Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Sorry for the delay today, as I woke up too late to do the column early this morning. Lots of things to discuss today, as it was a very interesting Monday Night. Quite possibly one of the best main events on RAW went down last night, as the WWF wanted to make a lasting impression on those who won't be able to see the 11 o'clock Eastern time RAW is WAR next week. Also, did Nitro enable everybody to get pumped for next week's Nitro? Let's analyze it, along with so many other wrestling topics. On to the PDC.

Thanks a million to William Metcalfe for bringing the LoP/Mr. Tito sign at Nitro. This makes #6 for me, and it's greatly appreciated. It means a lot to me. Thanks!

Monday Night Impressions


The injuries and now missing wrestlers are really hurting WCW's programs, as it continued to show tonight. But hey, Scott Hall made his return to the ring. Hall was very out of shape, as I hope he starts hitting the weights and the tanning bed real soon! Oh joy, the NWO seems to be going into shambles, as I say how bout them apples to those who thought it would be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

My lord, Norman Smiley is so over right now. I'd have to say that the crowd was the loudest during his match. At least that's how it sounded to me. It's sad to see that Booker T had to put over the Wall, as Booker T is the one who WCW SHOULD be pushing. But no, he has too much talent to push, so why do it? He might embarass the older guys by the skill that he has, so there is no need to push him. I hope that he someday walks out of WCW and goes to the WWF and becomes a star. He F'N deserves it!

I'm glad to see that WCW is playing off Wrestlewar 89 incident and the I Quit match following that between Funk and Flair. It's amazing that it was around 10 years ago though, as both are nothing compared to what they were then. Oh well, it's better than seeing jabronies like Brian Knobbs getting air time. Speaking of Knobbs, Bam Bam defeated him for the title. Now if WCW was smart for next week by having Sabu fight Bam Bam, and take his title away!

No Hogan, so I guess he can say that the ratings were low on Nitro cause he wasn't there. Crowbar is really starting to impress me for some reason....or at least he's entertaining me. Demon is just a waste. Either give him SOME credibility in the many appearances that he makes, or go to court with KISS so that precious television time isn't wasted. WCW's women's division is already a joke. Shades of Russo are still around!

NITRO Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 6
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

Last Word: I really can't wait until Sting comes back, especially after this night. Not to totally rip WCW, but they are starting to get really hard to watch anymore. There are screwed up aspects of WCW right now, as there are no signs of anything getting fixed at this point. Goldberg, also, is now going to take longer to heal up, so they don't have him to rely on for a while. Do you think Hogan can be the answer? Well, I can actually say that he was needed for tonight, because WCW was very dry on talent. Again, same with last week, due to the limitations on talent, I'm going to be a nice guy, and I'll give them a


for a decent show for what they had. I'm still pissed about Booker T losing, as WCW is so blind when it comes to him. I predict that this show will get a 2.5 against RAW's first hour.


Alright, from my e-mails earlier, I think this is the part that everybody is waiting to read. For months, I've dogged Too Cool. I've told the whole internet wrestling world what I personally thought of them as WRESTLERS, and how I said that their WRESTLING SKILLS and their SIZE wouldn't make them world champions nor would it make them the top contenders in the WWF. BUT, before I discuss them and the main event, I'll slowly build it up from the beginning of the show to the end.

First off, I think that the WWF made a HUGE mistake at the beginning by turning the Radicals heels instantly. Did you hear the crowd popping for them in the beginning? They are cheering for them out of pure respect, and the WWF should have built on that. Now, they are like the Revolution again, and it will hurt them in their early careers, in MY OPINION. Even after the spectacular main event, it will hurt them in the future to be heels this early.

The Dudleys continued to show what bastards they truly could be, as I really thought that they were going to put BB though the table. That would have been devastating! Also getting the bastard honors this week, was Kurt Angle. Damn, he slammed Mae Young hard, who incidentally has wanted man wrestlers to slam her harder than they normally do. My God, Kudos to the 79 year old Mae Young for that bump! Maybe this could get Mark Henry out of his shell and start actually wrestling again. This feud with Angle should really help Henry out. Hey, what about Tazz? He was absent tonight, as I get the feeling that the WWF wants to re-establish him already. Hmmm.

