, he won 2 matches this week? I don't know who to put at #5 anymore.

4. Bill Goldberg: Should be wrestling in the main event.

3. Shane Douglas: Better be the next US champion.

2. Lance Storm: Damn shame he'll get further buried now.

1. Scott Steiner: He's the world champion, I suppose?

Wouldn't it be a good laugh if Hulk Hogan ended up as the Mystery Man at Sin, and instantly became WCW's World Champion from the get-go of the new Bischoff Era?

I'm sorry if I seem a bit negative or whatever here about WCW, but after a couple years of bad decisions and insulting wrestling programs, it tends to anger you.

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@That's all for today. I'll be back with WWF Day tomorrow, to which I'm hoping that the WWF doesn't get sold to morons, either. Until then, just chill....

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