Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the one and only Phat Daily Column, the column that doesn't take the weekends off. Lots of interesting feedback concerning yesterday's column, as many have their opinions on Sabu's situation. Well, no Pay Per Views tonight, unless I'm very forgetful. Well, not much news going around, so it's time to make the best of things, so on to the PDC.


-Lots of angry ECW fans sent me some feedback about Sabu's departure. They feel that he is now a sellout and a complete joke to the industry. I think not. I want to know how many years can you take a severe beating and barely get paid? Sabu has been there and done that, and at a time in his life where you are getting older and family decisions come first, why not "sellout"? He's going to make $500,000 a year in the Busch era, which is a heavy salary, so WCW will push the man. He was at a deadend in ECW, so why not? Also, WCW is short of big names, and he's coming at a perfect time. I hope that WCW makes the most of him this time around, as they wasted him in his first run with WCW. This time could be different, as I feel sympathy for whoever holds the hardcore title when he comes charging!

-Oh darn, the almighty Steven Regal has been released from WCW, as I wonder what mainly WCW and WWF at a time saw in Regal. Sure, he's a decent submission artist and a good in ring performer, but he's clumsy. He has never stayed in shape, as he would blimp up from time to time. He was always missing the desire to elevate his character, as he would slack off when getting prepared for an angle. Now, Regal is getting a pay per night deal, which means he could go anywhere now. But who would take him?

-I love how WCW is using Demon for every show now, as it cracks me up because they are burning the agreed appearances as quickly as they can. I'm sure WCW could care less to whether Demon starts getting over with fans or not, as his gimmick will just disappear once the KISS deal runs out. It's one deal that WCW regrets Eric Bischoff ever signing, as now they have to suffer through it. There are lots of things that they must suffer through during the Russo era, and we'll call it having to push Tank Abbott.


-Oh my God, the WWFE is low! PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No need to panic just yet. Hell, if you've ever wanted a piece of the WWF, now is the time to buy. I think with the recent additions to the WWF roster, the WWF has new potential that it can reach as a federation. Just think, the WWF can still use Vince, Shane, HBK, and Debra when they want to. In a few months, they can bring back Stone Cold and the Undertaker as well. WWF is going to go through the roof, especially around Wrestlemania time. I think that many of the faulty investors dropped out when the XFL deal came out, and all of the true investors stuck around..you know, the ones who wanted to buy into the WWF, and not the ones who just wanted to milk the success. The payoff is coming soon.

-Some fans are already concerned about Tazz's early WWF career, especially since the WCW Rebels arrived. They feel as though the arrival of Eddy Guerrero, Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko, and especially Chris Benoit will bury Tazz from ever elevating himself to the top. This, and the fact that Tazz puts over Angle at houseshows and on Smackdown is creating some concern amongst fans. I'm mainly concerned about the Angle losses, because I agree with Mark Madden on this one, Tazz can't lose for his gimmick to work. He must win to show that he's a F'N badass, but yet he jobs to Angle. Now I'm not saying that Angle is a bad performer, it's just that it is not a good way to get over a wrestler in their first month of work by jobbing him. I don't know, I think that Tazz is going to get elevated, because that 3 way dance on Smackdown proved to me that he can handle big matches.


-What is ECW to do? They are really hurting right now with Sabu taking the payoff, and RVD injured. Those are the two wrestlers that I normally tune into TNN every week just to see, as I used to get somewhat disappointed when they weren't on the show. It's bad for Mike Awesome because he lost his new teammate, and he lost the wrestler he was feuding with in such a short period of time. Yikes. I've heard some talk that RVD's condition MIGHT not allow him to perform at the next pay per view, so once again, we are probably going to be stuck with Mike Awesome vs. Spike Dudley or Masato Tanaka. My question for this whole situation is "What about Raven?" Why not turn the crybaby into a main event star by making him attack Awesome? Who knows, it could get his killer instinct back as well. Nah, ECW will just have him cry in the back like they have been for the past few weeks. Joy!

@That's it for this edition of the Phat Daily Column. I'll be back tomorrow with some Monday Night previews and then some. So enjoy your Sunday, and just chill till the next episode.

Oh yeah, if you haven't seen Scream 3 yet, go see it! It gets an easy A in my gradebook!

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