It's FRIDAY!!! And you know what that means... no, it's not the start of your weekend, it's WWF day!

You know, I'm shocked over yesterday's column. I made a rather heat seeking comment about Juvy, Road Dogg, and namely Scott Hall, and I didn't receive a bit of mail on that. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. Usually, I get blasted for "exposing wrestler's lives", or whatever. It's more like showing you guys who are given too many chances in life, with all of the resources around, they can't fix themselves. Robert Downey Jr. syndrome.

Wrestling has quite a few. Especially the biggest one, Scott Hall, who seems to be NEVER getting on wrestling TV again. But, the cards are lining up to maybe enforce a possible WCW return, since Eric Bischoff is weak at times.

One thing I want to say right now.... STOP SENDING ME PETITIONS!!!!! I've received several through the mail, asking me to sign it and plug it in my column. Yeah right. One of the petitions was to "give Tazz a push in the WWF", and the other one, recently, was for "Eric Bischoff to start pushing the younger wrestlers". Shit, like the wrestling federations would actually care about an online petition, which they'd think was rigged anyway. You're not getting support here.

Oh yeah, for those who are wondering, BAD TITO will make its official return coming up this week. I have it finished, but I feel that the bombshell will be better off sometime during the week, instead of the weekend. It's coming, and it will expose a nice little site bigtime.

What am I talking about? On to the PDC.


Smackdown Thoughts

Wow, wow, wow!! Yesterday, in the PDC early on, I asked for a NEW Thunder banner for my column. What I got was something VERY impressive, and possibly the best banner anybody has ever made me. It was *that* good. So I'm laying out the challenge... Why not make me a Smackdown banner? Like I said with the Thunder banner, I won't hesitate to credit you for your excellent work. Remember, .JPG or .GIF format only, and I want TOP quality. The mission is yours if you choose to take it. For the banner, call it "Phat Down" instead of Smackdown. You can Click Here if you need a banner of reference. If I get a good banner, I'll edit this message out like I did yesterday.

Last Night, the WWF put on a XFL preview show, and a Smackdown came out of it.

Opening interview: Don't care, don't care.

First match of the night was Chris Benoit and Perry Saturn against the Hardy Boys. Perry Saturn now has a full set of tights, as he's trying to change his image to, you know, FINALLY get over. It takes more than a new pair of tights there Perry. Good match overall, with those dirty Radicalz stealing the win.

Hmmmm.... if the WWF's attempt on getting Al Snow over is to let him get pounded by tougher midcarders, then I don't know how that will work. It's even harder when you make him face weak crowd sparks like Benoit (WWF fans don't appreciate him) and Rikishi.

Good tag match with Edge/Christian against the Dudley Boyz, but guess who ruined it? Kane and Undertaker. You know, I've about had enough with those two slugs by now. This is NOT 1996, 1997, or 1998 where the Big Man ruled the World. The WWF is pushing those two as invincible, where Kane is wrestling the exact same way as he debuted, and the Undertaker looks worse each time he's out there. The sad thing is that the WWF dumped the feud with Rikishi/Haku because they knew how bad it would be at No Way Out, so what do they do instead? They through Edge/Christian and the Dudley Boyz to the lions, forcing them to sell all of the big slugs' moves. Glass ceiling? What's that, says Vince McMahon.

That's definitely Tori under the mask. Nice of the WWF to keep this stupid 24/7 gimmick up. ZZZZZZ What cracks me up is the fact that the WWF made Raven to get more "slicker" shorts than his grungy ones. Now that's funny.

Weird stuff with the Right To Nudity against the Right To Censor. I'm sure the bastards at the Parents Television Counci (PTC) will have something nice to say about that segment, especially about the Kat. Sure, I want to see her in a G-string, but it's stuff like that which fuels the PTC's argument to WWF sponsors. Duh!!!

Good match with Triple H against Chris Jericho, although it would have been more amusing to see Triple H losing his match for a better storyline. I'm not saying that in support of Jericho, as it could be any WWF wrestler on the roster, even Billy Gunn (who was supposed to wrestle the match anyway). But the powers that be let the wrestlers book whatever they want, so we'll get Austin and Triple H going into their match in unstoppable ways.

Rock won against the Big Slow in an OK match. But really here... do you honestly want to see Rock against Kurt Angle headlining a Pay Per View, especially when the outcome is too obvious?

