Welcome back to yet another Phat Daily Column. It's Monday Night Hype time, as both shows are ready to put on their best shows possible. For one, WCW must put on a good show to generate interest for the unopposed time next week due to the damn dog show. The WWF better put on a good show so that people here in the East will be willing to stay up a little extra to watch RAW. It SHOULD be a good night, as I'm hoping so, especially on WCW's side. Well anyway, on to the PDC.


-I thought of this the other day. If USA wants to continue their relationship with the WWF, the WWF should pressure USA to not pre-empt them with the US Open or fucking dogshows. Hell, I'd make that the only clause for returning to the USA channel once the contract runs out in a year and a half, OR if the WWF opts to use the escape clause, they could write up a new deal. It just makes me mad every year when only two things pre-empt the WWF, and that's the Dog Show and the US Open. Nothing else. WWF shows kill both of those contests in ratings bigtime, and the WWF is responsible for USA being one of the highest rated cable channels around. I hope that the WWF uses this as leverage when they are negotiating a new deal, because it would be one smart idea.

-Tonight, the Direct TV preview for RAW, thanks to Nf4bball for sending it in, states that for the 9:00 hour, the McMahon-Helmsley era could come to an end. Could that spell Vince McMahon? Well, I wouldn't count on it, nor would I bet on it. Vince's mentality is that "why come out when you are already doing great ratings?" That's why WCW needs to step it up! The second hour states something about the Rock, Big Show, and DX. Whatever that means is up to you to decide, as I bet that something will happen with Big Show and the Rock fighting, and I expect DX to continue fighting with the Radicals.

-So what else might happen at RAW? Well, you can expect a full fledged attack by the Radicals and Cactus Jack against DX, only this week, Cactus will wrestle with them due to Eddy Guerrero's painful injury. I wouldn't doubt that you could see a Benoit/Cactus Jack vs. Triple H/X-pac, or some kind of tag match of that nature. You should also expect to see a couple doublecrosses with the Acolytes Protection Agency, as I bet that a few tag teams will outbid other tag teams. The APA cracks me up, as they remind me of their roles in the recent film "Stranger than Pulp Fiction" which you can view by CLICKING HERE.


-My lord, Sting has been everywhere lately. He's been on various daytime and night time shows, and he's done a few interviews here and there for papers or magazines. Is this all just for "Shutterspeed"? Well, yes and no. I've heard that the talk shows have wanted him due to the fact that he's considered very entertaining on camera. For the both Politically Incorrects that I have seen with him in it, I was very entertained at some of the rather interesting things that he said about issues. He's a very smart man, and I'm glad to see him get some national attention, whereas he wasn't getting it before. Oh yeah, I swear, I'll have the video review of Sting: Back in Black up soon. :(

-Tonight on Nitro, you can expect more heat, I guess you can call it that, between Ric Flair and Terry Funk. I bet someone in the back has visions of their feud from the late 80s, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to use that as a reference to get it more over. Also tonight, we get to see the thrilling match between Disco Inferno and Stevie Ray. OH JOY!!!!! My God, who's booking this crap? Disco is sometimes fun to watch, but you are putting him with Stevie Ray? Oh come on! They say the mighty and out of shape Big T will be in Stevie Ray's corner, which makes me want to jump up and down that much more.

-We get to see a great match up, though, on Nitro as Booker "T" will face Vampiro. Both of these guys have so much damn potential, and they will put on a spectacular match as long as the new Harlem Heat or Kidman doesn't interfere. This match could be worth taping and keeping it. Looks like we get to see the continued joke of the Demon, as he's going to get stomped by Billy Kidman. WCW is hoping to get that appearance contract for Demon over and done with. And finally, Screamin' Norman Smiley vs. Evan Karagias? I'll be screaming when I watch that one.

@That's it for today's edition of the Phat Daily Column. Keep in mind that I'm somewhat behind on e-mails anymore due to barely having time anymore to read them. Well, thanks for reading, and I'll be back to unleash some pain for the Monday Night Impressions tomorrow.

Click Here to See the Acolytes star in their Feature Film "Stranger than Pulp Fiction"

Take Care, and Be Sure to watch Scream 3 sometime.

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