Welcome back! ECW's Guilty as Charged came, and went. I couldn't get a chance to see it, but I read the results, and ECW might have a bright future now. Anyways, on to the Phat Daily Column!


-Many have speculated if Hogan will retire with the title. Right now it has been said, that Hogan is gonna see how the responce is to him being champ again to decide. Enough of this crap, HOGAN WILL NEVER RETIRE!-Bret Hart will probably return to the ring in February, the same time as Sting's return. Should be interesting where Hitman will stand.-Rumor has it that Ric Flair might strip Hogan of the title. I hope it's true! -So long Giant, after jobbing and being embarassed on Monday night, enjoy a great career in the WWF.


-Undertaker will probably be with the Acolytes, and he will be refered to him as a God of some sorts. You think the crucifiction was controversial?-Mick Foley, as it appears, might have a decent title run. He will hold it, at latest, at Wrestlemania, but could lose it at Royal Rumble to the Rock.


-Well now that Taz is the champ, look for the glory hog to hold that belt forever!-In case you didn't hear, Sid showed up at Guilty as Charged, and Joey Styles said he's in ECW for good. Will Sid stay, or let me rephrase that, will Sid stay out of not being injured? -Also on Guilty as Charged, the Dudley Boyz challenged Public Enemy. ECW seems to be getting back on track after all of those talent raids.

That's all for now, e-mail me with anything about wrestling and I will try to reply. Have a nice day.

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