Not I said the wolf. Ehhh, I'll give this show a B-. I've seen better. Midcard is still too weak, if you ask me.


A few are suggesting that Paul Heyman is now very close to signing a deal with the WWF, to either sell them the remainder of ECW or to become part of the creative team. WWF could certainly use Heyman for the midcarders, bigtime! The big problem with Heyman is that he "plays the smarts" too much. Like say one of his booking ideas gets released out there, and it could be a great idea. But since it's now well known by wrestling insiders, he'll change his ideas and try to swerve them. Sort of what Russo did in WCW, but only about 10 times worse.

WWF Volume 5 is coming out, and to my personal preferences, I'm upset that the Radicalz theme isn't on the CD. They instead put the K-Kwik theme on it, but I'll be nice... So could anybody lead me to a Crystal Clear version of the Radicalz theme song, with NO crowd noise or announcements? Just direct me to a link please.

You know, I do the XFL news here, and I was amazed about the Jim Ross promotion to the "A" announcing team. That announcement came after rumors went around that Ross might leave the WWF announcing table to do the XFL full time. But I won't get into that any further, because I know the sometimes egotistical Jim Ross will address this in his Ross Report later.

You know, I've heard rumors about the WWF possibly giving a new name or gimmick to Justin Credible when he arrives in the WWF. If you've read my ECW on TNN recaps, you'll know that I hate Credible, but I will say that no better name suits him. Whoever invented that name, originally, needs to be awarded a big medal. A trophy too. You can't get any more creative than that name. You can get creative, however, on one's wrestling style, which Credible work on. Don't you even dare tell me that Credible is an actual good wrestler, because I did the ECW on TNN recaps. All he does is punch and kick, with an occasional clothesline. That's it! Read the PDC archives, if you have to, and read the ECW on TNN show recaps. When I do show recaps, I go move for move on calls. I'd get pissed off watching him because that's all he did: punch and kick, with an occasional clothesline.

WWF Jackson 5

5. Chris Benoit: Always can carry a good match, even with Al Snow!

4. Stone Cold Steve Austin: You evil trickster, you.

3. Triple H: Always wrestles a good match, despite booking it himself.

2. Kurt Angle: Got a pin over Triple H! Wow!!

1. Chris Jericho: Fine week of wrestling for Jericho. Respect anyone?

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The XFL Gazette

The XFL is the cover story of this week's issue of Sports Illustrated. You know it's getting strong attention when it makes Sports Illustrated, probably the nation's top sports magazine. To read some of the articles without buying the magazine, then Click Here.

If you strap yourself to a chair and watch TNN all day, you'll know that they always have a small little XFL logo saying "coming in so and so days". Mighty generous of TNN and Viacom there.

On the Sporting News online, you can read an article on the XFL that just trashes the league. Click Here to read it, and if you don't agree with it, you could e-mail the author and give him your thoughts about it. (Be professional) is reporting that Vince McMahon told Matt Vasgersian and Jesse Ventura to watch and listen to how Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler commentate, because their style was what McMahon desired for the image of the XFL. Vasgersian and Ventura were the "A" team, and since their chemistry didn't provide what Vince wanted, Vince shoved Ross to the "A" team with Ventura, and dropped Vasgersian with Jerry Lawler. Vince probably hopes for Lawler to help out Vasgersian on the attitude wanted for the XFL games.

Speaking of that, on Smackdown last night, Lawler was hyping that Jim Ross and Jesse Ventura don't see eye to eye on certain things, and that the real battle on Saturday night will be Ross vs. Ventura.

Torch also reports that Vince said "screw those people, they don't get it" to Jerry Lawler, in reference to the loads of criticism his football announcing received.

Yahoo! News said that the WWF stock has dropped 10% so far this week. Early XFL success dropping the value of the stock? You could attribute that to the announcement of the 4.0 Smackdown rating, and the lower rating from RAW too. It will be interesting to see how the stock does after the second week of XFL football.

Click Here for information on XFL game attendance for last week. (Thanks to Robert Fallon for sending that in) is reporting that the NBA's David Stern (the commissioner) is very angry at the way NBC promotes the XFL during the NBA basketball games. He's so mad that he hinted letting the currently television contract expire at the end of next season.

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