Hey everyone, welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Monday night came and went, but too bad there was a stupid dog show going up against Nitro this week. I have my gradebook out, and I'm ready to go. With all that being said, on to the PDC!!

Monday Night Impressions


-I just want to say that the Blitzcreig/Rey Misterio match was a good one. Blitzcreig has got some mad skills. -I have no idea who the blond chick is talking to in those segments. -Finally, some Raven involvement on Nitro, even if he was acting stupid with Kanyon. It shows that he's now out of his funk, and he'll return to action soon. -NWO Black and White need to just go away. -Hennig and Windham make a good team, I must say. -Bam Bam/Goldberg feud is weak! -Vincent won a match!! Oh my! I just gotta say the Cat was hilarious last night ripping on the crowd. "I am the greatest!" -Now that incident with Kimberly and Scott Steiner with the car got way out of hand, but it brings great heat to the DDP/Steiner angle. -Piper finally came back, and he proceded and won the US title. That will most likely set him up for Raven to come in. -Maybe the bleach water in the eyes of Mongo signaled the end of his career. I really hope so. Anyways, another match ending with nWo interference....same old song and dance. $$$---Well, having Raven finally get involved in Nitro again, giving big heat to the DDP/Steiner angle, and having Piper finally come back and win the US belt made it a good show, along with the Blitzcreig/Rey Misterio match. BUT, what drags this Nitro down, was the end with the usual NWO interference in the main event, which really is getting old by now. Another thing, WCW put on a good show, but not a great show to steal some WWF fans when RAW was pre-empted. Therefore, this edition of Nitro recieves a B- for it's efforts.



-Xpac has signed a three year extension to his current WWF contract. Great move for both Xpac and the WWF. I must say how great of a job Xpac has done lately. Ever since WCW fired him, he's made huge strides in his career. WCW never saw potential in him. -Road Dog is alright from his injury from the other night when he fell through the ropes during a match. Great news! -Future title pushes in the future include HHH's World Title push, Edge's European Title Push, Al Snow title push(don't know which one yet), Christian's Lightweight title push(which he'll crush Gillberg for), possible Gangrel IC title push, Val Venis IC title pushes, Mr. Ass IC title pushes, more Xpac title pushes more likely IC title, as well as more pushes from the Undertaker, Stone Cold, the Rock. Kane, unfortunately will not recieve any planned title pushes, his role is to be a very tough jobber that gets certain wrestlers over as a contender.


-Rumors of a Perry Saturn near heart attack were confirmed by the WCW hotline. He's getting checked out today. -Billy Kidman signed an extension with WCW. That's great news, as he is the best cruiserweight around. -Many say that Jericho is as good as gone from WCW, and will be knocking on WWF's door when his contract is up. Don't believe this just yet, as WCW is rumored to put up a huge contract for Jericho, which will make him a rich man. He's just a midcarder!!! WWF wouldn't pay Jericho much if he went there.

@Well, that's all for today, have a nice day! E-mail me with your questions or whatever, and I'll try to get back to you.

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