Welcome to the wonderful Wednesday edition of the Phat Daily Column. We are in the middle of the week, which I'm praying to end quickly. Anyway, the ratings are IN! It was do or die for the WWF, to see whether their product was actually improving, going down, or remaining the same. It also marked the return of WCW to Monday Night as well. No Monday Night Football to contend with, either. Ratings analysis, and more, so on to the PDC.

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Tajiri Submission Holds Lesson!

On WWF Day, I mentioned that I'd love to see Tajiri in the WWF, just so I could see my FAVORITE submission hold, the OCTOPUS. After I said this, I got hammered with bullshit e-mails, with many cursing at me for not knowing Tajiri's holds. Whether they were hardcore ECW fans, or just ones who claim to have followed his career in Japan, I took lots of crap for this. They said that I got confused with the Octopus really being the Tarantula. They told me that I should go back and learn my wrestling holds, because *I* had no idea what I was talking about.

Well, how about these apples? Here is your Tarantula, which is a hold Tajiri uses on the ropes, hangs upside down, while locking his opponent, who has his back against the ropes:

That my friends, is the Tarantula. WAY different from the Octopus, which some of you retards thought I got confused with the Tarantula. Like they are two different animals, they are two different holds!

The Octopus is somewhat like an abdominal stretch. It's oddly locked when Tajiri puts his left leg over his opponent's head, while locking his opponent's right arm. Again, in the center of the ring, and not in the fucking ropes like the Tarantula:

Look at the damn pictures. Those are two different holds. Even more, for the ones who get pissed at their own ignorance, go into Wrestlemania 2000 on the N64, and look in the Back grapple section for the strong holds in the Create-A-Wrestler part of the game. There, you will see the Octopus, which you can use for your created wrestler.

Remember that I used to recap ECW on TNN, so I saw Tajiri applying both holds on a regular basis. When I said I liked the move called the Octopus, I meant the OCTOPUS. I would have said Tarantula if I liked that move, wouldn't I? You ignorant pricks out there jump all over me on weak garbage like this, and it wastes my time when I have to keep proving myself. I don't mean the ones who professionally asked what it meant, I mean the ones who cursed me out for these kinds of things. You know, "learn your fucking holds, you god damned asshole" kinds of e-mails.

So for you bastards who tried to attack me in e-mails over these two moves, I'd like to say that you can just kiss it, because I just made you look like a fool. God, the crap I sometimes put up with for writing for free is just ignorant.

(Note: Tarantula picture was from ECWwrestling.com, and the Octopus picture came from IGN.com.)

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 2.5 (Lowest Ever)
Second Hour: 1.7(Lowest Ever)
Composite: 2.1 (Lowest Ever)
Composite on December 18: 2.3
Composite Last Year: 3.0


First Hour: 4.3
Second Hour: 5.3
Composite: 4.8
Composite on December 18: 4.8
Composite Last Year: 6.0


RAW: 4.3
Nitro: 1.7
Margin: 2.6

WWF Lower End Shows

Mtv Heat: 2.1
Livewire: 1.2
Superstars: 0.9

VERY interesting ratings this week. RAW is WAR proved that they are in decline by not jumping without Monday Night Football to contend with. Yeah, don't give me that the Award show on ABC stole the ratings. RAW didn't improve on their ratings, with an added audience, which shows decline. In fact, I don't think they'll improve after this week's show, either. The WWF delivered an NWO-like run in on a great main event, which killed WCW in the long run. The WWF is taking that same path, for who? The Exclusive Club members of Austin and Triple H, while leaving Angle in the dust. Trust me, it's going to bite the WWF hard!

WCW, on the other hand, returned to their lowest rated Nitro ever. Now, they haven't been on Monday Nights for 3 weeks now, but it's still sad. A good product would have people wanting to come back and watch. Their rating for their last show, on December 23, was only a 2.3 in comparison to this week's 2.1. It's no wonder why Time Warner is going to sell or shut down WCW by January 30th.

The first hour of Nitro was at least consistant, although their lowest ever. But the second hour, they hit rock bottom! From 8:00 until 8:30, WCW was doing a 1.8. Usually, they'll hit around a 2.0 or so to raise the overall rating up. Not this time. After 8:30, WCW received two quarter ratings of 1.5 each!! OUCH! The even more scarier thing was that Kevin Nash, Diamond Dallas Page, Jeff Jarrett, and Scott Steiner were wrestling matches in those hours. Each of those guys are considered "superstars" to WCW's eyes, but they drew worse ratings than the very stupid Hardcore Title promo. That's VERY bad.

RAW had a very slow start to their show. Hey, that's what happens when those long interviews sets the mood. It took RAW a while to really get near the 5.0 level this week, and then they hit it. Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle drew an a good 5.7 over run, but I've seen lesser matches draw higher than that. To make matters worse, that match had no clean ending, therefore, RAW is in trouble for future main event matches. Why watch it when you know the WWF has a good chance of ruining it? Hey, when your on top with two crumbling federations down below, it's easy for ignorance to start happening.

Vince McMahon, however, has to be very pleased with the sub-shows. Mtv Heat shot up, with Tazz and Raven as the main event. Could Tazz be a draw??? Well, I hope the WWF sees something in that. Then, Livewire jumped to a 1.2 this week. That's a very strong number for them, which could show that the demand for the WWF is still somewhat there.... if it was attended to. Superstars, the worst of the WWF shows, pulled in a 0.9. That show is horrible anyway, so who cares?

But all in all, the wrestling industry is going down on the ratings. The big thing is that the WWF needs competition to strive in the ratings. When they were pushing constant 6.0 cable ratings, that was when WCW was somewhat of a threat, still. WCW, back then, could strike at any time because they certainly had the talent. Now, their talent is diminished, with the best ones in the WWF now, and it's hurting the overall product.

The scary thing is that no competition will be able to rise for a long time. ECW just shot down all locker room morale by having a one night deal with Rob Van Dam coming back for a main event match, which will lead to lots of talent probably leaving. Plus, they aren't getting paid. No TV deals seem near, even though one is RUMORED everyday. WCW is in the same boat. Faulty leadership will take forever to fix, and even with new leadership, it will take about a year to actually compete with the WWF. If that.

The only thing I see sparking the ratings is if WCW goes under, and that the many good prospect in WCW do a little "invasion" angle. That way, great crossover matches could occur. Other than that, if WCW gets bought, they'll survive for a few months, until sinking. It's scary times for professional wrestling, an industry which was just cleaning up the ratings in 1998 and 1999. But we're in 2001, and every thing has changed.

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