WWF intro...

Heat beginning theme...

Pyros!! Shows the crown in attendance. Micheal Cole and Kevin Kelly are the announcers.

Sexual Chocolate comes out. Announcers hype a triple threat match between the Dudleys, Acolytes, and Edge/Christian. They also hype RAW..which they did all night! Prince Albert comes out.

Match #1 Sexual Chocolate vs. Prince Albert
Lock up. Prince Albert starts off on the attack. Albert gets cocky and Henry capitalizes. Monster suplex by Henry, but he would later get thrown into the corner. Albert pounds on Henry for a while. Albert would miss a corner squash on Henry, and he would get put on the ropes. Henry would charge and he jumps through the ropes to hit Albert, which the announcers called the "Chocolate Moose". Henry landed wrong, and he hurt his knee. Back in the ring, Henry can't do much, and Albert nails him with a sweet bicycle kick.
Winner: Prince Albert

Hollys give their best wishes to Test and Stephanie. Hardcore would joke about how Crash never had a girlfriend. Funny stuff.

Titan Tron Live Jakks promo!

Wrestlemania 2000 commercial.


Back. Pacific Blue hype. They show the WWF Plays of the Week with the Verve Pipe's video for Hero. (It showed highlights from Smackdown and RAW)

Triple Threat tag match hype for later on tonight. It would then show something about a contest in association with Sega Dreamcast about a trip to see Wrestlemania 2000 that will be on WWF.com. The commercial had Jericho and D'Lo Brown in it..so take it as you will with their positions in the WWF.


Wrestlemania 2000 sponsoring the Slam of the Week which featured highlights of Vince during RAW. Gangrel comes out with Luna, with Steve Blackman already in the ring.

Match #2 Steve Blackman vs. Gangrel w/ Luna
Blackman on top early. Gangrel would get on the offensive to hit a good underhook belly to belly suplex. Blackman would come back sith some kicks and poundings in the corner. Gangrel hits a DDT, but Blackman would get up to hit Gangrel with a spinebuster. Blackman has some kind of leglock on Gangrel, but he's using the ropes for leverage. Ref breaks it, and Blackman throws Gangrel on the ropes...Double Clothesline! Gangrel got the best of it. Blackman retreats by getting out of the ring, only to have Luna jump on his back. Blackman slams her, and Gangrel comes outside to attack him. Gangrel chases Blackman in the ring, only for Blackman to hit him with a cross body press, which Gangrel rolled over to pin Blackman.
Winner: Gangrel

Henry reads a very good poem which he wrote in honor of Stephanie and Test. Damn it was really good!

Commercials. Gotta pay the bills..

Back. RAW is WAR wedding hype. They show highlights leading up to Test and Stephanie's Wedding. More RAW hype, and more triple threat tag team match hype for later on. That match better be worth it! WWF Volume 4 promo.


WWFwired.com promo.

Ivory wishes Test and Stephanie the best. Compares their love to socks of all things. It was rather stupid.

Headbangers come out. After that, Kaienti comes out!

Match #3 Kaienti vs. Headbangers
Headbangers were making fun of Kaienti's customs. That wasn't right. Mosh and Funaki start the match up wrestling around. Funaki gets the advantage, but he gets slammed by Mosh. Great tag action as Mosh dropkicked Funaki in the back and Thrasher clotheslined him after that. Funaki would later tag Take in, and Taka would get slammed during some double teaming. Funaki interferes, and he puts Thrasher in a camel clutch only for Taka to dropkick Thrasher in the face while in it. Kaienti would then hold up Thrasher in a suplex position, only to drop him like a powerbomb. Great move! Thrasher is really getting his now. Missed moonsault by Taka enables Thrasher to tag Mosh in. Mosh is cleaning house now since he's fresh. Kaienti tries to double clothesline Mosh, but Thrasher pulled Taka out, and then Mosh would put Funaki in a sweet reverse Death Valley driver! Thrasher gets on the top rope, and Mosh gets Funaki in a powerbomb position for a Stagedive! However, while the ref is trying to get Thrasher out of the ring, Taka comes off the top rope with a flying knee on Mosh, and Funaki gets the pin. Great match, and the crowd was cheering for it as well.
Winners: Kaienti

Big Show wishes Stephanie and Test the best, and he offers himself to be a babysitter for the future.

You guessed it... COMMERCIALS.

Back. Monday Night highlights and Smackdown highlights of Vince vs. Triple H. More Triple H vs. Vince hype for Armageddon, and the triple threat tag match hype for later tonight. That match better be good...

There was a commercial for the WWF's Greatest Hits which will be on 8 pm Tuesday. They said to check your local listings?


Back. Mick Foley wishes Test and Stephanie the best, and he says that his gift will be something which is 500 pages or so long(his book). He also warns Test of any wrong-doings, as he considers himself a part of the McMahon family.

Edge and Christian come out. Dudleys come out, and Buh Buh got on the mic to do his usual studdering. Devon calls Christian and Edge "idiots" and warns them of the 3 Dudley commandments. Acolytes come out.

Match #4 Christian/Edge vs. Acolytes vs. Dudley Boys
Christian and Farooq start it off quickly. Fast moves, and Farooq slams Christian and he then slaps Devon in the face for the tag. Christian would get on the offensive against Devon. Devon would find a way to tag in Buh Buh. Edge gets tagged in, and hip tosses Buh Buh many times. Buh Buh flips Edge over his head, and clotheslines Edge, and tries to pin him. Edge kicks out, and Buh Buh tags in Devon after that. Edge does a sunset flip on Devon, but fails to get the pin. Devon pounds Edge, and tags Buh Buh back in. Buh Buh slams Edge, and goes to the top. Edge got up quickly, tagged Christian in, and sacked Buh Buh when he's on the second rope. Edge hits a Frankensteiner on Buh Buh, and Christian comes off the top with a strange bodypress of his own. Christian hits him with a spinning heel kick, but it had no effect as Buh Buh nails him with a mean sidewalk slam. Buh Buh tags Devon back in, and Devon bodyslams Christian. Devon misses a headbutt off the top rope, and Christian tags in Bradshaw. After Bradshaw came in, it was total chaos. Everyone was fighting in and out of the ring. Somehow, the Dudleys hit a 3D on Edge, but Bradshaw was there to give Buh Buh a Clothesline from hell for the win.
Winners: Acolytes

More RAW hype to end the show!