Welcome back to the one and ONLY Phat Daily Column. Tonight is the second night that Nitro has been cut down to two hours. Will they pick up the slack this week? I most certainly hope so, as their grades haven't been looking too good in my gradebook lately. Also, will this be the week Shane and Vince return to power? One would hope so because things are slowly getting boring. Anyway, on to the PDC.


-This week's Nitro is being hyped as something to give everyone jaw droppers. Hmmm, what are they going to do, bring in more old men? Nah, I bet it will be Terry Funk taking a horrible bump, as he proves how he can still take worse bumps than all of the WCW roster. Look for Funk and Nash to heat things up so to speak, and make us all jump up and down when they do interviews together. Oh yeah, their match at Souled Out will be so spectacular, with Nash hurting Funk the whole match.

-Oh my, the PDC tag team of the Week, Crowbar and David Flair will be in three way dance with two other worthless factions of the Revolution, Malenko and Saturn, and the Filthy Animals(Konnan and Kidman). My god, I predict that this match won't last 5 minutes. That's right...5 minutes! It doesn't get any better than this.

-Joy, a face to face meeting between Buff and DDP. There's ratings for ya. Like I said before, this feud is lacking Kimberly to add a special touch to it, thus why nobody gives a crap about this match or feud. I'll admit, the jokes DDP made about Buff were pretty funny, but it's nothing to make me want to see this feud drag out this long.

-Look out, Stevie Ray will do an interview tonight to let it be known about his problems with Booker T and Midnight. He wants Booker to either choose him and go after the tag titles again, or to choose her. Booker T, choose neither. Both are still holding your great singles career down, and both couldn't wrestle if they tried. I hope the new creative team will someday notice on what a performer Booker T is, because there is so much damn potential, it's ridiculous! Many fans, including Coolbeans, would agree.

-Oh yeah, Terry Funk, they say on WCW.com, went to Bill Busch, well supposively, and got the power to book any match that he desires. I say book the NWO against each other!


-I'm hoping that Shane and Vince can return tonight, because I don't know how many more weeks I can take with Triple H and Stephanie running the show. They are like the powers that be, but only you get to see who is controlling the show. It's a slow, painful death as long as they are running the show every week.

-Hopefully, we get to see more of Rikishi now spelled Phatu wrestle. I guess Too Cool is alright in my book as long as they are just dancing with Rikishi. Now if they wrestled, now that's a different story...as I would rant on how they should just wrestle Jakked and Heat. Why do I keep doing that? As a team, they aren't going anywhere. They are much smaller than the Hardys and Christian/Edge, and that poses as a problem when they would face up against the Acolytes. That's why I keep saying that! There is no potential there, so wrestle Jakked for the next person to step it up on RAW and Smackdown. But that's just my opinion....

-It makes you wonder who gets to fight Kurt Angle this week. He looked good versus the Rock on Smackdown, and he was also good on the mic for that as well. I wouldn't be the least surprised if Triple H gets angry and faces him soon. If not this week, sometime soon. But wait, Triple H can't beat anybody. Hell, his closest clean win lately was against the Big Slow, and he kicked him in the nuts for that win.

-We get to see more of the Chyna and Chris Jericho saga. Anyone else getting tired of it in hopes that Jericho goes in a different direction soon? Sure, it's funny to see them yell at each other and cheat for each other, but they both have other things to accomplish than to feud with one another. Let them move on for Christ's sake!

Well, I went 2-2 on my ECW Guilty as Charged predictions, as there were six matches that I listed. One got mixed up, and the other was cancelled. I would have come up on top this week, but I took the gamble that nobody else would, and that's to bet against Rob Van Dam. It makes me wonder how Sabu feels about jobbing at yet another pay per view. He didn't want to lose this match at first, but I wonder what incentive he gets for doing the JOB last night. Hmmmm. Oh well. Thank God Mike Awesome defeated Spike Dudley!

@That's all for this Monday edition of the Phat Daily Column. I'll be back with the usual Monday Night annoyances for you all to enjoy tomorrow. Until then, why not chill...till the next episode.

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