Yet another Phat Daily Column to set forth Tito's opinions for the net to read. The ratings are in, and they are very interesting this week. Also, there are some screwed up newsbytes going around, as a few wrestlers in WCW love to create controversy. Also today, I have my Phat Video review ready, finally, for your reading pleasure. On to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis


First hour: 3.0
Second Hour: 2.4
Composite: 2.7


First Hour: 6.1
Second Hour: 6.8
Composite: 6.45


RAW: 6.1 Tito's Prediction: 6.1
Nitro: 2.4 Tito's Prediction: 2.5

-Once again, RAW made Nitro their bitch in the ratings, as I'm hoping that Nitro somehow steps it up for next week's program. This could be their last chance at any hope in the ratings. I think WCW is at the point where they need an innovative angle like the original NWO to even give them a chance anymore. Too many injuries, continued backstage politics, and horrible bookers are really holding WCW down right now. I think the show will do much better once Sting, Goldberg, and Bret Hart come back, because those 3 draw the most attention in WCW anymore. WCW simply can't last on Sid's shoulders, and I'm not saying that in a negative way, but I'm saying that in a way that his pops don't last forever. As for RAW, how about that 8.1 overrun which was caused by the spectacular main event! I'm hoping for another one of those on either Smackdown or the next RAW.


-I think that it's rather funny that Big Poppa Pump was sent home for his comments made on Nitro. I completely forgot to mention that yesterday in my column, as I rushed doing it yesterday. I was laughing my ass off on him showing respect for Stone Cold, and then bashing the hell out of Ric Flair and WCW. I thought he was only saying it to draw heat for the NWO, but apparently, it was a shoot and it was unplanned. Since I hear that the whole backstage crew is intimidated by him, he'll probably be back on Nitro. Just don't expect any more mic work from Steiner.

-For next week's February 14th Nitro, which is unopposed due to a stupid Dog Show, I hear that WCW plans on having a match between Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. Oh joy, I can just smell the ratings there!!!! Yeah right. Maybe if this was 2 years ago, it would be a big ratings draw. Times have change. Both men are WAY past their primes, and both men, recently, haven't been in the ring wrestling as much as they used to. If this is the main event for Nitro, they are shooting themselves in the foot for not taking advantage of an unopposed night. But then again, who else could they book with all of the injuries?

-A lot of people know that I'm not a big Goldberg fan, but I must admit, he's done a lot of out of wrestling work that nobody else can match. Especially during this injury. He's been to a lot of animal rights protests, and he's been on a lot of television shows promoting what he believes in. Usually, when somebody's injured at WCW, they sit on their fatass at home, and they don't make a difference. However with Goldberg, he's sending a message to the world.


-Reports are that the Benoit, Malenko, Guerrero, and Saturn are very happy with their current surroundings at the WWF. There aren't the harsh backstage politics like there were in WCW, and they love the awesome crowds that the WWF events attract. Especially this past Monday, where the Dallas crowd was very loud in their cheers for the great 10 man match. I'd pretty much say that the WCW 4 has made the right decision, but I still think that turning heel this early in their careers was a mistake. I think it would have been better if Vince McMahon granted them contracts. The 4 were getting cheers out of respect, and the WWF should have played off of it. Oh well.

-I was too busy marking out for Kane yesterday, since he's my favorite wrestler, to really comment on Paul Bearer getting back with Kane. I suppose I was just too happy that Kane could have a great chance at superstardom with Paul Bearer, I forgot to analyze the duo's past. It hasn't been sweet at all, especially when Bearer left Kane for the Undertaker. There was a lot of heat between the two, as I wonder how they could make up a storyline on how they got back together. Maybe the father-son relationship was given another chance. Speaking of Paul Bearer, he was looking pretty good on RAW after dropping a good bit of weight.

Mr. Tito's Phat Video Review

That's right! I finally had the chance to view Sting's recent video, Back in Black. It's a continuation of the Superstar Series, which Sting already has another video out called Unmasked. Well anyway, here is my review:

Sting: Back in Black

The whole video is based on Sting's return after he took a few months off to become a born again christian, and it ends where Sting turned evil by hitting Hogan with the bat. Sting narrates it in a very strange and colorful basement, and he says some rather interesting stuff. The video showed all of his main event like matches during his return, and I didn't realize how many of those that he lost. The first match was the 4 way with Hogan, Flair, and DDP with Macho Man as the ref. They then showed Sting's 2 hour title reign when he beat DDP, and then lost it back to DDP when DDP pinned Nash in a 4 way later that evening. Next up was the bouts with Ric Flair. One was a personal challenge, the next was the one for the Presidency. They then showed his stupid feud with Rick Steiner, along with his few tag matches with Kevin Nash. He would then team up with Hogan a few times vs. Sid and Nash, and then the video showed the unfortunate chokeslam clean victory by Sid. Finally, it showed Sting giving pay backs to Hogan.

The production for this video is horrible, as the basement looks horrible and dark on camera, and Sting would narrate something, and they would show clips of something entirely different. It looks like they quickly made this video, and that really hurt the overall quality. Plus, this video covers a time span of around 5 months or so. Usually, it's nice to allow more time before you make a video of a wrestler, but I guess Sting marks, like myself, sometimes can't get enough. In conclusion, this video gets a


in my gradebook for a bad timespan and bad production. It's recommended if you want more of Sting, but I'm unsure if any other fans would enjoy this video.

@That's it for this edition of the Phat Daily Column. I'll be back with some Thunder thoughts, or something, and then some other stuff as well. So just chill, till the next episode!

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