Wow, Hollys defeated the Acolytes. The Elroy Jetson twins actually pulled it off! I guess they team up with Viscera now, after feuding with him for a few weeks. Joy. This is all mixed in with Jericho too. Even better! D'Lo is continuing to waste his career along the Godfather's side. Those are the weaker angles on WWF programming.

My God, Gangrel planted Jackie. This comes after Jackie pulled off the win against his real life wife, Luna. Oh, I wish that someday, wrestling would drop the domestic violence. But until it stops getting higher ratings, we'll still see it.

Where do you get the new Rock Poontang Pie shirt???

Alright, the moment you've been waiting for! The Main Event! First off, I thought Rikishi was going to be the only one joining the Rock and Cactus Jack, but Too Cool turned out to be the 4th and 5th guys. Let me tell you this beforehand. You could have put any two wrestler's in Too Cool's position, like maybe idiots like Prince Albert, Headbangers, Funaki, or whatever jobbers you'd like, and they would get over in this match. BUT, I doubt that they would take advantage of it like Too Cool did in this match. I have to admit that they put on a good show in this spectacular 10 man match, as the crowd went insane when Scotty Too Hotty did his worm. (I would move if I saw somebody take that long to do a dropping chop like that). Also, the whole crowd was clapping along with Too Cool. The crowd was pumped beforehand, and Too Cool lived used that to help themselves look very good. Now I'm sure you all want me to say that they SUCK because Grandmaster Sexy got pinned, which could be a good excuse, but I won't this time. They did a good job in adding to this spectacular match, as indeed it was. I still will back my thoughts that they won't be world champions someday, but if I do, I'll gladly eat my words. Everybody was in and out of this match, hitting all kinds of great moves. I've never seen such a fun main event as this one in a long time, although Cactus Jack screwed up the very ending when he wasn't supposed to hit Benoit on the pin. WWF should do these type of matches more often! Oh yeah, welcome back Paul Bearer, and he's managing Kane again! Wow!!!

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 2
No Contests: 0

Last Word: The main event alone was an A+ in my book, BUT, for the Monday Night Grades, you must have an all around great show to receive an A+. I can't recall any recent shows getting that, but if the WWF didn't have a few errors on this one, it would have made it. It gets an


for an overall decent show with an awesome main event. It should get around a 6.1 in the first hour, opposing Nitro.

Overall, a great night to be a wrestling fan!

Other Wrestling Stuff

-ECW on TNN had a 1.0 rating for their show Friday, which it has been for a few weeks now. It was once striking 1.2 and 1.3, but now it has lowered to the 1.0 area again, which is close to what they started with. That really hurts considering the fact that Rob Van Dam is injured, and Sabu is going to make a pretty penny in WCW now. ECW might need to push some talent quickly, because they do have decent depth in their roster. I say push Tajiri and Raven. Tajiri really irritates the crowds, and Raven needs to revert back to his old ways, and not his "I did the right thing" crap. ECW definately has some issues to work on.

-A 24 hour WWF channel coming out? Is that a dream come true or what? I know when it comes out, if it ever comes out, I'll personally buy a satellite just to watch it. Hell, why go to school or work when you can watch some quality old school wrestling 24-7? What else could you possibly need in life when it comes out? Nothing. I just would hope that the WWF strikes a deal with some other federations to broadcast some of their old matches. You know, like classic NWA, World Class, or AWA. That would even make life that much better.

-I think it's very funny that ever ECW superstar that jumps has some kind of contract dispute. "There are many years on your contract" is what they scream. Oh please! I think that all of the contracts in ECW are probably done on notebook paper or napkins, and that there are no guarantees. I have the notion that any ECW wrestler can leave at any time, and that only the loyal ones, like Tazz, would agree to live up to the half-assed agreement that is made. Sabu is supposed to have a 5 year contract? Then why would he sign with WCW then, or even think about it? He wouldn't, and he's going to wrestle in WCW, and ECW better make better contracts with their wrestlers.

@That's all for this LATE edition of the Phat Daily Column. Sorry for the delay, as my damn alarm clock didn't go off this morning. Hell, I'm lucky I woke up just before class! I'll be back tomorrow morning with some ratings analysis, and then some. Until the next episode, why not check out the Phat Farm because there are some NEW columns and NEW writers showing up.

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