Welcome to the Phat Daily Column. Oh joy, I get to rip into ECW on TNN today! Also, an interesting development in WCW with an extreme wrestler jumping ship. Lots of strange deals and situations have happened to wrestling lately, which makes things very interesting again. Let's talk about it, on to the PDC.


-Ladies and Gentleman, Sabu has just might have ruined his career. Once again, he steps into WCW, facing adversity. Why on Earth did he sign with WCW?!? Well, lately, his ECW career seems dead end as of late. He's been putting over others in Pay Per View matches, and the World Title will never get around his waist again. So maybe, why bother? I thought about this one long and hard about how maybe Sabu would work in WCW. The ONLY way I see him making it in WCW is if he revamps that Hardcore division. That's the only way, and it would work if WCW would instantly put the Hardcore title around his waist. But again, the backstage politics could hurt Sabu, but then again he could be getting a great opportunity for the whole world to see what he truly is made of. Besides, maybe Sabu truly left ECW, because teaming up with Mike Awesome means that he would have had to associate with the WORST manager in wrestling today. You know, the poser in the judge's suit.

-There is some talk about immediately putting the World Title around Bill Goldberg's waist once he returns to the ring. It's nice to have things handed to you, eh? WCW desparately needs Goldberg, especially at a time where your new main eventers are Hogan, Sid, Luger, Jarrett, and Ric Flair. That's a very weak line up of main eventers if you ask me, and help would be much needed. Even though I'm not a big Goldberg fan, I do believe that he could help WCW out bigtime.

-I've received a few e-mails concering Diamond Dallas Page hurting his back the other night, and I bet people are already thinking about the possibilities that DDP is faking it. Everyone says that he is unhappy in WCW, and he wants to go to the WWF. But yet again, I keep hearing the opposite. But what does DDP's injury matter anyway? WCW never uses him, and when they do, they don't let him fight main eventers...err, what's left of them. He always gets to fight Buff, and create controversy with his wife. That's annoying, as DDP should be wrestling main events you know. He was a 2 time, 2 time, 2 time Heavy Weight Champion of the World one time. But nah, we'll let him lose to Buff.


-Ewww, Smackdown got a weak rating this week with a 4.7, which is way down from last week's number of 0.7. Well, don't blame weak viewership, as many areas didn't get to see Smackdown due to some other sports games taking the timeslot, or weather problems. I guess they did fairly well with those limitations, as I felt that this past Smackdown was an excellent show. It's the kind of show that comes close to a Titograde of an A+, but I'd have to think about that.

-Lots of e-mails concerning the XFL, as I personally think that it could be a failure. But wait, it starts in 2001, so that's a while to prove Tito wrong. Why do I think that it could be a big mistake? Do you remember the WBF? I think that was the name of the WWF's bodybuilding federation. Anyway, that was a special project, just like the XFL was, back in the day, and it FAILED miserably. But I guess that was then, during the years where wrestling was no where near as popular as it is today. It's been the butt of jokes around this area that the XFL will be staged football, and nothing close to real. Oh yeah, more disbelieve in the XFL might have caused the WWF stock to drop once again today to it's all time low at 11 1/2. Oh well, if you have an opinion about the XFL matter, PLEASE vote for it at the LoP Polls page by CLICKING HERE.


RVD started off the show attacking Mike "Mullet" Awesome in the back, and then Spike Dudley joined in the fun. It was great to see Spike Dudley give Judge Jeff Jones the acid drop through the table, as that glory hog definately deserved it! Later on, RVD kicked Mikey Whipwreck's ass, and then saluted the crowd forever. It was pretty lame at the end when they had the special news brief on RVD "breaking his leg", as you can go to ECWwrestling.com for all the exclusive news....after it takes a good 20 minutes to load! Also, more on the situation next week on ECW is TNN. Without RVD, and now Sabu, who will watch?

Decent tag action between Baby Corino and Rhino vs. the American Dream Dusty Rhodes and Tommy Dreamer, as I'm still shocked that Rhodes is actually wrestling in ECW.

Raven is such a damn baby now, it annoys me! I miss the old ECW Raven, but I guess a few years in WCW could change any man.

Lots of dumb backstage or out of arena interviews, which I could care less for. Eye candy was good for those, which was the only reason to not flip the channel during those.


Matches: 2
Clean wins: 2
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Well, ECW again, has lots of production issues to work through. Damn commercials every other second are really pissing me off. Also, they go over too many "future ECW shows" segments. Why not only do it once? We get the point! Lots of backstage and out of arena interviews, which aren't wrestling you know. The matches were good though, which is what ECW needs to give more of. They get a


in Tito's gradebook, and that's my opinion. I predict a 1.1 in the ratings for this show.

@That's it for this edition of the Phat Daily Column, as I love to hand out the apples when necessary. Remember, it's involving MY OPINION, and my opinion only. Well anyway, see you tomorrow as the PDC continues to produce every weekend.

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