WWF Promo. Heat Intro. Fireworks! Pyros! Micheal Cole and Kevin Kelly are your hosts this week.

Val Venis comes out. He gets on the mic and says: "Hello Ladies. You know the Great Valbowski is in comparison with Haley's comet. You can see both of us coming miles away. But, Haley's only comes once in 76 year, and Val Venis comes on command!" Funny stuff. Blackman comes out swinging his 'chucks around. Before their match, they show highlights of Blackman's match with D'Lo where Kurt Angle interfered, thus giving D'Lo the win.

Match #1: Steve Blackman vs. Val Venis
Both trade blows at the start, until Val gets the advantage with some shots off the ropes. Blackman comes back, and throws Val Venis on the outside. Val would get the better of Steve out there, as he threw Blackman into the post and pounded on him. Val throws Blackman in the ring, and he tries to suplex him on the outside. Blackman stops it, and lifts Val up and straddles him on the ropes. Ouch! Val would come back with a well executed neckbreaker. Blackman comes back with some chops and a good snap suplex. Blackman gets on the second rope, and imitates Val Venis by pivoting his hips. Blackman took too much time, and he misses an elbow drop. Russian legsweep by Val Venis, and then Kurt Angle makes his way down. Angle steal Blackman's 'chucks. Ref is accidentally knocked out. Blackman sees Angle, and gets distracted. Angle throws the 'chucks to Val, and Val would nail Blackman with them. Val gets the win.
Winner: Val Venis

Mark Henry is the back begging Godfather to tag up with him earlier. Godfather isn't too sure because of past experiences.


Back. WWF Plays of the Week time with the band Crazytown playing their song "Toxic". Good song I might add. Henry is still begging the Godfather to tag up with him, insisting him that he's serious this time. He just wants one more chance..and after a while, Godfather agrees to give it to him.


Back. Shows Terri in the back in a revealing Santa suit writing to Santa Clause. She says that she'll tell Santa what she wants in person. Gangrel and Luna come out, and then Mideon. During Mideon's intrance music, the Tazz sign shows up again! Headbangers come out now, but they are both in drag. Weird.

Match #2: Headbangers vs. Gangrel and Mideon
Mideon and Mosh start the match out, both exchanging shots. Mosh knocks Mideon on the outside. Mideon comes back in, only to get choked by Mosh's bra. Thrasher gets tagged in and continues the offense. Eyerake by Mideon, and he tags Gangrel in. Gangrel pounds on Thrasher. Double clothesline! Both get to their corners, and Mideon and Mosh are now battling. Everyone is now in the ring. Gangrel and Mosh fight on the outside, while Thrasher and Mideon are fighting inside. Mosh gets the best of Gangrel, and comes off the top on Mideon with a weird splash and pins him.
Winners: The Headbangers

Titantron Live Promo.


Oh boy! Pacific Blue hype! I'd watch it if I didn't have to type this report up. (Whatever) Jonathan Coachmen, new WWF announcer, is backstage with the Dudleys. They were saying how they were fighting Sexual Chocolate and the Godfather. Buh Buh, while studdering, was making fun of Mae Young. Funny stuff. Both the Dudleys went over the Commandments as usual. The WWF goes to a segment where Mae Young is in the back talking to the Godfather's hoes. They talk about working together and Mae Young offers them a drink from her container of whiskey. One of the hoes takes a big swig, and that angers Mae.

WWF.com/Sega Dreamcast Wrestlemania 2000 contest promo.


WWF Boot of the Week presented by Luggs: Jeff Hardy missing that sinton(sp?) bomb from the top of the cage. That had to have hurt.

D'Lo comes out. Heat is brought to you by Skittles, Army, and Norelco. Taka comes out along with Funaki. USA chants are heard.

Match #3: Taka vs. D'Lo Brown
Taka starts the match with some offense, and he tries to send D'Lo for the ride. D'Lo hit some kind of spinning slam on Taka. D'Lo gets on the ropes and moonsaults Taka. D'Lo works on Taka in the corners, but he would eventually miss a charge, and Taka would hit him with a Frankensteiner. Taka hits D'Lo in the face while he's down with a short dropkick. Taka, instead of going for the pin, he taunts the crowd. D'Lo gets back up and nails Taka with a sweet neckbreaker. Spinning sidekick by D'Lo, bodyslam, D'Lo classic Legdrop, and a Lowdown for the pin! Funaki would try to come in for some, but D'Lo Skyhighs him.
Winner: D'Lo Brown

WWF: the Music Volume 4 Promo.


Shows clips of what happened during the break with Mae Young and the hoes. Mae Young was warning the hoes to stay away from her man, Mark Henry. Funny stuff. The WWF would then show the G-TV clip from RAW of Young and Henry. Yecch! They hype the tag match later on between Henry/Godfather and the Dudleys. Next up, they show clips from Armageddon/RAW/Smackdown of the Stephanie McMahon situation. During the whole night, Kelly and Cole couldn't stop talking about Stephanie McMahon!! They they have some RAW hype about how Stephanie and Triple H will do something about Mankind and the Rock, and they hype a possible return of Vince McMahon.


WWF New York Promo.

Godfather, with 4 fine hoes, comes out. Godfather gets on the mic and does his usual phrases. Mark Henry comes out with Mae Young, and he reads a poem to Mae, and then proceeds to hug her. AWW. Dudley Boys come out, and Devon has a mic in hand and he calls the crowd and his competitors "idiots". He makes everyone know of the Commandments again, and the Dudleys charge the ring for the main event!

Match #4: Dudley Boys vs. Sexual Chocolate and the Godfather
After all members fight in the ring, it ends up being Godfather and Devon to start out. Godfather bodyslams Devon. Devon gets the reversal on the ropes and hits the Godfather with an elbow. Devon tags in Buh Buh, but the Godfather gets on the offensive versus him. Buh Buh comes back, and hits a good back-body drop on Godfather. Buh Buh says something to Henry to make him come in, and the Dudleys do their usual cheap move where Buh Buh hold the opponents legs open, and Devon comes off the top rope with a headbutt to the balls. Devon is now dominating the Godfather. Tags in Buh Buh, and he sends Godfather for the ride. Doubleclothesline!! Both make tags to their partner, with Henry and Devon now in the ring. Henry is cleaning house folks, as they were saying how serious he was for this match. Everyone is now in the ring, until Buh Buh and Mark Henry make it to the outside. Buh Buh beats on Henry, and then taunts Mae Young. Mae Young jumps on Buh Buh's back, and starts hitting him with her metal container which she had whiskey in. Ref calls for the DQ. After the match, Godfather's music hits, and Henry is Waltzing with Mae Young, while Godfather gets down with his hoes.
Winners: Dudleys by DQ

End of show.

Heat PHAT Stats

Matches: 4
Clean Wins: 2
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 0

Tito's thoughts: Not a bad show overall, as it's not really meant to be a high profile show anymore. The short segments before the matches were pretty funny, and D'Lo really put some spectacular moves on Taka. I guess I'll give this show a good B+ because it entertained me. :)

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