Welcome to the column that you can never say good-bye to, the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll just B.S. about various wrestling topics, as Thursdays lack good material to talk about. I long for the days of ripping apart Thunder (or Chunder) on Thursdays. Well, actually, that did suck, because the night before, I'd lose 2 hours of my life that I couldn't get back in watching Thunder. What was WCW thinking back then?

I mean seriously. Thunder's numbers were getting ridiculous, and they'd put on the lamest matches like anything involving the Misfits in Action or Norman Smiley. Why, why, why?!? Even when WCW would shift their better talent over to Thunder to "spike the ratings", it would ALWAYS fail. Oh well.

I do miss using my "Chunder" banner. It's easily the best PDC banner, ever.

In yesterday's column, some readers pointed the FINGER OF SHAME at me for my comments towards others saying that Triple H was on steroids for his return. I stated that those making those comments do not know Triple H personally, nor have they seen him shoot up, etc. The example was made with Scott Steiner, who I used to call "Scott Steroids" because of his wild behavior in spite of his freakish size. I even mentioned the behavior part in the PDC yesterday, and here's the quote:

"It's not like he's roid-raging backstage or anything. Until you've witness Triple H shoot up on steroids or hear about any insane or crazy behavior, don't bother to accuse him of roiding. "

Scott Steiner exhibited some mean behavior as came back to wrestling, larger than ever. As he became larger in the WWF in the early 1990's, he was said to have bad behavior then, too. Put one and one together, hence the possible use, especially because of the size he had compared to everyone in wrestling. Steiner got in trouble with the law, fought with other wrestlers, and at times, got stiff with other wrestlers in the ring.

So there. It's time to write about more stuff that could be seen under a microscope, so on the PDC.


-In a WWF.com interview, Steve Austin talked about how the fans were saying "What?" during Lilian Garcia's National Anthem from RAW. Here's the quote: "...they were doing it when Lilian (Garcia) was singing the national anthem. I kind of got a kick out of that. " Am I reading this from a wrestler about the National Anthem?!? Especially for New York City, where their fans feel the need to say a wrestling catchphrase instead of honoring the United States of America during the National Anthem. What stupidity. If anything, Austin could have sent a message to fans, saying while it's cool to say the phrase elsewhere, there's no time or place for it during the National Anthem. But he didn't, as wrestling, to him and the WWF, must be more important than the U.S.A.. It's the McMahon way of thinking.

-Am I going to buy any WWA Pay Per Views, anytime soon? Why no. I don't really see anything impressive on their cards enough to get me to buy, really. Maybe if I can see it, somehow, free, then maybe I'll get a look at them. But to pay for a federation I've never seen, although it's like WCW with Jeff Jarrett as the World champion? No thank you.

-With the Owen Hart movie in production, why not "produce" an Owen Hart wrestling tribute tape. For the love of God, many wrestling fans enjoyed Owen as a WRESTLER and would like to have a nice collection of Owen's WRESTLING MATCHES or angles that he did. However, this dark cloud continues to hover over the WWF and the Hart family, especially Owen's immediate family, about whether Owen's death was an accident or not. Unfortunately, this does nothing but hurt the fans who actually appreciated Owen's work.

Of course, I could find a taped collection of Owen's matches online, but that's not of the production features that the WWF can provide, especially with added commentary from other wrestlers, etc.

-I admire Triple H's approach to interviews that ask about Joanie Laurer or Chyna. He's shrugging the questions off by saying it's his personal life, and he chooses not to talk about it, despite Chyna telling everyone and their mother about what she thought happened between the two. I don't know whether the WWF told the Game to take this approach or not, but whatever it is, it makes Triple H look a lot better, and Ms. Laurer can do nothing but host "Robot Wars" shows. HA!

I still can't get over the fact that Chyna has lowered herself to host "Robot Wars" on TNN. That's just too funny. I guess we could say the robots are about as real as many of the features on Chyna's body!

-Over on WrestlingObserver.com, Nilton Fernandes had a relevation about why Spike and Tazz might be World Tag champs. They COULD be just a transition team, as they are faces, for the unfortunate title change to the team of Chuck and Billy. That's just suicide on the WWF's part to push such a poor team to the titles, although Spike and Tazz aren't exactly a strong team. Anything involving Billy Gunn is bad, and in the long run, I'll be proven right, once again, that Billy Gunn is the most overrated WWF competitor right now. Just wait until he nearly injures someone on a spot, or how the crowd will continue to be silent for every tag match he now wrestles, other than the "faggot" chants that may occur, like what the New York City crowd was chanting Monday Night.

-Here's a good question for the WWF and Kevin Nash, who continue to deny Nash's signing: why are you taking away Kevin Nash signs from the crowds? I've heard stories about signs like "Nash Fears Houseshows", among others, getting taken away by security or whoever. The WWF loves to screen signs of upcoming angles, wrestlers, or whatever else. Before Wrestlemania 17, they screened the crowd for negative Rock signs because they knew they were turning Austin heel. Also, I had an incident with a WWF official, back during a RAW in 1998, where I held up a sign saying "This Gimmick Sucks" in honor of the Double J gimmick for Jeff Jarrett. My sign was taken away because it had an impact on WWF television. Just saying, it's like the WWF is extremely protective of how television viewers watch their shows, and how a sign could simply embarrass the WWF.

-For SMACKDOWN, tonight we'll be seeing the second night of Triple H's WWF return. Who knows what will happen, but he could have another conflict with a heel to keep his face push rollin'.

As for the matches.... Rob Van Dam and the Rock, still no official explanation to why they like to tag up, will take on Test and Chris Jericho. It's about time the WWF pushes the Jericho and Rocky feud, instead of taking both wrestlers in opposite directions. I am, however, getting sick of these mix and match tag team matches, where they throw RAW opponents together on tag matches. It's so overdone, as before, it was overdone with 6 man matches.

Also on the Smackdown bill, we'll see a Tag Team title defense, with the champs Spike Dudley/Tazz taking on Lance Storm/Christian. Please give an explanation to why Storm and Christian are getting the title shot. Should be an exciting tag match.... oh wait, Lance Storm is in it, so it will only last a minute.

Finally, in a match to bring a tear to your eye, Edge will take on the Big Bossman. If the Bossman beats Edge, I will give an F to Smackdown as my grade. Guaranteed. Bossman is an old fart, and he should only be used as a stooge for McMahon instead of a wrestler, especially near the main event level.

Nothing else out there....

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@That's all for today, folks. I'll be back, tomorrow, with a FULL review of Smackdown. Until then, just chill.....

Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

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