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A lot of people never saw the MUSCLE NES wrestling I reviewed on Wednesday, as I expected. However, a great deal of readers used to collect the toys, back in the day, and they shared their many experiences via e-mail or on Instant Messenger. For its time, those MUSCLEs were my favorite toy, and possibly of all time. A lot of the figures, though, are direct rip offs of American wrestlers. For instance, you can find a Hulk Hogan or an Abdullah (sp?) the Butcher figure, or look-a-likes, figure in a collection. With MUSCLE, please take time and check out the Muscle Preservation Society.

The next NES review will be Wrestlemania, the very first Nintendo WWF game. The WWF was peaking in popularity at the time, and what better way to promote their product than with a video game on the hottest gaming system around. That was the idea, of course, and whether it was a success or not... well, I'll discuss that on Monday. This game came out in 1989, and started a trend of more and more wrestling games for the NES. It even sparked some competition to arise, as WCW would release their own NES game later that year! And you thought the WCW and WWF wars were fierce in the late 1990s.....

I should review an NES game today, but we'll stay with the Monday-Wednesday schedule... Today, we'll just eat a whole plate of Daily Apples. On to the PDC!


-It's about time the WWF wised up and realized that they aren't bigger than DirecTV. DirecTV actually didn't lose money with the WWF holding their Pay Per Views off DirecTV, and the WWF probably realized that they aren't exactly so powerful as they used to be. Plus, when rising your Pay Per Views in price by $5, you'd want to reach more viewers with the higher prices. This will get more fans watching as a whole, as DirecTV viewers can now get Wrestlemania or just tune into Pay Per Views to see what happens with the NWO or any of Triple H's matches since he returned. Plus, more people can use those illegal hack cards to watch the WWF Pay Per Views for free again to keep interest in the product!

-And speaking about the Pay Per View increase in price, it's a rather ridiculous move by the WWF. If they knew any economics whatsoever, they'd know that rising the price will LOSE viewers. At the time when ratings are lower, attendance is down, and merchandise isn't selling too well, that's the last thing the WWF would want to to. As I've seen so many suggest already, it's obvious that the WWF is shifting their costs (or at least trying to) on their viewers from the recent months of economic downturn from the company. Plus, their arrogance is showing with the split, thinking that the Pay Per View price increase will make up for those individuals who aren't going to buy 2 Pay Per Views a month once the stupid split occurs.

-I find it highly funny that Scott Hall is already making WWF officials and wrestlers mad, already, with his horrible attitude. It just goes to show you that NOTHING has changed with Scott AlcoHallic, or at least he's still an asshole. But hey, what can the WWF do to him? Absolutely nothing. They can't punish him, because if they do, it will turn Kevin Nash on the WWF, too. Hall and Nash are close friends in real life, and like the firing of Sean Waltman affected Nash, he just won't care anymore and will start trouble. Hall must be getting off on the position he has right now in the WWF!

Again, that's the major risk with signing the NWO. You pay them millions for a short term fix on the fans' interest, and then suffer through it in the long run from the trio's egos. I understand that Hogan and Nash have been on good behavior, thus far, which is obvious that they are hiding their own personal agendas. They'll participate in the main event scene, and once they are asked to put over other wrestlers, they'll say no. Their money is guaranteed, so they will do as they please and hope to not tarnish their own image. However, spotlight hogging, as they did in WCW, tarnished their image more than it helped.

-Just from what I've read on the WWA, I'm not so sure on how Macho Man Randy Savage will do as the head booker of that company. He's booking himself in the main events, already, but that's probably understandable since the company lacks big names well known by wrestling fans. If he wins the World Title from Jeff Jarrett, we'll see if he'll use it to elevate other wrestlers, to make names for them as a booker, or if he'll use his booking power in a Hogan-like way. That's ironic, considering Hogan, for all of the years in WCW, treated Savage that way when it came to the World Title.

-It looks like the WWF is now taking steps to eliminate the WWA, too. The WWF has shown newfound interest in Scott Steiner, and if he's healthy enough, he'll probably show up in the WWF in the near future. I'm sure a big money deal was thrown to Steiner. My theory on Steiner is that the WWF doesn't need him now, thanks to the signing of Hall, Nash, and Hogan. Injecting Scott Steiner into the WWF locker room, along with those other 3 egos, would make for a bad environment backstage. Steiner often disrespects officials in charge of creative issues or management, and it could cause trouble if he did with while a worry about Hall, Nash, and Hogan was there.

But the WWF probably doesn't care about that right now. They are probably more concerned with squashing oncoming competition before they can grow into something competitive. The WWF would rather CREATE their own competition than to see another federation rise. That's why they are paying top dollar to Hogan, Hall, and Nash, and that's why Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig was stripped away from the XWF. Scott Steiner is just the latest possible attack towards up and rising competition.

Signing all of these older guys will present the ongoing problem that plagued WCW: no focus for the future. Ohio Valley Wrestling and the Heartland Wrestling Association are just LOADED with young talent, ready to step up, and the WWF, itself, has it share of younger wrestlers (under 40) ready to get the push, too. Instead, the WWF is signing older guys who will NOT put over the younger ones.

But hey, maybe the old farts will surprise everyone and make the WWF a better place.

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